Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2315

Chapter 2315: The Laws of Curses

The sudden occurrence roused Jian Chen from his comprehension of the Laws of Curses. He opened his eyes and looked at Hei Ya nearby. He smiled happily.

Hei Ya had finally broken free from the shackles of Godking and stepped into the Primordial realm. He had become a Primordial realm expert.

“Master!” Before long, the energy around Hei Ya gradually subsided. He stood up and bowed towards Jian Chen with undisguised joy.

“Has your golden core of laws formed?” Jian Chen stared at Hei Ya with brimming interest.

Hei Ya nodded. He glanced at the fortune jade beneath him and said happily, “It should have taken quite some time for the golden core of laws to condense as I broke through to the Primordial realm. However, not only has this jade shorted my breakthrough time drastically, it has also allowed my golden core of laws to condense quicker. It helped me consolidate my cultivation as an Infinite Prime in an extremely short amount of time.”

“Master, I’m formally a Primordial realm expert now. I’ll truly be able to assist master now,” Hei Ya was both overjoyed and excited. He felt deep gratitude towards Jian Chen.

He knew that if it were not for Jian Chen’s extravagant offerings of priceless heavenly resources, the time till he reached the Primordial realm would have been continuously drawn out. He might not even have the opportunity to reach the Primordial realm.

The Primordial realm had once been the cultivation realm Hei Ya yearned for; it was his life’s dream.

Now, that dream had finally been fulfilled.

“Yeah. You haven’t disappointed me.” Jian Chen nodded in satisfaction.

At this moment, Hei Ya glanced at the fortune jade beneath him. Undisguised amazement filled his face as he asked, “Master, may I ask what this is? I feel like not only was the time I needed to condense my golden core of laws shortened as I sat on it, but even comprehending the laws of the world became countless times easier.”

The fortune jade was a supreme treasure. It was rare and precious, something that even many Grand Exalts did not possess. Naturally, Hei Ya would not be able to recognise it.

“It’s best if you don’t know about it.” Jian Chen seemed to be worried. He did not disclose the existence of the fortune jade to Hei Ya. Hei Ya also understood that the piece of jade beneath him was extraordinary, so he did not probe any further.

Afterwards, Jian Chen passed on some matters to Hei Ya before continuing his comprehension of the Laws of Curses.

This time, Jian Chen sat on the fortune jade. Under its assistance, his comprehension of the Laws of Curses immediately became several times faster. Many of the mysteries of curses that he struggled understand before became much clearer.

Before long, Jian Chen jolted slightly, and his eyes snapped open.

“I’ve successfully broken through to Godking with the Laws of Curses. I’m at early Godking. Four of the seven laws have been comprehended to Godking now. Only the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Fire, and the Laws of Corrosion remain…”

“The Laws of Curses really is extremely profound. With the Laws of Curses, I only need a hair from the target or something they carry around, and I’ll be able to use it as a medium to use the power of curses on them from far away, killing them without leaving any traces behind…”

“As a matter of fact, if the target’s strength differs from mine drastically, I won’t even need any item or medium at all. I only need to think about them, and I can curse them from afar.”

“With my current strength, I would not need to personally step forward to kill someone like Gongzheng Xin. I only need to curse him from outside the Radiant Saint Hall, and he’ll be dead.”

“Even in an open confrontation, I can curse my opponent with the Laws of Curses and reduce their strength to only eighty or ninety percent…”

Jian Chen could not help but sneer when he thought about the various wonders of the Laws of Curses.

The Laws of Curses were indeed nowhere near as powerful as his Laws of the Sword or Laws of Strength in an open confrontation, but it could achieve many things that the two laws could not. It indirectly increased his battle prowess.

In different spaces, the flow of time is completely different. I don’t know how long I’ve spent cultivating either. The gateway to the World of Moon and Star will be opened by the Radiant Saint Hall within a year, so it looks like it’s about time for me to leave here,” Jian Chen stopped cultivating and thought through everything for a while. He placed the fortune jade under Qing Yixuan again before leaving the Anatta Tower.

After breaking through to the Primordial realm, Hei Ya would be able to help Jian Chen quite a bit. As a result, Jian Chen did not leave Hei Ya in the Anatta Tower. Instead, he got him to remain within the divine hall while keeping his presence hidden so that he could take action at any time.

After all, during such sensitive times, he could not use the Anatta Tower whenever he pleased.

Jian Chen stowed the Anatta Tower away and entered the endless swirling mist with Donglin Yanxue.

The swirl was clearly a spatial passageway similar to a teleportation formation. Jian Chen felt like he had stepped into a completely different world when he stepped into the swirl.

However, this feeling only lasted for an instance before the landscape around him cleared up. He had arrived in a beautiful forest. A single moon and star hung in the sky above his head, shining with resplendent starlight and moonlight.

Jian Chen knew he had returned to the World of Moon and Star when he saw the single moon and star above.

The World of Moon and Star was actually the World of Grand Clarity mentioned by the artifact spirit!

This world had been the territory of the artifact spirit’s master, the Saint of Grand Clarity, two aeons ago. However, after such a lengthy period of time, the World of Grand Clarity no longer bore its past glory.

The Dao Union Saint’s curse also permeates the World of Grand Clarity. Not only has the existence of the curse weakened the World of Grand Clarity, but even the vicious beasts here are affected,” thought Jian Chen. He closed his eyes to sense his surroundings. Although he was unable to find the curse left behind by the Dao Union Saint in the past with his current level of cultivation, he had grasped the Laws of Curses after all. Naturally, he could sense something blurry.

The reason why the vicious beasts here are protected by the world and can demonstrate power beyond their level of cultivation is probably due to the Saint of Grand Clarity. Although the Saint of Grand Clarity is dead, he was still an expert who had basically become like the laws. Before he passed away, his supreme will influence this place, setting down some kind of law.

The reason why the intelligence of these vicious beasts is limited is probably related to the Dao Union Saint’s curse…

Jian Chen seemed to understand many hidden facts. The World of Moon and Star no longer seemed as mysterious to him.

“If I gather the ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Exalts so that the artifact spirit can break his curse, I will become his master. If that happens, doesn’t that mean I will become the master of the World of Moon and Star as well?” Jian Chen murmured seriously. He carefully studied the surroundings, and his expression gradually became strange.    

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