Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 30


Chapter 30 – Blossom


A loud noise caught the attention of Master Yi and Zi Yan. They turned around and tried to find the source of the disturbance. Lin Zi Yan felt a warm burst of energy coming from the cottage so she went back inside the house closely followed by Master Yi.

As they entered the cottage they discovered the sequence of pale golden runes that Ye Wei drew were still floating in the air after all this time. The two were not sure when it started to oscillate, the runes were also slithering in the air like a snake as if they had a mind of their own. The runes started to expand in every direction while transforming and radiating colors of the rainbow.

The Qi flowed at an extremely high speed through the sequence and it was accelerating. Eventually the friction was so great that the runes started emitting a sizzling sound and sparks were visible as it cut through air.

Master Yi and Zi Yan were gobsmacked. Their feet grew roots by the doorway and their eyes were wide open set on the eighty-one runes that they did not know still existed.

At this point the Qi Master Yi lent to Ye Wei had already dispersed. The runes Ye Wei drew were not forming a stance hence the absence of golden lotuses, but despite this they did not disappear. The sequence was absorbing primal energy from the air and the earth to sustain itself, ridding and replacing Master Yi’s Qi within it!

The runes kept absorbing energy from their surrounding and grew in size all while transforming themselves. The sequence was twisting and reassembling. For both Master Yi and Lin Zi Yan, It was the first time to witness a rune sequence operating and evolving itself, their jaws were on the floor.

After an hour of stabilizing, the sequence of runes shrank into a bright formless cluster of energy. The noise of Qi flowing resembled the roar of a waterfall crashing down. The shining runes finally started to take shape as the noise echoed in the room. It was flowering season for golden lotuses…

“Are they finally going to bloom or what!?” Master Yi was trying to figure out why the rune sequence did not work and the blooming was delayed so long. After staring at the cluster and feeling its energy he began to understand what was going on “My Qi was not adequate to Ye Wei’s unique and powerful will-force, there was no way his Flaming Golden Lotus stance could run off the energy I lent him!”

That was the only way to explain this bizarre phenomenon, it was a rare occurrence that Master Yi had never before encountered. Ye Wei’s astoundingly powerful will-force was very picky and it bluntly rejected Master Yi’s Qi opting to acquiring raw and stronger primal energy on its own.

Assuming that was the case, the two were now excited to see how many lotuses were going to bloom. Moments after, a few spikes started to break out from the cluster and take the shape of flaming lotuses as expected!

One, two, three, four, five!?

“Am I hallucinating? Five!” Master Yi was regretful! He could not believe he just casually dismissed a potential successor! Ye Wei had what it takes to surpass Master Yi, himself, if he was given appropriate training…

“Five lotuses! This is amazing!” Lin Zi Yan was emotional; she was happy for Ye Wei and pleased by the surprise her satisfying smile spoke a thousand words.

Just as they thought that it was over because the sequence calmed down, it started spinning around again more sparks were ignited by a violent burst of energy. A bigger and brighter golden lotus bloomed from one of the larger sparks and set itself aflame, blinding both Master Yi and Lin Zi Yan.

“The sixth!” Master Yi’s voice broke as he shouted, he had an adrenaline spike as he witness this extraordinary moment!

“He has the legendary level of rune consonance! If the news is spread, Ye Wei will put Green Moon City in the spotlight of the whole empire! There are less than five people with this kind of gift in the whole dynasty!” He exclaimed and explained to Lin Zi Yan what kind of genius Ye Wei actually was.

“He has Legendary level rune consonance?!” Lin Zi Yan was rubbing her eyes in awe, just to make sure what she was seeing was real.

Just as they finished speaking, the cluster was dimming and shrank to the size of a large watermelon.


The cluster was dying down and the final burst of energy set the runes on fire. It looked like it was starting to engulf itself. But instead of disappearing, an even larger and brighter lotus emerged from the small fireball!

“Seven golden lotuses!? His rune consonance is at the Supreme level!?” Master Yi was completely horrified. He nearly forgot to breathe, his eyes looked like they were about to fall out of their sockets. From what he read, ever gifted person with Legendary level consonance ended up being God’s prime Warriors or even Supremes! It was the first time in centuries someone with Supreme level rune consonance had surfaced.

“If he didn’t sleep and didn’t shout in my lecture I would never have noticed him!” Lin Zi Yan too was shocked. She found someone that might end up in the history books from the most unexpected place.

“What we just saw stays in this room!” Master Yi looked at Lin Zi Yan with a hysterical gaze. “If anyone learns what Ye Wei possesses, he will be approached and bothered by different powers. This kind of potential will also make him a target for assassination by family enemies and maybe even demon tribes! The world’s attention was not what he needs now, but privacy and space to train. Master Yi was desperate to protect Ye Wei by covering up this information.

A thirteen year old genius should never be burdened because of his talents, although in Master Yi’s eyes, Ye Wei was not a genius but a demon child. He was very aware of the dark side of Ye Wei’s potential. It meant that if he falls into the wrong hands, he could grow into an uncontrollable nefarious force.

Lin Zi Yan on the other hand was more jolly and positive: “Ye Wei is destined to become what he wants to be! I think the Ye family will reach new heights with him as the Patriarch!” She was smiling with an open mouth, her deep purple eyes were filled with hope and happiness. But then she realised something!

“Damn it! We have wasted too much time here. I think Ye Wei might already have gotten home… The Du family and their partners in crime are ganging up on the Ye family!”

“If Ye Wei ends up hurt because of them. I will make sure Green Moon Castle becomes empty for a while… As well as the the Du family’s and Ling He Merchant Guild’s grounds.” Lin Zi Yan’s eyes turned violet even Master Yi had never seen her this mad.

“Master Yi, we have to hurry! I don’t want to live in regret for the rest of my life…”

Every single talent counts when it comes to combating the demons. Protecting Ye Wei is protecting humanity in Master Yi’s point of view. “From this moment on, Ye Wei is my apprentice if anyone harms a hair on his head then they will taste my wrath, whomever it maybe.” He declared in a ruthless voice. He knew very well that it would be impossible to find an apprentice of the same calibre again even if he went searching to the edge of the world.

Master Yi added a couple more runes to the runicle to boost its speed before they took off. It was now a race against time!

The seven golden lotuses were still floating in the air. The golden glint slowly fading, revealing the true colors of the lotuses underneath. Each lotus had a different luminous glow. This was a phenomenon that even a Master would not be able to explain if he had witnessed it. Ye Wei’s rainbow coloured Flaming Golden Lotus stance finally faded without a trace…

The fight started soon after Ye Wei took off with Lin Zi Yan, and it was now in full swing!

“You piece of garbage why do you even try!?”

Ye Xuan was on the ground, heavily injured. Du Xian Hong’s foot was on his chest. It was no surprise the four star Warrior would dominate and toy with the three star Warrior, but Du Xian Hong was taking it even further. With brute force he stepped on Ye Xuan’s rib cage and broke three ribs. A twisted sadistic smile was on the bully’s face as he spat on Ye Xuan’s face. In shame and agony Ye Xuan coughed up a stream of blood…

Early on Ye Xuan was overpowered by Du Xian Hong’s high level Spirit stance. He was forced to the ground after a few attempts to parry and dodge the ferocious attacks, before he could even fight back. All he achieved was making Du Xian Hong use a small amount of Qi.

“Is this really all you’ve got?!” Du Xian Hong exclaimed as his opponent fainted. He then lifted his foot in the air. “Hey, wake up!” Down went his foot again, this time it landed on Ye Xuan’s arm.

His hysterical laugher accompanied by the sound of bones cracking echoed in the arena.