Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2301

Chapter 2301: Targeted

“Have you thought it through?” Jian Chen arrived before the eight protectors. He glanced past them and asked calmly.

The eight Radiant Godkings looked at one another. They clearly seemed rather dispirited. They said, “We’ve made our decision. We all believe we should run far away. The World of Moon and Star is so large. Even elder He Tian could only envelop a tiny portion of it with the senses of his soul. No matter how powerful Qing Shan is, he’s still a Godking. We don’t believe he can search through the entire World of Moon and Star in one short year.”

“We only need to last a year. After that year, the World of Moon and Star will open again, and the sacred hall will send powerful elders to search the entire World of Star and Moon. These elders will definitely find us.”

“That might be our only chance of surviving…”

“If that’s the case, let’s get moving,” said Jian Chen. This time, he did not say anything else. If elder He Tian was still present, the Radiant Godkings might have been able to fend off Qing Shan.

But now that elder He Tian was dead, it was impossible for the Radiant Godkings to stand up to Qing Shan even if all five groups worked together. They had already lost their only chance at repelling Qing Shan.

Running far away then hiding was indeed the only method of survival left for the Radiant Godkings.

Afterwards, everyone continued on their way. Due to their weaker strength and slower speed, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue were enveloped by a layer of light as the protectors carried them along.

That way, their speed could increase drastically.

Donglin Yanxue had already given up on the mission of collecting Radiant Origin Pearls. Qing Shan’s arrival had completely derailed the trial.

At the same time, the four groups led by Gongzheng Xin, Xin Bin, An Da, and Shi De in various locations all made the same decision as Donglin Yanxue. The four of them dispersed, fleeing for their lives in various directions.

To all the Radiant Godkings of the Radiant Saint Hall, the name Qing Shan was the most terrifying nightmare. As a result, the Radiant Godkings all became absolutely frightened after hearing the news that Qing Shan had entered the World of Moon and Star as well. The only thought remaining in their heads was to run far away and avoid Qing Shan. None of them dared to consider standing up to Qing Shan.

“Elder He Tian had a method to contact the outside world. He must have reported this huge incident to the sacred hall already. We only need to hide carefully, and the sacred hall will send experts to kill Qing Shan.”

A middle-aged Radiant Godking from Shi De’s group said. Although he put it like that, there was still great unease on his face.

All of them had chosen to flee as quickly as possible while elder He Tian fought against Qing Shan. They did not dare to get anywhere close to the battle, so no one in the World of Moon and Star knew that elder He Tian was dead apart from Jian Chen.

Elder He Tian indeed had a method of communicating with the outside world. However, due to the level of the World of Moon and Star, its boundaries were extremely tough, so a formation engraved here needed to be activated to communicate with the outside world. Elder He Tian had no time to activate it when he fought against Qing Shan.

As a result, since elder He Tian had died, the situation in the World of Moon and Star would not get reported to the outside world like most of the Radiant Godkings were hoping.

The outside world was clueless to the happenings in the World of Moon and Star.

The nine Radiant Godkings fled furiously with their candidate, unleashing their full speeds.

But at this moment, a powerful presence suddenly appeared in the distant horizon. It approached the group at an extremely terrifying speed.

The expressions of all nine Radiant Godkings changed when they sensed the presence. They cried out in fear.

“It’s not elder He Tian. It’s Qing Shan. Oh no, Qing Shan is coming…”

“Where is elder He Tian? Has elder He Tian been defeated already…”

“Run! Run…”


The nine protectors around Shi De all became sheet-white. At that moment, the small group of ten became disorderly. Four of them broke free from the group, fleeing in four different directions in a panic.

Their actions were like a trigger, causing the other protectors to abandon Shi De and scatter.

They believed that perhaps their chance at surviving would become slightly higher if they did that.

The candidate, Shi De, was a short, plump boy. He seemed to be seventeen or eighteen, but he had already cultivated for several hundred years now. When he saw his nine protectors flee by themselves, his plump face immediately became warped.

In the distance, the azure-robed Qing Shan gradually appeared. He strode through the air with a surging presence, making his way over. He seemed like he was on a leisurely stroll, but he would cross over a thousand kilometres with each step. He appeared before Shi De instantly.

“Which one of the five candidates are you?” Qing Shan hovered in the air and stared at Shi De coldly. His eyes shone with killing intent.

“I- I- I’m Shi De…” Shi De’s face was filled with fear as he stammered.

“Shi De? Very well, you can go die!” As killing intent flashed through his eyes, Qing Shan extended a finger towards Shi De’s forehead.


Immediately, a finger-sized hole appeared between Shi De’s eyes. He collapsed powerlessly.

Shi De of the five candidates had been instantly slain.

However, Qing Shan acted like he had just accomplished a simple task. He looked in the directions that the nine Radiant Godkings had fled, and he sneered, “Do you really think you can escape like this? You underestimate me far too much. No matter how far you run, no matter how well you hide, all the Hallowed Saint Masters in the World of Moon and Star will face death.”

“I will make the Radiant Saint Hall go without a Chosen Saint this time.”

With that, Qing Shan pursued the nine fleeing Radiant Godkings.

Before long, the nine Radiant Godkings in charge of protecting Shi De were hunted down one by one. Without any exception, they were mercilessly slain by Qing Shan.

Before Qing Shan who had killed even Primordial realm experts, Radiant Godkings with measly mid seven-colored soulcores were unable to fight back at all.

After killing off Shi De’s entire group, Qing Shan stood where he was with his eyes closed. He used a secret technique to silently look for the others.

A few seconds later, Qing Shan opened his eyes and looked to the left. He smiled coldly and said, “I’ve found the second group.” With that, Qing Shan turned into a blur and shot off with lightning speed. He travelled straight towards the second group.

The second group he was targeting was led by Donglin Yanxue.

When Qing Shan hunted down Shi De’s group, he had incidentally closed the distance from Donglin Yanxue’s group. Hence, not only did Donglin Yanxue’s group fail to travel away from Qing Shan, but they had even become the closest instead.    

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