Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 109


Chapter 109 – Crossfire

“Do you see that guy on the floor? You will look a bit like that but ten times worse if you make me angry.” Ning Yang glared at Ye Wei and spoke in a cold, threatening manner while pointing at Mu Feng.

“You think you can do that?” Ye Wei tilted his head and looked at Mu Feng while speaking calmly. Not only did he not step away, but he stepped even closer to Ning Yang.

“Who is this kid? I don’t remember him being a student here.”

The crowd looked at Ye Wei with worried eyes as they couldn’t sense any Qi disturbance from him. They wondered if he was out of his mind. They thought Ye Wei was just a commoner friend of a student looking for trouble, and that he had no idea what he was doing.

“Ye Wei!” Cao Ning ground his teeth. His swollen eyes were set on his old friend. At this point, all he could do was to hope that Ye Wei did not need Qi to fight.

‘Ye Wei has trained with Master Yi for three years. His cultivation should be higher than mine, but why does he feel so weak…’

‘That red-haired boy is already a seven-star Warrior, and therefore this Ning Yang character has got to be even stronger! You were a one-star Student three years ago, I don’t know how hard Master Yi trained you, but this guy could be an eight-star Warrior!’

Cao Ning was having lots of doubts.

“Brother Ning told you to get lost! Are you deaf?” The red-haired boy was eager to prove himself to the group, so he rose his hand to slap Ye Wei before Ning Yang made a move.

‘Is he stupid or what?!’

The other black-robed cultivators were laughing. They could already picture Ye Wei on the floor with a swollen face covered in blood.

A loud slap sounded, and everyone in the crowed closed their eyes and turned away.

“What?!” The black-robed boys’ smile froze; they stared at Ye Wei, and their eyes widened in disbelief.

What they saw was the opposite to what they expected. Ye Wei stood casually as he had been, but the red-haired seven-star Warrior was on the ground with a red handprint on his bruised, swollen face.

“What just happened!”

The red-haired boy clutched his bruised face and stumbled as he tried to get back on his feet. He fearfully stared at Ye Wei. He didn’t even have time to register what happened or react before he saw a blur and felt a sharp pain on his cheek. After which he lost control of his body and flew backwards.

‘Ye Wei is fine?’

The crowd recognized the red-haired boy’s screaming voice, and they were all shocked when they turned back around to see that Ye Wei stood unharmed. Everyone widened their eyes even more when they saw the state the red-haired boy was in.

“What did he do?”

It happened in a flash, and nobody knew how the boy with no Qi presence could defeat a seven-star Warrior.

“You… I will kill you!” The red-haired boy was furious, and he stared at Ye Wei with his bloodshot eyes while drawing rune after rune with his hands.

The crowd was horrified by what they saw, and everyone took a few steps back as they could feel a massive Qi disturbance from those newly drawn runes. They knew if they stayed where they were, the chances were that they would be crushed by this powerful stance.

Ye Wei’s figure turned into a flash and reappeared next to the red-haired boy. He raised his leg and delivered a knee strike to his stomach.

A muffled bang sounded.

It was not loud, but it was solid. Everyone heard the sound and covered their stomach as if they themselves were hit.

“Argh!” The red-haired cultivator was not quick enough to react, and his face was twisted as the runes in front of him disappeared. He covered his stomach and kneeled down in pain. He felt like his intestines were going to come out of his mouth, and he started vomiting.

He was now laying on the ground, unable to retaliate.

‘“Such incredible speed!”’

All the South Star students were shocked. They could not feel any Qi from Ye Wei from the moment he stepped forward to when the red-haired boy fell. They did not know one could achieve this level of body strength at their age.

Ye Wei flicked the dust off his robe and shook his head clearly disappointed. “That was not fun.” He glared the other six black-robed cultivators. “Do you all want to fight me at once? I don’t mind.”

“I didn’t think anyone here would be this strong.” Ning Yang cautiously glanced at Ye Wei. The students of Polaris Academy had always despised the less know South Star Academy, and he never guessed he would meet someone at Ye Wei’s level.

“I have researched South Star Academy’s three strongest cultivators; you have Liu Jian on top, followed by Chen Mo, and Mu Feng.”

“I’m not interested in this piece of trash.” Ning Yang pointed at the injured man on the ground as he mentioned Mu Feng’s name while glaring disdainfully at him.

“Chen Mo is only at the seven-star level, and I am not interested in him either. I am here to have a chat with Liu Jian.”

“But you seem quite interesting as well. Forget about Liu Jian, do you want to have a chat with me?” Ning Yang looked at Ye Wei. ‘If you don’t fight people stronger than yourself then you will become weaker!’

“It seems you should be as strong as Liu Jian if not stronger. I guess I didn’t waste my time coming here, thank you.” Ning Yang clenched his fists, and a great surge of Qi burst forth causing his black robe to flutter behind him.

“Don’t hold back like you did just now, or you will join them in eating dirt!” Ning Yang said as he stepped heavily on the ground. A bust of Qi rushed out from his body rippling the air around him. His presence pressured everyone around turning their faces as pale as ash.

‘That’s not good for Wei, this Ning Yang guy has to be an eight-star Warrior!’ Cao Ning’s pupils dilated as he stared at the black-robed youngster with a surprised gaze.

‘No way…’ Joe Yin felt the same as Cao Ning, and her face turned ash-white. She couldn’t believe people from Polaris Academy were at this level. She was starting to get worried for Ye Wei, thinking that even Liu Jian might not be able to handle this guy!

Joe Yin bit her lips nervously as she knew Ye Wei was strong, but Ning Yang’s strength seems much more fierce. Although she was clear that she was no longer in Ye Wei’s life, her heart was still his.

“It’s his unlucky day. I have not seen Ning Yang this worked up for a while; the fight won’t last long!” The black-robed youngsters sneered at Ye Wei because they knew exactly what stance their leader was going to use.

Ye Wei calmly stood still, and he didn’t show any emotion. ‘Seven-star Warrior, eight-star Warrior, it makes no difference.’

“You’re not even going to defend yourself? I hope you won’t regret underestimating me!” Ning Yang still couldn’t feel any Qi presence from Ye Wei; therefore, he was starting to get angry from the disrespect.

“How can I underestimate you when I know exactly how weak you are?” Unmoved by the taunt, Ye Wei glared coldly at Ning Yang and shook his head.

“I’m weak?” Ning Yang narrowed his eyes, and suddenly there was killing intent mixed with his Qi. He was so furious he laughed hysterically. He then pulled out his finger, and it ran through the air so quick it was hardly visible. “Don’t be stupid; I want you to tell others how useless your school is compared to Polaris Academy, that is if you can live through this stance.”

“Zoom! Zoom!”

In just a moment, one hundred and thirty-six glowing runes appeared. The sequence vibrated vigorously as Ning Yang put his Qi into it.

‘Fire Tiger’s Return!’ Ning Yang stared coldly at Ye Wei and grunted.

The spirit tiger was over five meters long, and its burning presence heat up the surrounding air as its roar deafened the crowd.


Its blood scented aura spread, and everyone started to shiver uncontrollably as if they were impacted by the tiger’s presence.

The spirit tiger leaped into the air, turned around and struck Ye Wei on the head with its steel whip-like tail. The shrill sound of it penetrating through air gave people a headache.

‘Explosive Steps!’

‘Triple Phantom Finger!’

While the tiger’s tail was on its course to Ye Wei’s head, Ning Yang drew two more rune sequences.

The runes condensed under Ning Yang’s feet, and he stomped the ground launching himself towards Ye Wei with the momentum of a speeding arrow.

Ning Yang got to Ye Wei before the spirit tiger did, and he assessed his position while shooting three Qi bolts at Ye Wei’s paths of retreat.

The three green Qi bolts covered Ye Wei’s back, left, and right side while the tiger’s tail whip was going to land in front of him; he was completely surrounded by high-level Spirit stances!

In one breath’s time Ning Yang used three forbidden high-level Spirit stances. This shocked everyone in the crowd. Every held their breath and wondered how Ye Wei could appear so calm.

Ye Wei rose his head, “Ha!” He channeled his Qi, and a silver energy enveloped his body forming an armor, as the runes within flowed quickly and tightened around him.