Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 36


Chapter 36 – The Rise To Fame

“This is White Tiger’s Assault, it is suppose to be strongest of the sixteen high level Spirit stances. If I remember right it is only a peak high level Spirit stance! How come it has the power of a Myst stance!?”

“How can a five star Warrior possess such overwhelming power!?”

A portion of the audience was from martial families, and although the Ye family was not as big as they use to be, they still remembered what kind of firepower the once great Ye’s possessed. They were more shocked than others by this incarnation of the tiger because they knew the Ye family’s stances and the White Tiger’s Assault was suppose to be one of their sixteen high level Spirit stances.

“Ye Zhong isn’t a condensed prime Warrior but he performed a Myst stance! That means he refined and upgraded the White Tiger’s Assault himself?!”

To refine a stance takes a lot of effort, but to increase its rank is a feat; a task that cannot be completed by a Warrior on his own. People were starting suspect the involvement of a Runemaster in Ye Zhong’s training. ‘It can’t be! The Ye family has a Runemaster behind them?’

‘He must have trained and upgraded all his stances with a Runemaster’s aid. That is the only explanation to his sudden breakthrough in such a short time! He was still a four star Warrior three days ago!’

“Maybe the Ye’s really have some connections with Master Yi?” Du Yuan Ming was stunned seeing Ye Zhong bring out the White Tiger’s Assault as a Myst stance. His mind wandered as he tried to reevaluate the situation.

Members of the audience who were still conscious were starting to wonder how could Ye family retaliate this hard. Even general Zhou and president Dong were starting to frown, they might be digging themselves into a sticky situation if there was a Runemaster behind the the Ye’s.

Obviously nobody outside the Ye family would ever imagine that White Tiger’s Assault was upgraded by a thirteen year old South Star Academy junior class student, not even if the Ye family admitted it was done by one. Ye Wei was completely nobody for most people.

To elevate a stance through the barrier between Spirit and Myst level was difficult even for some qualified Runemasters, not to mention that Ye Wei was a junior who had never been taught anything about modifying stances.

“This White Tiger’s Assault, was it refined by Ye Wei too? But how is that possible? Refining it would take time even for Runemasters who are qualified for the job!” Ye Zheng Qing was struggling to make sense out of the situation.

While outsiders were under the impression that the Ye family was hiding a Runemaster somewhere in their dungeons, the Ye camp knew in their hearts that there was no Runemaster behind them.

Ye Wei was the only person in the family who had the talent it took to become a Runemaster.

“Han Yue, come back!” After the shock, Du Yuan Ming ordered a retreat with his deep, desperate voice. Du Han Yue was pale and weak, there was little chance for him to handle a Myst stance, especially in his current state.

Although Ye Zhong was only a five star Warrior and his Myst stance was obviously not, currently, at its full potential but the sheer power of the stance could not be stopped by anyone below a seven star Warrior.

The tables had turned on the Du family who were now panicking. They were aware that Du Han Yue would be destroyed by the Myst stance. But it was too late for them to do anything!

“I need to get out of this!” Du Han Yue’s senses told him to retreat as the overwhelming force of the White Tiger’s Assault closed in. He was hoping the butterflies would slow the tiger down, but the big cat just powered through as if they were not there. Its unstoppable momentum was in Du Han Yue’s face in no time.

Overwhelmed by fear, Du Han Yue turned around and clumsily sprinted towards the arena entrance. He ran for his life!

“You think you can get away! Don’t you?” Ye Zhong’s blood soaked clothes were in pieces. His eyes were cold and stared at Du Han Yue like a bloodthirsty tiger. He wanted to return the pain he was given.

“Argh!” As Ye Zhong finished his sentence, the horned white tiger cried. Its deafening roar stunned the target. It then raised its gigantic paw up high and pounced.

The tiger’s paw struck towards Du Han Yue’s back but a large swarm of butterflies surrounding Du Han Yue was getting in the way.


Accompanied by a loud noise, caused by the impact, the white tiger’s paw scattered layers and layers of butterflies, powering through the resistance and landing on Du Han Yue’s back. His back immediately bend and deformed. The massive force connected against Du Han Yue and forced him onto floor of the arena.


His nose shattered when his face hit the ground. Spiderweb cracks appeared on the arena’s foundation made of greenstone.

Du Han Yue squealed like an animal in a slaughterhouse. He was bleeding out of his crooked nostrils.

“I will end you!” Du Han Yue stared at Ye Zhong ferociously from the ground, freaking out as he screamed. He was missing a front tooth, and crawling on the ground like a madman. He was furious. The strongest youngster in the Du family had never lost a fight, and now a five star Warrior completely overpowered him!

Du Han Yue ignored his injuries, and forced more Qi out of his dantian. The huge swarm of burning butterflies reformed and regrouped then flew towards the white tiger.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Waves after waves of burning butterflies exploded on the white tiger. Ye Zhong grunted and coughed up a lot of blood. Despite being on the ground and in a bad position the six star Warrior’s counter attack was fierce.

“You want to end me? You are not capable of that I’m afraid!” The white tiger soared into the air again. Ye Zhong grunted and ignored the swarm pushing forward with heavy steps that carried the momentum of a landslide.

Ye Zhong’s fearsome force dove from the sky, keeping Du Han Yue on the ground.


Du Han Yue’s face collided onto the arena grounds again, and blood gushed out of his head. He squealed even louder than before, and the scene gave the audience goosebumps.

“Our family has kept good traditions and honor for generations, you opportunistic, greedy, disrespectful garbage have no rights to get our land!” Ye Zhong said in a cold, heavy tone, the force he used increasing after each word he spoke. The pressure waves clamped Du Han Yue onto the floor.

Du Han Yue was drowning in helplessness under the immense pressure that held him down. His heart was trembling out of fear. He struggled and shook his body, but his attempts to free himself were denied by waves of intensifying force from Ye Zhong. He was completely stuck and there was no way of getting out of the crack on the ground that Ye Zhong made using him as a pick.

There were no unbroken bones or uninjured organs in Du Han Yue’s body. If he was not a six star Warrior with a formidable amount of Qi protecting his body, his organs would have been torn apart and he would have died.

Du Han Yue was unresigned. ‘How? Why can he use a Myst stance? He’s just a five star Warrior…’ He coughed up a mouthful of blood and passed out before he could finish his thought.

Feeling that Du Han Yue was done for, Ye Zhong kicked his unconscious opponent out of the arena. After using all his energy on White Tiger’s Assault and eating its recoil, although he won, his face was completely white and he was wobbling. It took great effort for him to stay on his feet.

“I cannot fall! I have to stay on my feet. For my family!” Ye Zhong was struggling to keep just his eyes open and stay conscious.

Du Han Yue was defeated?

Everyone was shocked by what they just witnessed. Ye Zhong was barely standing up but he was the victor! It took them a while to digest this information.

“A five star Warrior defeated a forbidden stance performed by a six star Warrior!”

“There must be a Runemaster behind this! Who is it?” The audience was ecstatic, they were energized by the possible drama and how today’s events might unfold!

With this bloody battle, Ye Zhong had now replaced Du Han Yue as one of the top five youngsters in Green Moon City!