Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2222

Chapter 2222: Origins of the Tower of Radiance

Mo Tianyun was in no hurry to speak after listening to Jian Chen’s analysis. His expression did not change either. He continued to look at Jian Chen leisurely, but the admiration in his eyes became heavier.

“You’re right. The Winged Tiger God from the ancient times was indeed me,” Mo Tianyun said steadily. He did not try to hide this.

“Senior, just who are you?” Jian Chen looked at Mo Tianyun deeply.

Mo Tianyun smiled, “It doesn’t matter who you think I am. What’s important is that you understand I have no ill intentions towards you. Of course, if you want to know about my origins, you are welcome to ask the sword spirits. They’ve probably guessed it already.”

“Mo Tianyun, do you really come from the Immortals’ World?” At this moment, the sword spirits appeared. A wisp of mist gradually condensed into two figures. They did not give off any presence or even sword Qi.

Clearly, the sword spirits knew that they were in the boundary of the Radiant Saint Hall, so they hid to their greatest ability.

Mo Tianyun stared at the sword spirits and nodded. He did not talk.

“Mo Tianyun, why are you in the Saints’ World if you’re from the Immortals’ World? And what’s the situation with the Immortals’ World? Is the Sword Sect of Violent Heavens well?” The sword spirits asked. They became nervous when the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens was mentioned.

Mo Tianyun seemed to think back to the past from that, and a sliver of gloominess flashed through his eyes, along with deep hatred.

In the end, Mo Tianyun sighed gently. He answered selectively, “I’ve already left the Immortals’ World over a million years ago. I only know that the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens suffered heavy losses from that battle over three million years ago and was gradually declining. I do not know about its current situation.”

“Has the Sword Sect of Violent Heavens declined?” Zi Ying asked in low spirits.

“The Sword Sect of Violet Heavens lost far too many experts during that battle, so declining is expected. As long as the traditions and legacies of our sect remain, there will be a day where we become powerful once more,” said Qing Suo. At this moment, she could not help but think about the warning from the Samsaric Immortal Exalt, where he said Jian Chen should not return to the Immortals’ World until he was powerful enough.

For some reason, Qing Suo had suddenly felt an ill foreboding when she heard the Samsaric Immortal Exalt’s words.

Mo Tianyun looked at Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, since you’re both a fighter and a Hallowed Saint Master, you must be a wielder of Martial Soul Force. However, you must bear in mind that while being in the Saints’ World, you need to hide the existence of the sword spirits, but in the Radiant Saint Hall, you need to hide your identity as a wielder of Martial Soul Force. You can’t expose the fact that you can use Martial Soul Force to the Radiant Saint Hall.”

“Thank you for your concern, senior. I already knew that the Martial Soul lineage has grievances with the Radiant Saint Hall. I definitely won’t expose my Martial Soul Force in the Radiant Saint Hall,” Jian Chen said before pausing. Then he looked at Mo Tianyun eagerly and asked, “Senior Mo Tianyun, do you know anything about Martial Soul Force?”

“There are just far too few members of the Martial Soul lineage in the Saints’ World, so there aren’t a lot of rumours regarding Martial Soul Force. I haven’t come in contact with any people from the Martial Soul lineage either, so I don’t understand this power very well,” replied Mo Tianyun. Then he looked at the Radiant Saint Hall that stood among the clouds with all of its holiness and said, “The Tower of Radiance within the Radiant Saint Hall has records of all cultivation methods and various battle skills for Radiant Saint Masters. It’s an extremely rich collection, far more than what the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall knows. As a matter of fact, even the cultivation methods of the leader and vice-leaders come from the Tower of Radiance. As a result, if you want to learn about Martial Soul Force, you can only go to the Tower of Radiance.”

“Are there really that many records in the Tower of Radiance?” Jian Chen asked in surprise.

Mo Tianyun did not answer his question. Instead, he looked at Zi Ying and Qing Suo, “The Tower of Radiance is not simple. You two sword spirits should have heard about its origins to some degree.”

“We do know a little.” Zi Ying nodded, “It’s said that the Tower of Radiance, us twin swords, and the Anatta Grand Prime’s Anatta Tower are god artifacts of the same level. The Tower of Radiance has existed for an extremely long period of time.”

“What! The Tower of Radiance is actually so powerful?” Jian Chen’s heart shuddered when he heard that. He asked, “Since the Tower of Radiance is such a powerful god artifact, wouldn’t there be no organisations that would be bold enough to offend the Radiant Saint Hall on the Desolate Plane?”

“That’s correct. There is basically no one who is willing to provoke an organisation with a god artifact like that across the entire Saints’ World, let alone on a single plane. However, the Tower of Radiance has lost its artifact spirit, unfortunately,” Mo Tianyun explained to Jian Chen. He had been in the Saints’ World for so long, so his understanding of the Tower of Radiance was obviously greater than the sword spirits’.

“Speaking of which, the Radiant Saint Hall is actually one of the lengthiest lineages in the Saints’ World’s history. It has existed through two aeons at the very least, and the Tower of Radiance was forged by a supreme expert who had reached a level akin to Grand Exalts two aeons ago.”

“But throughout the glorious history of the Radiant Saint Hall, the Tower of Radiance has experienced several great battles. In the last battle, the Tower of Radiance was finally heavily damaged, and the artifact spirit died during that battle. As a result, the Tower of Radiance has only become a safe place to store records now. It has no other use.”

Mo Tianyun’s explanation allowed Jian Chen to gain a brand new understanding of the Radiant Saint Hall. However, he also experienced doubts at the same time. He asked out of confusion, “Hasn’t anyone refined the Tower of Radiance after that? And why has the Tower of Radiance only become a place to store records? Can’t people hide in it when they encounter powerful enemies?”

“The Tower of Radiance seems to be rather special. According to my understanding, probably only the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall who can directly come in contact with the secrets of the Tower of Radiance knows why no one has been able to refine the Tower of Radiance,” said Mo Tianyun.

“Moreover, the Tower of Radiance isn’t as simple as you think it is. When the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance passed away, its residual regrets filled every inch of the Tower of Radiance. All the Hallowed Saint Masters that enter the Tower of Radiance have to endure the pressure from this regret at all times. Without enough strength, it’s impossible to remain in there for long. Even Radiant Godkings will struggle to stay in there for a year.”

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