Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 133


Chapter 133 – For the Title


“Could today be the day one of the seven will be replaced?”

“Anyways, I’m so excited! I have been waiting for the moment when someone worthy challenges one of the seven!”

Near the martial platform, the gathering cultivators were simmering with excitement, and apart from the participants, most of the youngsters did not take a side. Rather, they were excited about the upcoming fights and wanted to see an inspiring battle.

Horrified by what they saw of Ye Wei, all the Tri-Solar student took a step back unconsciously. Even Shi Hun Tian’s face displayed concern as he recognized Ye Wei as being a serious threat.

On the young cultivators’ side, Shi Xiao Ran’s smile quickly evaporated. He was worried about what Ye Wei’s victory over Lu Zheng, the peak ten-star Warrior, implied.

“I’ve underestimated you!” Vice-principal Shi glared at Ye Wei with an earnest look.

On the other hand, Xu He smiled satisfied as he learned more about what Ye Wei was capable of. Watching Ye Wei, it was apparent that he had improved greatly since he fought Qi Xiu.

Up on the cloud platform, Ning City’s patriarchs and the City Lord were also impressed.

Ye Wei stood in the middle of the amethyst platform as he stared out at the Tri-Solar camp and calmly said, “It would be a waste of time if I have to fight you one by one, so why don’t you all fight me at once? That way we can all prepare for tomorrow sooner,” He wished to learn a couple more things before fighting Galaxy Academy and Zhoutian Sword School; he completely disregarded his current opponents.

The Tri-Solar camp did not take the insult lightly. They were trembling with anger, and they could only stare back at Ye Wei since none of them dared to make a move, not after seeing what Ye Wei did to Lu Zheng, as he was the second best cultivator on their team.

“It has been a while since someone acted so arrogantly in front of me!” Shi Hun Tian coldly glared at Ye Wei. His eyes were twitching, and his voice trembled with anger. “You are a great cultivator, but I will show you what real greatness looks like. There is still the difference of the heavens and the earth between you and the God’s Seven!”

A terrifying presence burst forth from Shi Hun Tian’s body, and his dense Qi quickly wrapped around his body like a long silver ribbon looking like he was bathed in brilliant moonlight. He then clenched his fist and the Qi around his body condensed forming a glowing layer of light armor at his command.

‘No wonder why he was chosen as the Glacial Emperor’s inheritor. It only took him three years to grow so much from being a mere Student!’ Xue Yao calmly thought.

“Sis, you know South Star’s Ye Wei right?” Asked a fourteen year old boy from Golden Wood Academy as he rubbed his bruised, swollen face. He said, “I don’t think he stands a chance against this God’s Seven. Honestly, Shi Hun Tian decisively swept our team!”

“Shut your mouth! just because you’re deaf doesn’t mean you have to air your stupid thoughts out loud. Do you want more bruises on your face?” Xue Yao aggressively asked. “You guys couldn’t even win against the Seven Star School!” She said as she slapped him on the back of his head.

“Hey! I am your brother! Couldn’t you at least show a bit more affection?” Xue Yao’s brother grumbled then bitingly commenting back, “We performed well, and even Luo Mu Xue couldn’t do anything against their ace!”

Xue Yao frowned recognizing that her brother made a good point. She hoped that Ye Wei would not be hurt when South Star advanced further in the competition since the standard of this year’s tournament was extremely high.

The audience gathering around platform three lit up as Shi Hun Tian displayed his aggression; the space was quickly filled with cheering noises and the sound of heated discussions.

“Tri-Solar is sending Shi Hun Tian in next!”

“Yea, if anyone can take down Ye Wei, it will have to be a God’s Seven!”

“What if he can’t beat Ye Wei? He just became a part of the seven not too long ago. It wouldn’t be good for him to lose the title…”

The comments were loud enough to be audible on the platform, but Ye Wei did not react to anything he heard; his expression and posture conveyed his calmness. He smiled as if he was in his own world.

Shi Hun Tian smiled and stomped the ground sending a growing fissure from the amethyst martial platform’s side to where Ye Wei stood.

When the crack reached Ye Wei’s feet, Shi Hun Tian launched himself towards the platform. His body turned into a blur disappearing before the startled audience’s eyes. Although they couldn’t see where he went, they could loosely locate him from the shrill sound of him breaking through the air.

The next second, Shi Hun Tian reappeared right in front of Ye Wei with his fist drawn behind his head. Without any hesitation, he threw it at Ye Wei. The bright armor left a trail as the fist broke through the air with the momentum of a comet.

“Shi Hun Tian is a condensed prime Warrior!!”

Ye Wei’s face did not flinch as he gently lifted his hand. The fluidity of his movement made it appear much slower than it actually was as Ye Wei’s hand stopped Shi Hun Tian’s heavy fist. He made everything he did look like child’s play.

A dull rumble sounded as Ye Wei nullified the momentum of Shi Hun Tian’s fist. He did not move an inch; it was as if he had just caught a feather with his hand.

“Eh?” Shi Hun Tian felt his fist held still by a steel clamp. This caused his face to change as he learned more about his opponent’s strength. “So what? I will get you with my next punch!” He grunted while staring at Ye Wei with an arrogant gaze. He clenched his other fist and threw it at Ye Wei’s head at a tricky angle.

“Nice strike!” Ye Wei narrowed his eyes. He clenched his other hand into a fist and threw it right back at Shi Hun Tian’s strike without letting go of his left hand.


Their fists collided with the pressure of mountains. They clashed against each other which formed two conical shaped pressure waves that swept the platform.

The dense, sharp pressure waves plowed into the amethyst martial platform leaving deep, uneven scars in the newly repaired platform.

The pair then disappeared in a flash giving out bursts of shockwaves as they exchanged round after round of blows.

“Too fast!”

“I can’t see anything!”

The young audience exclaimed, but at the same time felt a tinge of jealousy and frustration. Seeing someone close to their age displaying such frightening talent caused them to realize they would probably never reach the level of mastery they were seeing.

The sky was clear, but the fight made the audience feel like they were in the middle of a storm because of the shocking winds and gusts coming from the two fighters on the platform.

After a few moments, a blurred figure split into two, and Shi Hun Tian was sent flying backwards like a kite with its string cut. He heavily landed ten meters from the point of impact, just inches from the edge of the platform leaving another small pit on the amethyst.

“How… How is this possible? Was Shi Hun Tian defeated before he could even use a stance!?”

As things slowed down, the audience excitedly looked upon the scene as they could finally see again. Ye Wei gently floated down and landed on the martial platform looking relaxed.

Contrary to what most of them expected to see this morning, his opponent, a God’s Seven was disappointingly defeated…

A lot of the onlookers expected to see an even fight between Ye Wei and Shi Hun Tian, but now they saw how unexpectedly one-sided it had become. They started to wonder if Ye Wei would become one of the top God’s Seven if he kept performing this way.

The young cultivators couldn’t help but exchange looks of shock.

However, the faces on the cloud platform did not show the same degree of amusement. They knew how strong Shi Hun Tian was, and therefore understood he was holding back. They could also see Ye Wei had reserved most of his strength, which did not come as a surprise to them. It was rather common for cultivators to test each other’s ceilings and look for each other’s weaknesses when the fighting began.

Although it was within Shi Hun Tian’s calculation that Ye Wei would be a tough opponent, he never expected he would need to use more than seventy percent of his strength in the probing part of the battle just to stay on his feet.

“You are really annoying me! And I really cannot tolerate brats!” Shi Hun Tian wobbled as he stood back up. He glared at Ye Wei showing his contempt for the uppity brat. “I will knock your teeth out!”

Shi Hun Tian made a few hand seals in front of his chest, and his Qi came rushing out like a surging flood; it slid out and spread across the platform.

“Shi Hun Tian didn’t just break through during his training; he also consolidated his strength! He is fighting like he had been on the level for years!” Liu Jian, Chen Mo, and Joe Yin could tell Ye Wei’s opponent’s cultivation from the shocking Qi he was emitting. They were worried as they knew the cultivation differences between a Warrior and a condensed prime Warrior. They also knew that Ye Wei could not overcome this difference.

“So this is what it takes to become one of the God’s Seven…” Liu Jian bitterly shook his head. He was upset with himself because he knew that Shi Hun Tian was two years younger than himself, and he was ashamed that a younger cultivator was so much further ahead of him

“Ye Wei is just a peak ten-star Warrior, right? I don’t think there will be a fight after all…” The South Star youngster felt a bit deflated as they thought their winning streak was about to come to an end. He was greatly worried for Ye Wei, and not sure if Ye Wei would be able to defend himself as they still could not feel any energy from Ye Wei’s body.

“Just when I thought the God’s Seven was an overrated title, he redeemed it! A seventeen year old condensed prime Warrior!? I cannot believe this!”

“Shi Hun Tian is angry!”

“I don’t think I’ve seen him this serious before!”

“This is Ye Wei! We might all have to thank him for what we are about to see…”