Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 18


Chapter 18 – Perfect Assault

Ye Zhong was still not convinced by his senses and felt the astounding impact of the tiger’s strike then look over to Ye Wei with suspicion.


‘One out of one hundred and thirty six, he picked one rune to alter and it just happened to refine the stance? Just how lucky is that?’

The tiger’s roar echoed throughout the whole manor, the stronger family members’ heightened senses were the first to pick it up. Everyone who heard it turned their heads towards the source and knew it was Ye Zhong from the direction it came from.

‘Little Zhong works well under pressure, way to go! Judging by the tiger roar’s magnitude, he is a good thirty percent stronger than when I last saw him fight!’ Ye Zheng Qing was overjoyed.

‘Well done son! With your talent our family might just have a chance!’

Upon hearing the roar and realising it was the sound of Ye Zhong’s improvement, young and old in the family were happy and proud. The younger family members will be gathering around Ye Zhong asking for a show from their idol tomorrow morning.

Ye Zhong’s hands were still shaking, and he jogged his memory to investigate the drastic difference in power the modification caused. ‘In hindsight, this minor change was actually genius, and it would only work on these two specific runes.

The White Tiger’s Assault was passed down for generations and attempts to refine it have been carried out by the Ye’s predecessors, but Ye Wei’s suggestions seemed to have spotted what they missed and made a more significant impact on the stance in terms of improvement!

“Wei, be honest with me, what was going on? Don’t tell me you don’t know what happened, or it was a coincident because I will not believe that!” Ye Zhong looked excited and placed his hands on Ye Wei’s shoulders, looked him right in the eyes as he said each word clearly with sincerity.

“I am not completely sure, a teacher at the academy told me I have outstanding soul sensibility and the potential to become a Runemaster.” Ye Wei did not hold back the information and answered calmly; he felt a bit embarrassed having played stupid and gotten caught out.

“Outstanding soul sensitivity and the potential to become a Runemaster?” Ye Zhong was startled and euphoric, his head was buzzing, overwhelmed by this tremendous surprise. ‘Red Sentient Ye Wei could become a Runemaster?!’

He held Ye Wei’s shoulder tight and wanted to make sure he heard right, even though his soul sensibility talent was confirmed by correction to the stance. “Is that true?” He was in seventh heaven, Ye Wei had refined the White Tiger’s Assault so casually.

A potential Runemaster, Runemaster Ye, this is big news!

There were only around thirty Runemaster apprentices based in Green Moon City to three Runemasters, if Ye Wei was to become one with his connections the Ye family can easily befriend powerful individuals for quests and expeditions.

Taking these benefits into consideration, the talentless Ye Wei was actually the greatest treasure of Ye family, a hidden gem, a trump card that can turn things around and put the Ye clan on the map! If Ye Wei completes his training as a Runemaster, he will become as strong as a seven star Condensed Prime Warrior!

Nobody, not even the Big Three would look down on a family that houses a Runemaster!

Ye Zhong could not imagine how the elders of the family would react to Ye Wei’s new found talent, the Ye family has been the underdogs for too long!

“Haha! Little cousin, if anyone say anything bad about you, send them my way and I’ll give them a good beating!” Ye Zhong clenched his fist and declared his endorsement jokingly, the doubt in his mind and frown on his face vanished.

“Yea, but cousin Zhong, I still need to become a seven star Student before I can perfect and create my own stances with the speed I am at now it could take years, and the family still need you to help out and do work.” Ye Wei tried to bring his talent back to context and he was slightly unpleased with the time it may take for him to become a seven star Student and make a difference with his own abilities.

“Do your parents and does gramps know about your talent yet?” Ye Zhong took a couple of deep breath and regained his cool and with a curious look he asked his little cousin.

“I haven’t got myself to do it yet, I was going to tell them when the dust has settled with my future plans about training, and I am sure they have a lot on their minds already with the Du family at our doorstep.” Ye Wei was being as sensitive as always and he knew it would not achieve much telling them.

“You should tell the old guys when you have the opportunity, they might be able to help you with your training and put your talents to good use for the family, however, it is important you don’t let people outside our family know too much!” Ye Zhong knew very well the Du family knowing about little cousin’s soul sensitivity could put his development as a Runemaster, or even his life, in jeopardy!

“Sure!” Ye Wei nodded, he was more concerned about hearing news from Lin Zi Yan regarding his apprenticeship with master Yi, wondering if he would meet the master’s requirement.

Ye Zhong patted his cousin on the shoulder and laughed heartily saying: “Before the news reaches grandpa you won’t get a lot of resources from the family, if you need help on that front your cousin has your back!”

“Thanks so much big cousin!”

“Don’t thank me! That’s what family is for!” Ye Zhong’s mood was greatly elevated having heard Ye Wei’s good news and refining White Tiger’s Assault, the evening took a great turn for him.

“About White Tiger’s Assault, there is still one other node that can be refined, but it is more complicated than the previous change we made, thus I am not completely confident dealing with it, cousin we will have to work together!” Seeking perfection, Ye Wei said sincerely.

“Another correction?!” Ye Zhong was in awe his eyes sparkled like an innocent child. ‘After what was done moments ago, the stance was as strong as a peak high level stance could get and there was still room for improvement? Where are you going with this?’

He was strong, but a four star Warrior has his limits. His Qi and primal energy were not enough to sustain anything more than spirit stances, but if Ye Wei and him can upgrade White Tiger’s Assault to a Myst level stance then cosmic energy will descend and upgrade his Sentient and cultivation by miles!

The act of fighters refining a stance and pushing it into a higher level is what triggers the descent of cosmic energy. It’s almost as if the cosmos listens to fighters body and rewards those who are worthy by giving them a large amount of pure energy that other would take years of training to acquire and accumulate.

Furthermore the stance grading system is just an indication of the power it holds, if the performer upgraded a stances’ power by switching the rune compositions and arrangement they can perform the stances regardless of the star level requirements.

“Time is of the essence!” Ye Zhong will be facing a strong talented foe from the Du family in three days, to refine and perfect this stance he knows is the quickest way to raise his power and combat advantages and with limited time he knew how tight his schedule was.

“What should I do?” Ye Zhong looked forward to further improving the White Tiger’s Assault, he was desperate to hear what Ye Wei had to say and start working on it!

“I am not sure how to fix this node, but I can tell your Qi flow is being slowed down at that place. I would like to observe a few more times before confirming what is causing the problem!” Ye Wei pondered before he made the statement.

“Okay! Whatever it takes. I trust you!” Ye Zhong smiled and nodded.

The cousins shared a look enjoying the moment of openness and started working on making Zhong’s favorite stance perfect.

With the experience he gained from the Triple Tidal Palm refinement he was more confident than the last time, Ye Wei pointed at the rune that needed correcting and started suggesting.