Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 54


Chapter 54 – Punishment

The three teenagers’ screams startled Xiao Qi, and before he knew it the three ran in front of Ye Wei shielding him from Xiao Qi.

The trio nodded at Ye Wei, signaling that they were friends not foes. They then turned to stare at Xiao Qi and coldly shouted, “Don’t worry, we won’t let Xiao Qi touch a hair on your head!”

These three were talented individuals, and they were in junior three only because of their sloppiness and that they were too lazy to train. Although they weren’t the top students of the class, their family backgrounds made their classmates respect them. They were close to Xiao Qi and often hung out together.

The three martial family teenagers on their own were a little social group. There was an aura of snobbiness around them. It’s not that they were bad people, but they just didn’t think they would gain anything by associating with ordinary students, nor did they see a point hanging out with Ye Wei before now because of his horrible red Sentient.

Seeing that those three were protecting Ye Wei, the class was again confused. They could not figure out what happened to cause the three teenagers to not side with their friend, but instead defend Ye Wei.

But for the trio, it was clear. Unlike the others in junior three, they received the information regarding the family showdown very shortly after it happened. As a matter of fact, they were just discussing how to befriend Master Yi’s new legacy apprentice. Now that Xiao Qi served this opportunity on a silver platter to them there was no way the trio would let this chance slip by.

“What? You three are going to fight me too?” Xiao Qi’s bloodshot eyes were fixed on the trio who stood in front of Ye Wei and sternly shouted, “If you three do not already know, Ye Wei has offended Du Ming Ze, from the Du family! You don’t want them after you!”

After Xiao Qi’s statement, the trio showed no sign of standing down. Not aware there were bigger things in play, Xiao Qi was clouded by frustration wondering why they would help Ye Wei.

‘These guys are from martial families, but none of them are half as well established as the Du family, what the hell has gotten into them?’

“The Du family? Haha.” The trio looked at each other then contemptuously sneered at Xiao Qi’s naivety and lack of exposure. To them, the Du family were the losers who got humiliated by Master Yi during a failed plot against the Ye’s, and after which they were forced to pay a million silver in compensation as an apology.

“Xiao Qi, don’t try to threaten us with Du Ming Ze’s name. Even if he personally came here, we would still stand our ground! We won’t let anyone touch a hair on Ye Wei’s head!” They were acting as guardian like as they could.

Seeing the scene, Ye Wei shook his head reluctantly. He was aware what the trio’s real intentions were.

Although Ye Wei was slightly put off by the intentions of this unnecessary attempt of intervention, he didn’t say anything as one should never decline help.

“You guys! You will regret this!” Xiao Qi clenched his fists, as he coldly stared at the trio, then fixed his eyes on Ye Wei as he made his threatening speech.

Protected by three determined bodyguards, Xiao Qi could not do anything to Ye Wei but intimidate him.

“Skipping school three days in a row, starting fights in the classroom, and harming a student’s body! These are flagrant violations of school rules! When the tutors get here, I will see how you three can protect this idiot!” Xiao Qi grunted and said as he rubbed his stomach, it was still hurting from their exchange of blows.

After looking around at the messy classroom, Xiao Qi limped back to his seat, sat down, and hoped the class tutor would arrive soon.

“Ye Wei! Are you hurt?” The trio had better things to worry about, they ignored Xiao Qi’s threat and continued fawning over Master Yi’s legacy apprentice. They knew nobody, not even the principle, would do anything to the Runemaster or his associates.

“I am fine. Thanks for the help!” Ye Wei shook his head to signal he was fine, and politely expressed his gratitude although he knew they were doing it for potential personal gain.

Seeing that Ye Wei did not talk more, the trio was afraid they were intruding on his personal space, therefore they bowed then quietly went to their seats.

“Hey, I am fine! I’m strong enough now. I don’t start fights, but I am not afraid to confront unfairness!” Ye Wei could see his best friend was still trembling, so he patted Cao Ning’s shoulder and spoke in a comforting manner.

Cao Ning was by no means untalented. He was a three star Student, and his civilian family upbringing made him an honest boy, but also a timid one.

This did not escape the martial family boys as they looked at each other. It seemed that if they wanted to be close to Ye Wei, they might have to befriend Cao Ning too.

“Yea!” Cao Ning nodded then replied. He was calmed by Ye Wei’s trustworthy aura, and he could sense there was something different about his best friend.

It wasn’t snobbiness from showing off his potential to become a Runemaster or Miss Zi Yan’s high regards. It was a deeper temperament; a transformation.

Time passed, and the sky darkened. Junior three’s classroom was almost full. The mess made earlier remained, and Xiao Qi pressured his classmates not to touch a thing so he could present it as an evidence of Ye Wei’s alleged crimes.

“The class will be a witness to you skipping school and starting a fight. This mess will be the proof of your violent acts! You can get severely punished for violating either of these rules, and I will see if you can keep calm when our tutor comes!” Xiao Qi’s face was ashen while as he clenched his fist tight. He spoke to the class while staring at Ye Wei, who was sitting relaxed.

The class was casually looking at Ye Wei as they spoke about what happened in the classroom earlier. They too were curious about how their tutor was going to handle this outlaw.

There had been a lot of strange events happening today in junior three’s classroom. First it was Ye Wei actually standing up against Xiao Qi and knocking him to the ground. Secondly, the martial family boys sided with Ye Wei instead of their usual ally. The class knew way too little to make sense out of these episodes!

They anticipated an explanation for when the tutor confronted all the participants of the fight that happened earlier. Usually, the tutor would arrive in the classroom before the scheduled meeting starts to catch up with the students.

However, it was not before an hour past the scheduled time before the sweaty tutor showed up panting. He was wearing the standard issue black robe and looked suspiciously concerned about something.

This was the moment the class has been waiting for! As the chubby tutor entered, thirty pairs of eyes immediately set on him.