Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 85


Chapter 85 – Primate

Ye Wei was still young. He didn’t have the aggression nor the will to kill a person, but Lu Chao had provoked him again and again, challenging his values over and over. Ye Wei had finally run out of patience. This time he was angry! He was thinking about killing Lu Chao and putting an end to all the troubles created by this greedy, loathsome seven-star Warrior.

Lu Chao started to doubt himself as the smile on Ye Wei’s face grew bigger. He had almost drained his dantian from activating the stance just now, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to use it again.

This Myst stance was his first and last attack he could use against Ye Wei who didn’t seem to be worried about running out of scrolls any time soon. Lu Chao would definitely be defeated if the situation did not change.

“Hey kid, this misunderstanding between us is stupid! I will give up those three mystic arms, so what do you say, truce?” Lu Chao rolled his eyes while pointing at the weapons next to the stone monument as he made the dagger fly back to his hand.

Ye Wei glanced at Lu Chao’s eyes, and he could see fear and trickery in them. “Yea I can stop, but you have to drop that mystic arm of yours on the ground before you leave!”

“Don’t push your luck kid! You are just a Student. I am a seven-star Warrior! My family, the Lu’s, are one of the four biggest families in Frozen Sun City! We even have a condensed prime Warrior waiting outside the labyrinth right now for me as we speak! You will regret not respecting your seniors!”

“I am willing to give up three medium-grade mystic arms, what the hell are you thinking? Can’t you just appreciate a good offer when you see it?” Lu Chao glanced at the mystic arms by the stone monument, his aggression could be seen in his bloodshot eyes.

“Looks like you really don’t have much Qi left in your dantian after activating that stance, do you think I don’t know you’re just trying to buy time?” Ye Wei looked at Lu Chao calmly and took a step towards him while taking out another scroll.

This was not a defensive low-grade scroll, it was a scroll that contained an offensive forbidden high-level Spirit stance!

“The world will be a better place without a manipulative, selfish person like you!” Ye Wei tore the scroll as he spoke.


Immediately, hundreds of ice cicadas rushed out of the torn scroll. The temperature dropped sharply as the swarm flapped their wings, stirring up waves of icy whirlwind.


Ye Wei’s mind was made up so he directed all the cicadas to where Lu Chao stood.

“Forbidden high-level Spirit stance – Ice Cicada Dance!” It was literally a chilling sight. Lu Chao’s face drain of color, and the blood around his wound started to crystalize. His joints felt stiff along with his eyebrows and hair starting to freeze before the cicadas were even close to him.

“You forced me to do this! If I am going to die, you are coming with me!” Lu Chao clenched his fist. There was a hint of madness on his angry face as he squeezed the last bit of Qi out of his dantian, then he launched himself towards the black rod behind Ye Wei.

Lu Chao did not attempt to dodge the cicadas; instead, he dove straight into the swarm. Ye Wei was suspicious about Lu Chao’s intentions therefore he took a defensive scroll out of his bag just in case things went south.

‘If he comes even remotely close to me, I will use this scroll and will be safe behind a shield.’

However, Lu Chao did not try to attack as Ye Wei expected, but instead, went towards the mystic arm next to the stone monument.

An ice cicada exploded on Lu Chao’s body and shards of frozen Qi penetrated his skin.

The intense impact made Lu Chao vomit blood.

Ye Wei slightly frowned in confusion. Because of Lu Chao’s actions he clenched his scroll tightly while gazing upon Lu Chao. ‘You have no Qi left! What are you going to do with the rod?’

“You want to kill me, I will not make it easy for you! We can be buddies in hell!”

Lu Chao placed both his hands on the black rod and wrapped them around it tightly. Then he pulled it out with all of his strength.

The moment the rod was pulled out, a jet of black flame shot out from the hole in the mud, torching the grass and trees around it.

“Crack! Crack!”

The ice cicadas that were flying towards Lu Chao melted and evaporated when they flew close to the black flame!

It seemed Lu Chao knew the black flame would be there to save him, and for some reason, he threw the black rod towards Ye Wei right after he pulled it out. At the same time, Lu Chao tore a scroll and was carried out of the area engulfed by the black flame by the air current his scroll created.

“Hahaha! Enjoy dancing in the fire …” Every piece of clothing on Lu Chao’s body was soaked in sweat but it was quickly dried by the heat around him. If he was any slower he would have been torched.


Before Lu Chao could finish his sentence, a deafening roar sounded from within the black fire. Behind the burning runes, a ten-meter tall giant silverback ape that was covered in thick black hair emerged.

Strands of black flame were circling around the ape but the heat did not seem to bother it in the slightest. From a distance the ape looked almost demonic, like it was climbing out of hellfire.

“Admiral level beast, Ragefire Ape!” Ye Wei stared at the spectral beast that was walking out of the black flame as he started to worry for his life. His shaking hand clenched tightly onto the scroll.

Admiral level beasts’ strength are comparable to condensed prime Warriors!

“Boy, this ape is no weaker than a two-star condensed prime Warrior. Even with your medium-grade scrolls you won’t be able to handle his powerful strikes. You won’t be able to get away from him even if you had wings!” Lu Chao was stepping on the air current mid-air while looking down on Ye Wei and laughing hysterically.

Lu Chao learned it the hard way. Out of the four mystic arms that were buried next to the stone monument, the dagger was the weakest. But even so, it took Lu Chao two low-grade scrolls and a long struggle before he finally beat the spectral beast that was guarding the dagger.

The three-inch dagger was a two-star medium-grade mystic arm while the black rod was three-star medium-grade. Lu Chao felt that the scarlet blade and the meter long ancient sword were even more powerful, possibly at the three star level or above. He was not ready to fight their guardian beasts yet.

Three-star medium-grade mystic arms are a different kind of rarity. Jin Yan and Mo Ya were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Both of them were the strongest youngsters in their families and even they had to earn their three-star medium-grade mystic arms from the family vault by passing a series of tough tests.

The three medium-grade mystic arms Ye Wei acquired from the repository were only one-star level weapons, rare but not comparable to these four.

Although Lu Chao got out of its way as quick as he could, he was still struck by the Ragefire Ape’s Qi. Now that he was a safe distance away, he rubbed his stomach as he looked forward to seeing Ye Wei suffer and eventually die from the raging beast. ‘Humm… I wonder how many medium-grade scrolls he has left. Let’s hope he dies right after finishing off the beast!’

‘That way I will be able to take the treasures he has acquired and the black rod!” Lu Chao licked his lips anticipating the moment when he could jump in and become the sole benefactor.

This Ragefire Ape weighed more than a ton, and with each step it took the ground trembled.

‘The stone giant’s presence was nothing comparing to this ape’s… I don’t think the low-grade scrolls would do anything to block him, do I really have to use my medium-grade scrolls?’ Ye Wei was feeling the pressure and the overwhelming heat causing his sweaty face to look concerned.

Lin Zi Yan gave two defensive medium-grade scrolls to Ye Wei, together with the thirty-six scrolls he got from the repository, he had thirty-eight. Ye Wei was positive they were sufficient to defeat the ape, but he would still like to preserve as much resources as he could before meeting back up with Lin Zi Yan.

Ye Wei did not have enough Qi to use any mystic arms in his possession yet, otherwise he’d be more relaxed right now. Without mystic arms in his arsenal, the scrolls were his only option regardless of how much he wanted to preserve them.

Looking at the ape and the mesmerising flame around it, Ye Wei ground his teeth and put the low-grade scroll back into his bag. He then took out another scroll, one that glowed green.

“Lu Chao, do you really think this ape can save your life?” Ye Wei fearlessly glared at Lu Chao who was levitating behind the Ragefire Ape. He was determined and ready to tear the scroll at any moment.


Just when Ye Wei opened the scroll, the iron talisman hung on his belt started vibrating.