Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 11


Chapter 11 – Two Star Student

If it was a cheaper quencher pill, like Bone Strengthener, Ye Wei could have accepted it easily, but the Fiery Sun Quencher was way too valuable!

One pill cost five hundred silver, and the bottle Zi Yan passed to Ye Wei contained ten pills. That is five thousand silver worth of Fiery Sun Quencher pills!

One might not know how much five thousand silver is.

The Ye Family was not a small family in Green Moon City, yet Ye Wei’s monthly allowance was twenty silver and around thirty silver is enough to feed a family well for a month.

Lin Zi Yan was very wealthy, Ye Wei knew Zi Yan wasn’t an ordinary girl, but he never anticipated her to be this wealthy.

“Accept it as a reward for what you’ve done for me!” Afraid she was going to hurt Ye Wei’s pride with such a big gift, Zi Yan tried to make it easier for him saying it was a reward.

Ye Wei paused and thought about it “I will take one then!”

“You are my brother now, and you’re not going to take what your sister is giving you? Do you despise me?”

“…Okay then.” Ye Wei nodded and took Zi Yan’s gift, his heart was filled with gratitude as these Fiery Sun Quencher pills are exactly what he needs right now.

“Good!” Zi Yan stopped her tough act and smiled as she pulled Ye Wei on his shoulders and said: “Let’s go!”

For unknown reasons, for Zi Yan there is something making her gravitate toward Ye Wei, the distance between them had shortened within the span of a few hours.

“If you have any problems, you can come directly to me with them, you know where I live at in Green Phoenix now. I will head towards Master Yi now.” Zi Yan said her farewell with a big smile on her face as they reached a crossroad.

“Ok.” Ye Wei nodded

Lin Zi Yan’s graceful figure slowly became smaller and eventually disappeared along the side path.

“Thanks you so much for the Fiery Sun Quencher pills I, Ye Wei will remember this favour!” Ye Wei held the jade bottle tightly, mumbling to himself. He was very quiet but at the same time hard as metal; he was determine to make something happen with these pills.

The last beam of sunlight faded as evening progressed into night time as Ye Wei returned to his dorm. South Star Academy is the cradle of future fighters and they even provide dorm rooms for the worst students.

His room was very minimalistic, there was a bland wooden table in the middle of the room and against the wall was a plank of wood on legs he called a bed, sadly there was not even a chair in the room. The door let out a loud squeak when Ye Wei closed it tightly; he then took off his shoes and sat on the bed in a lotus position with his back against the wall.

“With these Fiery Sun Quencher pills, I should be able to breakthrough to two stars soon!”

Ye Wei took out the bottle of Quencher pills, he was a bit nervous and breathed a bit quicker than usual. Nearly all of the students who were admitted the same time as Ye Wei three years ago made decent progress and are now in the intermediate class, and even a few talented ones are in the senior class.

“I am very far behind right now but once I get to the seven star level, I will be able to catch up in no time! Ye Wei fiercely shook his fists, feeling confident with his game plan.

Ye Wei opened the jade bottle and poured out one pill. He sat still and saw what five hundred silver looked like, then he took a deep breath and swallowed the pill.


The pill immediately melted upon touching Ye Wei’s tongue, a scorching wave of energy flowed through his body turning his skin bright red all over, he looked almost like a piece of glowing coal.

Ye Wei’s skin and muscles were drenched with the surge of energy, as it tempered his skin and muscles, and strengthened his body. He was visibly getting bigger.

He sat there absorbing the vast amount of energy from the pill.

A whole 10 hours passed and the sky was brightening up starting to turn red and getting ready for a new day. It wasn’t until then that Ye Wei absorbed everything from the pill.

“That was strong! I got more from this one pill than I did from at least three months worth of training!” Still sitting in a lotus position on the plank of wood, Ye Wei opened his eyes leisurely looking slightly childish as he couldn’t hide the joy and satisfaction from his result.

“With this speed I will breakthrough in no time!”

Ye Wei made fists with both hands as he felt his strength and energy surging. His lips curled up and displayed great satisfaction. Being one star ranked for three years was not glorifying, but it did give Ye Wei a good foundation to develop on. Now that he took one of the best Quenching pills, it’s very possible that he would breaks through in the matter of days.

Furthermore, Ye Wei was surprised as he discovered how his physique had changed a bit after his dream yesterday during the lecture.

“I will breakthrough before returning home that ought to surprise my parents!” Ye Wei’s astounding dark eyes shone bright in the early dawn light.

The Ye Wei of the past could never dare to imagine his training could go this fast, but with the recent changes to his body and the acquisition of the Fiery Sun Quencher pills, Ye Wei knew he stood a fighting chance of improving rapidly.

Two stars was nothing, but to breakthrough with Ye Wei’s red Sentient, now that was not a simple task at all!

“Without strength nobody will notice nor respect me. One day i will become a great fearsome Warrior!” Remembering the mockery he got from Joe Yin and her friends, Ye Wei held his fist tight, his veins bulging.

There are many factors that determine how strong a Warrior is, their foundation is based on cultivation and stance performance, but putting aside stance performance as it is a non-factor before seven stars, the greater one’s cultivation is the more primal energy and Qi one has to use; also how fast one can cultivate is determined by Sentient and Formula usage.

The Sentient spectrum is divided like this: red, orange, yellow, green, lime, blue, and violet; with red being the weakest and violet the strongest.

The stronger one’s Sentient is the quicker they are able to absorb primal energy from their natural surroundings.

Whereas formulas purify and convert the primal energy we absorb into a storable form like a transformer. Primal energy is a violent energy and if it is not purified and converted it will do more harm than benefit to the body.

Like stances, formulas are also divided in five ranks: Spirit, Myst, Earth, Sky, and Heaven. With the low, mid, and high, three levels per rank.

To fill his body to the brim with primal energy, Ye Wei’s red Sentient needs to work non-stop for around a day when the norm is usually around six to ten hours.

Though Ye Wei’s formula is not shabby, the mid Myst level Falling Star Form was passed down in the Ye family through generations. And it does a good job purifying primal energy at a reasonable speed.

The only thing that was holding Ye Wei back was his Sentient!

The distance between Ye Wei and other students his age just became greater over time, as his rate of cultivating was much slower than others. Without resources and enough Qi to support his training his body simply could not keep up.