Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 158


Chapter 158 – Lu Family, Qing State


Ye Wei remained in the City Lord’s mansion for few more days, until the other participants were sent back to their schools and academies. Chen Yuan called the South Star students for a farewell meeting at last.

“I will send my men to escort you home, and don’t worry, I will keep it on the down low. Please be careful when you are back in Green Moon City! Stay safe!” The City Lord sincerely reminded Ye Wei the threats from demons were still unresolved.

“Thank you, My Lord, for everything you’ve done for me, for your concerns.” Ye Wei was thankful for the treatment and care he received. It warmed his heart to know that someone as influential as Chen Yuan was not only very powerful, but also had a gentle and caring temperament.

The vice-principal, Xu He and the rest of the South Star tournament team bade farewell to Chen Yuan. The whole team then quietly left the city under the personal supervision of the City Lord and the commander.

Jian Chen, from Zhoutian Sword School, as well as the three strongest young cultivators from Galaxy Academy were all approached by commander Shi for further interview and rounds of screening process.

As for Xue Yao, she didn’t have any more opportunities to see Ye Wei since the day when her brother was fighting in the tournament. She was trying to get in touch with him afterwards, but all the students were getting sent back and so she headed to the capital to spectate the next stage of the tournament, hoping to meet him there. As for the other school teams, the ones who ranked high celebrated their success while the young cultivators that didn’t do well went into a bit of a depressive state.

But with the results aside, everyone were still glad to have attended the tournament. Where there was death, there was also hope. They kept talking about the fight between Ye Wei and Tu Fusheng, the fight that became almost a local legend, something the spectators will be telling their children and grandchildren about.

How Ye Wei was able to become the strongest God’s Seven, that his final opponent turned about to be a demon… Many of the details were something people still couldn’t completely wrap their minds around. Everyone was fascinated by his level of cultivation at such young age, and thought that he had a promising, very bright future ahead of him. Also the news about Ye Wei being a Runemaster quickly spread among the participants and spectators, that only contributed to the local’s admiration to a fanatical level.

After the tournament Ye Wei became a celebrity among the thirty-six outskirt cities region. The younger kids from the schools that participated wished to be like him one day, the older ones secretly envied and admired his power, trying to learn from his success. Because nobody had seen Ye Wei after the tournament was over, people started speculating about his disappearance. The most popular believe was that he was sent to the Green Army’s secret training camp, that he had already been sent to Qing state’s capital by Commander Shi.

They were hoping that perhaps one day they will hear about Ye Wei again and maybe even get to see him in person, and that, when that day came, he will be someone even more powerful.

Two figures, with prodigious presence, were standing silently on the wall of the Ning City, looking at the vehicles slowly disappearing on the road that led into the mountains.

“Argh!” Grunted Commander Shi, “I am still disappointed that I wasn’t able to convince him to join our ranks! He would certainly have been a great addition!”

The other figure, Chen Yuan, laughed with slight regret, patting his dear friend on the shoulder: “Still having problems letting this one go, Commander? He will serve well in Runemaster Union. He is now bound to them and hopefully we will hear about his accomplishments. With talents like his we can just try to guide him so he will stay on the good side….”

Commander Shi Qing nodded slightly, still regretful but his mind wished a bright future for Ye Wei.

The vehicle, slowly drifting away, finally disappeared over the horizon.


Green Moon City

Ye Wei and the rest were finally back to familiar surroundings, stylishly returning home in a large, secure runicle loaned to them by Chen Yuan.

The gates of the city were heavily protected by more than a dozen soldiers. Their silver armor shone bright, reflecting the afternoon’s sun. No one was allowed to enter before being inspected thoroughly by the guards at the checkpoints set up by Green Moon City’s City Lord, as a precaution, security check to prevent demon infiltration.

Next to the guards stood two men dressed in white, talking to the city guard officer. The uniformed man was constantly nodding and bowing.

Both men in white were fairly young, in their twenties, dressed in lavish wear, both wearing thin silver crowns on their heads, standing pridefully next to the common guards and looked down on the ordinary citizens passing through.

Xu He furrowed his brows, disliking the two strange faces he was seeing, and thought that something was definitely not in order.

The runicle slowly stopped in front of the tightly shut gates. Xu He walked out from the vehicle to speak with the guards.

“Hey, Vice-Principle is that you? You are back from the tournament!” The head of the city guard immediately recognised Xu He, humbly bowed before the respected figure.

“Officer Lei, all of my students are in the runicle. Would you let us through? They could really use some rest!” Xu He glanced at the guards patrolling the gate, thinking that it had been a while since the city was this alert.

“Yes, of course, sir!” Shouted Officer Lei, ordering to the guards to clear the pass and open the gate. “Quickly, let the Vice Principal through!”

Several guards immediately hurried to the gate to lift the barricades to let the runicle in.

The two young men in white decided to approach the runicle, strode slowly while staring at Xu He.

“People are only allowed into the city once they have been inspected and have their belonging examined! I don’t see why there should be any exception made for you or your students! As far as we know the demon that caused trouble a few days ago was disguised as a student! Now, search them!” One of them stepped forward, his cold tone carried over his pride.

Xu He’s face went pale with anger. South Star Academy was one of the three most powerful establishment in Green Moon City, even the City Lord would not dare to close the doors in normal circumstances. “This is our home! We just put Green Moon City on the map because of these youngsters’ efforts! How dare you disrespect us!?”

“Lu Ruoshan, Lu Chang, this is actually the vice-principal of South Star Academy…” Whispered Officer Lei. Xu He’s gloomy face, gave Officer Lei a headache, ‘Am I supposed to choose a side here?’

Lu Ruoshan and Lu Chang were the two of the stronger youngsters of Lu family. They both were in their late twenties and were already eight star Condensed prime Warriors. Considering their cultivation level and family background, they did not care about the Green Moon City official, and they were never going to bow before South Star Academy either.

“Have you forgotten about your orders, officer?! No one questions my commands!” Yelled Lu Ruoshan furiously. He quickly lifted his hand and slapped the Commander on his cheek.

The head officer jerked back, a tiny drop of blood was running down his jaw from the corner of his mouth while he tried to keep himself on his feet.

“Officer Lei!”

The guards at the gate hastily hurried to their chief, caught him before he fell, and stared angrily at the two young men. However, they didn’t dare to speak. The Lu’s strength was intimidating, the guards didn’t dare provoking them.

Meanwhile the students in the runicle started to come out one by one, annoyed by being held for so long and puzzled to see two arrogant youngsters, the strange faces at the gates by the guards who watched them grow up.

“Vice Principal, who are those two?” Asked Ye Wei worryingly.

“They are from Lu family. I am not even sure what these Lu youngsters are doing here… “ Frowned Xu He, he recognized the golden crest on the white coats.

‘Lu family? Could it be related to Lu Feng?’ Ye Wei didn’t like this at all, he gently shook his head, ‘No, it can’t be. Lu Feng is just a love child. There is no possible way he sent these two condensed prime Warriors here, I don’t see the reason why he would do so either.’’

All of a sudden, Lu Chang shouted arrogantly, “Our elders gave us orders! Green Moon City had been taken over by our family. Everyone who wishes to enter or exit must have their identity confirmed and recorded. If you do not open the runicle right now, we will have to enter by force!”

‘Green Moon City had been taken over?’ Ye Wei frowned. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, ‘What interest has the Lu family in this City?!’. His chest ached as a bad feeling overtook his body: ‘What have happened while I was away!?’

“I can vouch for everyone in this runicle, they are all my students! As I said, we just returned from Ning City. They left with me to participate in the tournament and now they are back. This runicle you are looking at, was given to us by Ning City Lord’s, Chen Yuan, and Green Army Commander Shi!” Said Xu He angrily, the air around became heavy as his energy burst out. The eight star condensed prime Warrior’s wrath turned the barricade into dust.

Recognized Commander Shi’s and Chen Yuan’s names, the Lu youngsters’ eyes flashed with a trace of fear, but they were able to recompose themselves quickly. “Commander Shi is not here and he has no jurisdiction to overrule my family’s authority here in Green Moon City!”

Lu Ruoshan and Lu Chang took a step forward simultaneously. The pressure of two eight star condensed prime Warriors merged together, bursted towards Xu He.

“Vice Principal Xu, we were ordered to act upon a misconduct. Don’t make us use force!“ The vibration of their voices echoed, shook the city walls and fluttered the vice-principal’s robe.

Xu He’s face suddenly became paler. He didn’t think that these youngsters would be a match to him. They looked so young, but both were actually eight star condensed prime Warriors. He could not defeat either of them separately and it was not easier having to fight them at the same time.

Xu He was forced to step back, puzzled and surprised to see that such powerful youngsters guarded the city. Only one thought was currently in his head. ‘What have happened here?!’

Seeing that Xu He was having trouble standing against these two Lu family youngsters, Ye Wei walked out from the runicle, and used his enchanted will-force to relieve the pressure that was suppressing the vice-principal.

“Being one of the Lu’s does not give you any privileges here in Green Moon City!” Grunted Ye Wei through his teeth, staring coldly at the white-robed cultivators.

“How dare you?!”

“A kid dares speaking to us, Lu’s, in this tone?! Fine, I am now officially suspecting you, are a demon? On your knees! Don’t resist or we will kill you on this very spot!” Lu Ruoshan’s bloodthirsty gaze was casted onto Ye Wei’s face.

They couldn’t sense Ye Wei’s cultivation level, so they didn’t know how strong he actually was. All they saw was a sixteen year old boy spitting bold insults at them.

‘These Lu youngsters are acting like the city belongs to them!’ Ye Wei narrowed his eyes and clenched his hand in fists. ‘I can’t get rid of you but I can surely teach you two a lesson.’

“You are in Green Moon City right now and here in Green Moon City, dogs wear muzzles.” as Ye Wei spoke, a star like array appeared underneath his feet, he rode the wave of energy and turned into a flash.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Wei emerged in front of Lu Ruoshan and Lu Chang, his Zodiac Sword Qi was already on their necks before they could react.

The sharp Qi swords were in a threatening position, they bother knew their heads will be cut off if they were to move even just an inch.

Fear suddenly dominated the youngsters, horror in their eyes as they stared at Ye Wei, and didn’t dare to blink. They never expected a sixteen year old to be so strong, especially after they couldn’t sense any Qi disturbance from him.

Ye Wei just displayed the speed and strength of someone much stronger than an average eight star condensed prime Warrior. Besides, Lu Ruoshan seriously underestimated his enemy, not prepared to his powerful attack, and they were now on a teenager’s leash, with drops of cold sweat on his forehead.

“But… Lu Ruoshan and Lu Chang are both eight star condensed prime Warriors! Even so they lost to this boy!? This kid is terrifyingly strong!” Exclaimed Officer Lei looking over shocked faces of the guards.