Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 22


Chapter 22 – Seven Star Condensed Prime

The evening passed in silence like the calm before the storm.

At the break of dawn, there were only birds and a couple of Ye family elders at the Ye family arena.

As the sun rose higher into the sky a crowd was starting to gather. The Ye family was well established in their corner of Green Moon City, but they were not the reason there was a growing crowd. The Du family had their fingers in different industries and produced countless quality fighters for around a century now and citizens were eager to see fighters from one of the Big Three families display their strength.

It was not news that Ye family’s businesses had not be doing well, rumours had already been flying around for months now. The family’s enemies that gathered at the arena couldn’t sit at home and wait for the results, they wanted to witness it as it unfolds. On the other side a few worried families were present rooting for the Ye family and praying for a miracle.

Although it had only been three days since the decision to fight again the Du family, news travel fast in this city and the authorities were here as well to keep things in order due to the amount of rivals gathered in one place.

The audience was talking amongst themselves, their small gossip and chatter was getting louder as more and more members of the audience started to converse about their predictions and opinions.

“I don’t think the Ye family can possibly win this fight! The Du family looks prepared. I even heard that they’re after Ye’s ancestral land by North Hill Bay!”

“What? That is where their family graves are! If they lose that plot of land how would they stay influential here in Green Moon City? They would lose all face!”

“Yeah well the Ye family’s legacy is coming to an end, they only have two Condensed Prime Warriors, one of whom is a three star level and the other one is only a one star. The Du family is still relatively young but how often do you see a century old family with six Condensed Prime Warriors? Plus the strongest of them, their master Du Yuan Ming is a seven star Condensed Prime Warrior!”

“The Ye family’s younger generation can’t hold a candle to the Du family’s; I like the friendly Ye family, but, sadly, I really don’t see them winning or even having a chance!”

The audience all looked to the side of the arena as the Ye family arrived, a majestic aura lingered around Ye Zheng Qing as he looked over the crowd then sat down in front of the arena, wanting to be close to the action.

Ye Wei was way too weak to be participating today, he could only stand in the crowd and watch his uncles and aunt standing behind Ye Zheng Qing, Ye Zhong, Ye Xuan, Ye Qiu and other youngsters who will be fighting. The whole Ye family was tensed, worried about the family’s future. The contestants from the Ye family were all looking extra nervous, being the best youngsters in the Ye family had never given them this much pressure.

Ye Wei had his head down and his fists were clenched. ‘Cousin Zhong don’t be scared by the pressure,’ Ye Wei was young, but growing up in a big family taught him that reputation was everything. If the Ye family were to fall now and scatter across the lands, it would be the end of what the family had achieved so far and they would not get any help rebuilding what they had. Other families will always put their own gains in front of everything else! Humiliation today will hurt every member of the family.

The tension in the air was palpable.

“The master of the Du family Du Yuan Ming is here, together with Ling He Merchant Guild’s president Dong Ho and general Zhou Wu!” The announcer yelled. The tension at the arena intensified.

The gossiping crowd fell silent and turned their eyes towards the entrance of the arena, awaiting the Du family camp’s arrival impatiently.

“Let them in!” Ye Zheng Qing yelled in cold rage, the veins on his arms were popping out. He mumbled to himself: “The Du family made an effort to invite those two? I guess the rumours about general Zhou and president Dong being bought was the truth after all!”

The intentions of the Du family were clear, the general and Ling He Merchant Guild’s president were here to pressure the Ye family. They wanted to seal the deal as soon as possible when they defeated the Ye according to their plan!

The arena gates suddenly opened, letting in a great amount of uniformed men. Who laid out a long red carpet at the entrance. An intimidating blood-soaked silver sword crest was embroidered into each and every one of their uniforms. They have finally arrived.

Judging by spirit, the Du family already had an advantage.

The carpet split the crowd, and Du Yuan Ming came walking in. He entered with a swagger, chatting with the crowd on both sides as if socialising is what he came here for.

Behind him to his right was a well built middle aged man in a black battle robe. His face told a bloody tale, underneath his broad forehead was a long and hideous scar across his evil looking face. General Zhou of Green Moon City was an experienced Warrior, a Seven Star Condensed Prime Warrior.

Rumour has it that general Zhou’s face turned emotionless ever since the Shen dynasty decided to purge the rebel force. General Zhou was commander of the army, killing rebels hiding among civilians as well as suspicious innocents… This was the start of his cruel reputation.

On Du Yuan Ming’s left was a slightly chubby man in an exquisite silk robe. He had the carefree smile of a rich man on his face and the attitude to go with it. President Dong Ho of Ling He Merchant Guild, a five star Condensed Prime Warrior.

Behind the three men leading the way were more than ten chatty teenagers, all of them with a smirk on their faces while boasting and trashing the Ye family. They were the challengers from the Du family and some of the strongest teenagers in Green Moon City. Within the group was one of the top five strongest teens in the city: the six star Warrior Du Han Yue!

The Ye family stared at the Du family with hatred while they entered the arena Their businesses were at the worst point they had ever been at with the last two months being especially rough.

Being poor was okay, but to live without dignity was not. As such right now protecting the family’s ancestral graves was all that was on the Ye family’s mind.

“Yuan Ming, do you see their faces? Apparently the Ye family hates you by the looks of it!” The chubby Dong He was amused by their aggressive postures.

“If you’re not hated, then you’re doing it wrong!” The master of Du family shared some life philosophy with him, “Business is war in a sense, if you lose you can’t blame anyone but yourself!”

“Ha, I guess you are right to an extent. But it’s not exactly fair for the Ye family now that you have Lu Feng in the boat on top of the connection your family has. Taking over their mystic scroll and arms business was a certainty from the start right?” Dong Ho had been business partners with the Du family for a while now, he more or less knew their tactics inside out.

Master Yi, Master Mu, and Master Ning were the only three Runemasters in Green Moon City. Rumour has it that Lu Feng was Master Mu’s love child.

He was master Mu’s first apprentice and the main reason the Ye family’s scroll and arms sales were in the dumps. He was the supplier  of the Du family for this business attack.

“It’s in both our family’s and Lu Feng’s interest, he did his part in securing our supplies and now we just need to get what he wants from the Ye’s to finish the deal!” Du Yuan Ming had an evil smile on his face. Lu Feng promised to sign a thirty year supply contract if the Du family would give him the Ye family’s ancestral land next to North Hill Bay!

“The Ye family doesn’t have a say in this; we will deliver when our youngsters destroy their kids today!” General Zhou’s deep voice had great presence. He was appointed by Lu Feng to make sure Ye Zheng Qing handed over the deed once the fight was won.

“Mister Ye, it’s been three months now. You look a lot older than when we last met! You have to take care of your body, if you pass away these young ones may end up on the streets! Hahahaha!” Du Yuan Ming stared at Ye Zheng Qing and shouted, the volume of his laugh was as immense as thunder. His statement rang out and was heard clearly by every single member of the audience.

The staggering power of a seven star Condensed Prime Warrior, he broke through…

The impulse knocked everyone in the arena back a few steps, as most of the audience were ordinary Students who seldom got the chance to meet even their own family master. This was their first time witnessing a person this highly ranked. There were only around ten people who had reached this level!

Ye Zheng Qing stood in front of the Ye family, using his Qi as a shield to protect himself and the family members behind him: “Just worry about your own problems, my aged body is in good shape it’s got at least fifty more years to go! Though I have seen stronger men than you through the years I have lived mister Du, and sadly, most of them are not alive now for some reason!”

Ye Zheng Qing’s voice did not pack as much power, but it had a penetrating quality dissolving the pressure from Du Yuan Ming’s sonic waves.

Although grandpa did all he could to shield his clan, Ye Wei who was standing away in the corner still felt the pressure, and he was too weak… His Sentient felt like it was about to be crushed under the pressure.

“No! I can’t faint here everyone else is on their feet. I can’t let Du Yuan Ming put me to my knees just by his voice!” Mental strength was the only thing keeping Ye Wei standing up, his forehead was dripping with sweat and his body was cramping.

The seven star Condensed Prime Warrior’s crushing power not only pressured Ye Wei’s body, his Sentient was suffering as well, the stinging sensation was agonising.

‘I will not give in!’ Years of being the weakest in his family had given Ye Wei an impressive iron will. That scream, that willpower came from the bottom of his heart and flipped a switch in his Sentient.

All of a sudden a golden spark was shining bright in his Sentient and created a tiny explosion, fighting back Du Yuan Ming’s power!


The pain made Ye Wei’s face pale, but he felt stronger somehow his Sentient was expanding!

Ye Wei’s Sentient took over his body, filling it with Qi and strengthening his bones and muscles; It made him a three star Student!

Ye Wei was bare conscious, but he did notice that he broke through. ‘What just happened?’ He was surprised and confused. For any other Student, cultivating would become harder once they hit seven stars having to master mystic runes. But with Ye Wei, it was the opposite for him and he knew it. When he gets to seven star level he can start using stances and gain cosmic energy from creating and refining stances due to his superior runic knowledge. Not only would he not slow down, his cultivation would speed up immensely.

‘Not long now, only four more to go then I can truly make a difference!’