Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 44


Chapter 44 – Legacy

The green rain was slowing, and the cloud of fog began to fade.

The Ye family was feeling fresh after ten minutes under Green Mizzle’s affect, wounds on their bodies vanished, and even the small cracks in their Sentients disappeared. The rejuvenated Ye’s started to regain consciousness and opened their eyes.

Although he was heavily injured compared to others, Ye Wei also slowly opened his eyes. Ye Zhong though was still unresponsive because his Sentient was far too damaged, to the point that it could not be repaired by even Master Yi’s stance.

Ye Zhong’s clothes were still shredded, but his body was now uninjured. What one could not see with the naked eye was his Sentient’s state. It was broken into pieces and covered in hideous scars.

To protect his dear cousin, Ye Zhong ignored his injuries from fighting Du Han Yue. Not only did he use White Tiger’s Assault when his body was in a terrible condition, but he also took a clean hit from Zhou Wu’s Ichor Palm for Ye Wei.

‘It was a miracle Ye Zhong managed to live after taking a hit from someone with such a vast cultivation advantage over himself. It’s worth mentioning that he was completely out of will-force and Qi.’ Ye Zheng Qing sighed.

“Cousin Zhong!”

Ye Wei’s eyes popped wide open the moment he regained full consciousness. He anxiously cast his eyes to where Ye Zhong was. His cousin protected him against the Ichor Palm with White Tiger’s Assault was his last memory before fainting.

It was almost like time unfroze when he woke up, and it was his reflex to check if his cousin was okay.

Seeing his cousin lying unconscious with his eyes closed, Ye Wei teared up and crawled towards Ye Zhong. He sat next to the selfless Warrior and guarded his motionless body.

“Ye Wei! Are you okay?” Ye Wei’s could not care about anyone other than Ye Zhong while Lin Zi Yan could not worry about anyone else but Ye Wei. She wasn’t completely calm until she actually saw Ye Wei open his eyes. She looked relieved and exhausted from the distress.

“Zi Yan, Master Yi…” Ye Wei looked around him. He saw that Master Yi and Lin Zi Yan stood next to him, further away Du Yuan Ming, Zhou Wu, and Dong Ho were bleeding and were on their knees. It wasn’t long until he figured out what happened.

“Thank you, Master Yi! Thanks for saving us!” Ye Wei said from the bottom of his heart and bowed politely.

He figured out the what and when, but the why was still a mystery. Master Yi declined Ye Wei’s request just a while ago.

‘Why did he…’

‘It’s already been proven… I won’t even be able to perform a stance. Zi Yan must have convinced him somehow… How much do I own her now.’

Oblivious to his actual capacity, Ye Wei was again opting to pathetic thoughts and couldn’t be more thankful to Lin Zi Yan for yet more help. Apart from that he was impressed by her influence, It’s hard even for influential figures to get an appointment with Master Yi, but not only did Zi Yan arranged the entry exam for him in a short notice now she got him to save his family and him.

‘Does she like me that much? How can I ever repay her?’ Ye Wei looked at Zi Yan, as she was looking at him nervously. Her pretty face showed nothing but concern over Ye Wei’s condition. Ye Wei’s heart melted because of this misunderstanding.

“I feel okay!” Ye Wei forcefully squeezed out a smile. His memories were slowly returning. He remembered how badly injured he was, thus realizing how far Master Yi went just to save him. ‘My torn Sentient, the broken bones, and muscles are now in perfect condition!’

“Master Yi, the Ye family is forever in your debt! We will never forget about this favor!” Ye Zheng Qing gathered up the family and bowed to the Runemaster. “If there is anything you can use manpower for, you can ask us anytime. We are three hundred strong, and ready to do anything you want us to!” The Ye Patriarch declared solemnly.

Although Master didn’t really need their help, Ye Zheng Qing’s sincerity did move him a little.

Upon hearing Ye Zheng Qing’s touching speech, he waved his hand and said with a smile, “Don’t mention it, I didn’t do much! Furthermore…” Master Yi shifted his focus to Ye Wei as his eyes were full of joy. “Furthermore, I’ve decided to take Ye Wei as my apprentice, from now on he will be my legacy apprentice!”

Everyone who heard what Master Yi just said turned their head to Ye Wei. They couldn’t believe their ears.

Master Yi had a few apprentices through the years, but all of them were just tutored occasionally, they were more like his assistants.

They were all good learners who had the potential to become Runemasters in their lives. But Master Yi did not think they were talented enough, and he never taught them his secrets. Master Yi merely guided them while the apprentices did self-study. Even those apprentices had great lives with their superb reputations, and now Ye Wei was appointed to become his legacy apprentice!

Though the announcement drew a lot of attention and jealousy, Master Yi’s intention was met. He wanted everyone to know the Ye family was off limits! People were speechless and would appreciate the Ye family’s status coming out of today’s events.

Du Yuan Ming, Zhou Wu, and Dong Ho were kneeling close to the arena’s center with their faces pale as if they were headed to the guillotine.

It was becoming apparent to them that they were now Master Yi’s enemies. One must know the relationship between masters and legacy apprentices were as close as fathers to their children.

During this time, Ye Wei was still confused; he wondered if something happened when he was unconscious that changed Master Yi’s mind.

Master Yi kept his eyes on Ye Wei and continued his speech, “I have decided to pass all the knowledge and skills I possess onto Ye Wei!” Master Yi got excited just by thinking about Ye Wei’s future. The child’s innocence and humbleness would help the Runemaster mold him into something greater than anyone ever imagined, even greater than his own master.

Ye Zheng Qing was just quietly stood at the side, trying to digest everything he just heard. The message could not be any clearer. The renowned Master Yi, this outstanding Runemaster, had chosen his grandson as his legacy apprentice. Although he knew what it meant, it proved to be something that the Ye Patriarch could not fathom.

After processing the words they heard, the rest of the Yi family too became hysterical.

“Can you pinch me?”

“Little Wei? Legacy apprentice?”

Ye Wei’s eyes were on Master Yi’s gentle face while the Runemaster kindly asked a question. “I am not sure if I am qualified to teach someone like you, but would you like to be my, YI Yan’s apprentice?”

How could Ye Wei in his right mind refuse? “Of course, I would love to be your apprentice!” He answered with slight confusion in his voice. “Greetings Master!” He bowed before Master Yi.

Master Yi burst into laughter looking Ye Wei’s clueless face. “Very good!” He replied.

The Ye family was feeling ecstatic, especially Ye Zheng Qing. He has been through ups and downs with his family, and after seeing it on the edge of crumbling, now he could see the silver lining. It was reasonable that he was in tears.

Ye Wei’s uncles too were overwhelmed by emotions as well. They were all startled by this unlikely source of intervention and honored to be related to Master Yi’s new apprentice.

‘Everything Master Yi knows? Just how lucky are the Ye’s today?’ From being in a dire situation to now being at a place everyone envied in just a morning, it was all to unfathomable. They knew too well what having a Runemaster in one’s family implied…