Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 166


Chapter 166 – Madman


The gust of sharp Qi-fused breeze hit the Du’s who stood close by and left fine lines of red marks on the exposed areas of their bodies. Stunned, no one dared to cross the line on the ground.

They didn’t think Ye Wei would dare to use force against them in front of a Lu.

“You ignorant kid! Do you want to die?!” Lu Zhong’s face twitched in anger, “Like I said. All of you, come up the hill with me to search this area once more!”

Bloodlust was overtaking Lu Zhong’s consciousness, his Qi rushed out, fluttered his long robe. Both of his hands disappeared, sequences of runes surged in the air while his hands flashed in the shape of mysterious hand seals.


Lu Zhong’s Qi was flowing through the hundreds of runes. Immense surge of power was building up between the earth and the sky, so powerful that all the trees around fell at once, cut to their roots, gigantic rocks floated around.

A spectral giant bird of prey flew out from the explosion of the runes. Its cyan wings flapped rapidly. Tornadoes of primal energy swept the ground at the foot of the Ye’s ancestral burial hill.

“Could this be?” Lu Feng gasped, still hidden in the dark, shocked by the sight of the shadowy shape. “The Seal of Cyan Hawk, high-level Myst stance!” Lu Feng mumbled, looking horrified, “He used this stance once to defeat a peak ten-star condensed prime Warrior with ease. Should I really intervene before it’s too late for Ye Wei?”

“Lu Zhong going in for the kill!’ Lu Feng always knew that Lu Zhong was an old maniac but didn’t expect him to act this hysterically, the level of ruthlessness was beyond his comprehension.

‘All the Lu’s that have been sent to Green Moon City were warned not to mess with Master Yi. Even the elders seem to be afraid of what he might do. Doesn’t he know Ye Wei is Master Yi’s only legacy apprentice?!’

‘The pond is nearby, to let the Lu’s draw their men here would mean uncovering the Drakehead! This madness needs to stop! We can’t have Master Yi and the Lu elders here!’ Thought Lu Feng as he rushed out from his cover to stop.

‘I acted too late!’

The cyan hawk gradually gathered his full strength, flapped its cyan wings to climb higher into the sky. Its beak suddenly opened and, after a few piercing trills, spewed out round after around of a silver lightning.


The silver lightning rained down mercilessly onto Ye Wei and the Ye’s men. The earth crumbled while the silvery energy bolts were still mid-air. The cracks on the ground rapidly grew outwards as the hawk’s strike accelerated, the whole burial hill shook to the ten-star condensed prime Warrior’s powerful stance.

While others were weak on their knees, Ye Wei did not even flinch. When confronted by the bolts of lightning, Ye Wei stomped the ground, and clouds of runes appeared at the bottom of his feet. Riding the clouds of star-shaped rune sequences, Ye Wei’s movements became unpredictable. He then fearlessly leaped right into the storm without a second of hesitation.

‘These men behind me are my family’s foundation and future, I have to protect them!’ thought Ye Wei. He was aware that even the edge of Lu Zhong’s powerful high-level Myst stance would end the lives of many of these weaker Warriors.

Therefore, Ye Wei couldn’t just hide. He was there to defend his family’s past, present and future.

‘Supernova stance, Second Evolution!’ Ye Wei’s earnest gaze was set on the lightning storm’s center. His body shone golden, Ye Wei’s Qi was amplified, burst out of the runes on his bones.

‘Nine-star condensed prime level!?’ Lu Feng’s jaws dropped.

Amplified by the Supernova stance, Ye Wei’s cultivation exploded instantly. The presence of a three-star condensed prime Warrior intensified, compressed and expanded to three times its original size and strength.

‘Now, Selenic Triple-Primal Sword.’

Although inside the lightning storm, Ye Wei was protected by the thick layer of primal energy that oozed out from his skin, his hands danced in the air, guiding his dense Qi into the runes he just drew. From just spots of scattered energy the runes merged and grew, taking the shape of an ancient sword.

Ye Wei barely hesitated, he assessed the situation quickly and figured out that it was necessary to use the Glacial Emperor’s stance.

The ten meters Qi Sword was now infused with the power of Zhoutian Sword Notion and Polaris Academy’s Starshifter Form, the stance now belonged to peak high-level Myst grade.

As the long sword began to shine brighter, Ye Wei’s will-force and Qi were drained completely.

Only returned prime Warriors or above were able to use high-level Myst stances without emptying their Sentients and dantians. Ye Wei was able to use it but it was in no means an easy task for the young cultivator.

‘The rumors were true! This kid is as powerful as a ten star condensed prime Warrior!’ Lu Feng held himself back, stared at the Qi sword in the sky as it fell down and defensively covered his body with a thin layer of energy. His widened eyes were struggling to even blink. ‘Ten-star condensed prime level… But the reports say he was only a three-star condensed prime Warrior!?’

Both the Ye’s and the Du’s were stunned by the teenager’s display of power Open-mouthed, their heads were swinging from left to right and back, trying to track Ye Wei’s figure.

The Qi sword was surrounded by runes arranged in star constellations patterns. Ye Wei controlled it telepathically, made it tear through the night sky, and the sword, together with the runes, sped towards the silvery lightning storm.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The star-like runes crashed onto the lightning bolts mid-air. A burst of explosive light blinded everyone at the bottom of the hill.

The silvery bolts vanished together with the star-like runes. With fear in his eyes, Lu Zhong watched the Qi sword penetrate the spectral beast like a hot knife into butter.

“Meet your maker!” Ye Wei ground his teeth and watched his Qi Sword as it sank into the cyan hawk.


A destructive rippling force wave grew and filled the space, as the entire hilt disappeared into the bird. The mountains shook and the ground cracked. All the rocks and stones began to float, the trees that broke off started levitating.

All the cultivators were shivering, they huddled up in fear, confused, speechless.


Inside the blinding globe of light, the spectral bird and the Qi sword disintegrated. The mix of scattered runes and energy reacted with each other and vigorously exploded.

Both Ye Wei and Lu Zhong were hit heavily by the explosion and sent flying backwards.

Ye Wei’s face became pale, a line of blood dripped out of the corner of his lips. Although Selenic Triple-Primal Sword was no weaker than the Seal of Cyan Hawk, the ten-star condensed prime Warrior was good at his favourite stance. Ye Wei sustained some minor injuries.

On the other side, Lu Zhong was shocked by the intense agony, his body was covered with gashes. His clothes were soaked in blood, ‘How did a kid hurt me this bad!?’

“How can a small city like Green Moon City produce a youngster that powerful!?” Lu Zhong’s eyes glittered, his face turned dark, realizing he might actually lose, ‘The strongest youngster in the Lu family cannot even compare to this kid here…’

‘If I retreat now, I will become a joke!’

“Looks like you need some help!” Lu Feng revealed himself.

“What? Why are you here!?” Lu Zhong frowned, not please to see the bastard child. He never liked that the family decided to recognize Lu Feng’s existence, how the board decided to include the two-star Runemaster as a part of the family.

“Why are you here?” Ye Wei’s face was completely pale, he glared coldly, exhausted. “Are you here to cause trouble again?” ‘This is the man responsible for cousin Zhong’s coma!’

‘Ye Wei, if I assume correctly, your Qi and will-force have been drained? Let me be honest with you, kid, your opponent here, is famous for his recklessness. He once fought a returned prime level elder just because he wasn’t in the mood to listen. You could have been killed here.1 Lu Feng established eye contact with Ye Wei, his voice transformed into thin strands of Qi and the words sounded in Ye Wei’s mind..

“Pfft, then I will kill as much as I can before I fall!” Ye Wei replied with the same voice transmission technique, ‘What are you planning now, Lu Feng!’

“Stop being stubborn, what do you get out of your family’s demise!? I can actually help you here!” Lu Feng shook his head and said.

“You? Help? Like how you helped the Du family three years ago? You are a Lu, just state your damn intention!” Ye Wei sneered.

“Ye Wei, I admire you. With your talent, it is just a matter of time before you become a returned prime Warrior. I am sure by now you’ve heard how the Lu’s exiled my mother. I hate them as much as you do!” Lu Feng sincerely looked at Ye Wei, “I plan to wipe out the Lu’s in the frame of three years, and I can’t do it all on my own.”

“Furthermore, I will offer you one of my secrets. I know a spot where you can cultivate more efficiently. I am the only person who knows the exact location of a Drakehead very close to where we are right now!” Lu Feng was desperate, he replied quickly.

“You know of a Drakehead?” Ye Wei’s pupils dilated, ‘So that’s why you wanted to take over North Hill Bay!’

“I do and I am willing to share that information with you if you are to join force with me. Just one condition, you will have to make a heavenly oath and swear you will not tell anyone about the Drakehead!” Lu Feng was talking quickly. ‘Just say yes you idiot, you are going to die otherwise!’

Lu Feng knew that if he was to team up with a strong cultivator like Ye Wei, the Lu’s might not ever find what they were looking for. ‘As much as they hate saying it, even the Lu’s are a bit scared of Master Yi and the Runemaster Union behind him. Come on Ye Wei, just do what is right!’