Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 12


Chapter 12 – Perfect Falling Star


“These next three days I am not going to lectures, I’m going to lock myself up and focus on training!”

Ye Wei got up and did his stretching routine after getting off his bed, then he started training after washing up.

“Time to use the Falling Star formula!”

Moments later, Ye Wei returned to sitting on the bed and he crossed his legs into a lotus position. He closed his eyes and adjust the speed of his breathing distancing himself from the world and slowly entered a zen state.

Ye Wei’s hands formed a complex hand seal in front of his chest, with the formula operating his will-force slowly formed a vortex with the epicenter in between his eyebrows, as the suction drew in thin threads of primal energy from every direction.

The primal energy got stuck onto the will-force and then was stored in Ye Wei’s dantian. Now the energy was ready to be purified by the Falling Star form!

An entire day passed and Ye Wei’s dantian was finally fully saturated, the speed of his absorption being outrageously slow. Ye Wei opened his eyes wide when the last bit of space in his dantain was filled. One could see a glimmer of silver deep inside Ye Wei’s eyes and as he formed the thirty-six different hand seals, the raging primal energy finally started to be tamed and purified.

Suddenly, Ye Wei heard a noise inside his head.

It came out of nowhere while Ye Wei was purifying primal energy with the Falling Star form. The loud cracking noise resembled thunder rumbling, he also saw an image of a towering mountain, the mountain covered in hundreds of thousands of mystic runes, the runes seeming to have a life of their own, crawling on the mountain’s surface. Out of nowhere appeared a spectral being, revealing itself on the mountain.

His translucent figure allowed the spectral being’s meridian network, a beautiful web of green and red to be visible!

Ye Wei was stunned by the fact that the mountain revisited him, but something else caught his attention. The being was sitting down, in a lotus position, seemingly in the process of purifying primal energy with a formula and his green and red meridian network was vibrating slightly. Ye Wei could clearly see the energy, silver in colour, circling the network.

“Is this… Falling Star form?!”

Ye Wei recognised the route of primal energy circulation and it was very similar to the Falling Star form he was using at that moment, but the spectral being’s version was far more complex!

The Ye family’s Falling Star form utilized thirty-six meridians, while this unknown being’s silver energy was circulating through a hundred and eight meridians, forming a perfect cycle.

All the energy stored in its dantian was purified within only one cycle!

In contrast Ye Wei’s Falling Star form takes at least 9 cycles to purify a full dantian. The silver energy passed through more meridians inside the spectral being’s system and it was passing through with twice the speed compared to Ye Wei’s form.

‘Our Ye family has always used the mid Myst level Falling Star form, and its speed is way slower than this spectral being’s form though they are similar, is he using a high Myst level formula?’

Deep in thought, Ye Wei was startled by this revelation. Being a Ye who is used to the Falling Star form, he knows exactly what a high Myst level formula could help him achieve.

A high Myst level formula can purify the same amount of primal energy three times as quick as a mid Myst level formula; putting Ye Wei’s horrendous energy absorption speed into account, if the purification process is sped up three times, training should be twice as efficient.

To be twice as efficient…

Wei’s cousin Ye Zhong is a twenty-two years old four star Warrior. With Zhong’s talent, he will need two or three years of non stop training in order to breakthrough, but with the spectral being’s Falling Star form he would only need a bit more than a year to become a five Star Warrior!

A twenty-three year old five star Warrior is quite a feat and that would make him one of the strongest young talents in Green Moon City.

Moreover, there are no more than five families in all of Green Moon City that have a high Myst level formula. Say the Ye family started utilising this version of the Falling Star form, then his family’s status would be on a totally different level.

The spectral being circulated his energy 3 times around his meridians. Ye Wei watched and memorised every hand seal used and the circulation route, the information was accurately imprinted onto his mind.


Still sitting in a lotus position on his bed, Ye Wei’s head buzzed and his body shook as he instantaneously opened his eyes.


Ye Wei’s hands made seal after seal and it took him no time to form the hundred and eight seals, he accomplished it so fast that only a blurry afterimage was visible. The primal energy flowed swiftly from his dantian to the rest of his body through the hundred and eight meridians at an incredible speed.

Two hours. In just two hours, a dantian full of raging energy was converted to pure and usable primal energy, Qi. And the purification process was working at twice the speed of before after adopting the new formula!

‘The legend must be true… There once was a Supreme within Ye’s bloodline and the Falling Star form that was passed down from him was obviously incomplete. It makes sense now that I have seen this version of the Falling Stars form!’

‘Well i’m not sure if the Supreme was real, but at least the formula bit of the story is!’

‘So a spectral being who resides on a mountain in my consciousness showed me the perfect Falling Star form, and basically gave our family a high Myst level formula!’

Ye Wei’s eyes were shining as he was surprised by the experience and overjoyed… His facial expression twisted a bit from being overwhelmed by all the emotions, but it was obvious he was very happy.

Improving the Falling Star form means the world to Ye Wei and the Ye family!

Inhale, exhale… It took quite a bit of time and many deep breaths before Ye Wei’s emotions subsided and he regained his calmness.

“My body is as strong as a one star Student’s can get and tomorrow I should be able to break through to two stars without the aid of these Fiery Sun Quencher pills!”

Ye Wei started his training again after mumbling to himself.

In the morning of his third day training, as the sun was glaring intensely a few drops of the golden sunshine landed on Ye Wei’s slightly childish face. He opened his eyes slowly and made a fist.


He threw a punch to the air fiercely, the sound of wind breaking around his fist was sharp and loud. Ye Wei was more than satisfied and he was surprised by the immense strength behind the punch.

“So this is what it feels like being a two star Student?” The corners of Ye Wei’s eyes were slightly wet. It had been three whole years since he started at South Star Academy and this moment marked the end of an era. The era of Ye Wei, the one star Student who was stuck at the one star level for three years!

All the good news aside, the changes in one’s body condition was not exactly significant until a Student reaches five stars. When a Student reaches five stars, their skin and muscle will become hard as iron which drastically improves their speed and strength by ten fold!

“Dad, mom, I broke through! Your child is a two star Student!” Ye Wei looked towards the direction of his home as his tears slowly left a warm reflective trail on his face.

No one can really empathise with Ye Wei, as the three years of struggle was very personal experience for him.

“I need to go home!”

Ye Wei can not wait to bring home the good news to his parents and his cousin Ye Zhong, who took care of him since before he could remember. He had skipped his lectures for two days already, what would one more day matter?

He packed light and hid the jade bottle of Fiery Sun Quenchers in a secret pocket in front of his chest. He closed the door behind him as he left his room and headed towards the school gate.

It was early morning and the students were already in the classroom and nobody was wandering around on the campus even though most tutors in South Star Academy were not very strict.

Facing the sun, Ye Wei walked out of the school gate on his way home.