Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 57


Chapter 57 – Sealed

An elegant fragrance struck Ye Wei as he entered Lin Zi Yan’s front yard. Curious to find out what it was, he walked towards the mini flower garden to the side where the smell came from.

The source of the fragrance were purple tulips. They were surrounded by different exotic flowers. Ye Wei remembered seeing the same purple tulips embroidered on Lin Zi Yan‘s clothes and wondered what it represented.

Ye Wei took a deep breath and was refreshed by the sweet scent that reminded him of Zi Yan and her elegance.

He then turned around and looked up. The doors were shut, but Lin Zi Yan did once say that he was welcome to visit anytime. With that in mind, he walked up and gently knocked twice.

“What’s going on? Is she not home?” Ye Wei was puzzled because it was way after the last class of the day had ended.

All of a sudden a violent disturbance of Qi was felt by Ye Wei. He felt that it came from the second floor where her training room should be located. The wave hit him internally, and it disrupted both his Qi and blood circulation. The rusty taste of blood was in his mouth suddenly.

‘What was that? How come a Qi wave of that magnitude came from Zi Yan’s house?’

“She just became a Warrior less than a month ago. This is not something that came from Lin Zi Yan. These escalating violent Qi waves feel more like the clash of Qi in a battle!’

Afraid that Zi Yan was under attack, Ye Wei’s face turned ashen. He worryingly rushed towards the front door and tried to open it.

With a huge bang, the doors glowed. The runes inscribed onto the doors shone and repelled him. Ye Wei was knocked off balance and forced to take a few steps back.

These houses were secured by a runic system installed by the academy to stop unwanted persons from entering. Only authorized people could open the doors under normal circumstances.

Just like Ye Wei’s house over at Crouching Dragon Hall, without the correct combination of runes nobody below the condensed prime Warrior level could disarm the security system without the code.

Ye Wei started to panic. He could tell from the fearsome disturbance of Qi that was growing rapidly that it could turn the house into rubble if it was not stopped.

“What should I do?” Ye Wei frowned. He could not afford to lose Zi Yan.

‘This was not the time to hesitate!’

Ye Wei took a deep breath and stared at the doors. He remembered seeing Zi Yan opened this set of doors, and he tried to recall what exact she did on this very spot. He cleared his mind and followed his memory, Ye Wei placed his fingers onto the runes on the door and flicked them.

The doors made a clicking sound then opened up. “Yes!” Ye Wei screamed with joy. He felt lucky that his peripheral vision was accurate enough and that he could remember the code under stress.

He didn’t waste a second as he ran inside the room without even closing the doors.

It took merely a second for the four star Student to dash up the stairs. The closer he get to the training room, the more suffocated he felt. When he arrived in front of the training room, tides of pressure waves pressed against him so strongly he could hardly breathe. His body and mind were overwhelmed by the fearsome energy surge. He channeled his Qi to fight the outside pressure.

Although a bit scared, Ye Wei opened the training room doors without hesitation.

Expecting to see a fight, Ye Wei was shocked to see the massive Qi surge coming from a gentle figure. There was only one person in the room apart from himself, and it was Lin Zi Yan sitting in a lotus position. She was sitting quietly in the middle of a large carpet.

‘How can she generate energy of this magnitude?’ Ye Wei was first shocked by what was occurring in front of his eyes, and then his face flushed when he took a closer look.

Lin Zi Yan was wearing nothing but a thin silk gown. Damp with sweat; it was almost transparent. Ye Wei was embarrassed and surprised to see this. He couldn’t move nor could he take his eyes off her.

Her flawless skin, her pale and delicate arms, the curves at her chest, the slender waistline, and the muscular but slim legs. Ye Wei could see that her body was a product of years of hard training, and his eyes were drawn by every bit of it.

He couldn’t help himself; no young boy could either.

Ye Wei froze in confusion. He didn’t know if he should leave this scene or not. It was clear that she was in some kind of trouble, but he was also sure that he walked in at a very private moment.

While Ye Wei was pondering, Lin Zi Yan’s moan caught his attention. She looked like she was in great pain, and her slightly loose hair was drenched. Drops of sweat were dripping from the ends onto her body. Aroused by these drops of sweat running down her skin, Ye Wei’s face turned completely red.

As Ye Wei was frozen by the sight, he considered how to apologize when Zi Yan opened her eyes and learned that he had been looking at her barely dressed figure. Suddenly, an intense wave of energy came from Lin Zi Yan’s body and snapped him out of his daze.

Followed by the explosion of Qi, sequences of runes burst out of Lin Zi Yan’s body and started spinning around her. Millions of runes merged in a long chain and formed a purple vortex.

The whirl of runes projected a violet runic pattern onto her. She didn’t look human under the purple light.

After taking a closer look at the whirl, Ye Wei discovered that most of those runes contained massive amounts of energy, and were stronger than Myst stance runes!

It was a mystery to Ye Wei how and where Lin Zi Yan could store that many runes inside her body. This kind of energy would tear one’s body apart if they were below the condensed prime Warrior level. But then a couple of strange looking runes caught Ye Wei’s eyes. ‘Those are dimensional runes! They are only used for sealing!’

It struck Ye Wei that Lin Zi Yan was either a vessel, or her power was being sealed by a sealing stance for some reason. That she was actually much stronger than people believed her to be.

The power surges coming through the seal were filtered and weakened. Ye Wei could not imagine what would happen if the seal was to be broken, how strong would she be.

It has long been apparent to Ye Wei that Lin Zi Yan’s family background wasn’t ordinary, but today was the first time he was scared and intimidated by it. It was becoming more obvious that she grew up around some very powerful people.

Ye Wei hadn’t really known Lin Zi Yan for that long, but he opened his heart to her a little bit without noticing, ‘To be strong enough to match her and protect her.’, This had become his goal after Ye Wei started to get to know the kind-hearted beauty.

This was a wake-up call. Ye Wei learned right now that he needed to multiply his efforts to reach his goals.

“I will not give up!” Ye Wei was determined although he had no idea how much catching up he would need to do.

The whirl did not stop revolving, it suddenly expanded and released an even stronger wave of energy akin a mini-tsunami.