Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2220

Chapter 2220: Mo Tianyun

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already sat down. Milky-white Radiant Saint Force had enveloped him as well, gathering the Radiant Saint Force from the surroundings unintentionally.

As a result, he seemed exactly the same as Bai Yu and Zhuo Feng right now, all of them being in a state of cultivation.

However, unlike Bai Yu and Zhuo Feng, Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Laws of the Hallowed increase rapidly, while other two still struggled to grasp the secrets of the laws.

As his comprehension constantly deepened, Jian Chen’s knowledge and understanding of the Laws of the Hallowed became greater and greater. He had almost reached a rudimentary level with the laws.

Time passed in a hurry. In the blink of an eye, it was already the evening of that day. Only when the sun set and dyed the sky red did they rouse.

“Sir, the Laws of the Hallowed are far too profound and mysterious. Even after a day of comprehending the Laws of the Hallowed you invoked, I still haven’t made any progress,” Bai Yu pouted and said in low spirits.

Han Xin smiled, “I never expected the three of you to grasp the Laws of the Hallowed immediately. Let alone you, but even nine star geniuses won’t be able to grasp the Laws of the Hallowed from a single glance at the same level of cultivation as you. My true intention was for you to witness the gateway to becoming a Hallowed Saint Master so that I can pave a path for you beforehand. That way, it’ll become slightly easier when you become a Hallowed Saint Master in the future.”

“Sir, is it very difficult to comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed and become a Hallowed Saint Master?” Jian Chen asked.

Han Xin nodded, “It is quite difficult. For a Radiant Saint Master to comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed and become a Hallowed Saint Master, it’s no less difficult than a fighter going from the Origin realm to Godhood or even more difficult.”

“In our Radiant Saint Hall, basically all the Radiant Saint Masters with three-colored soulcores spend a very long time before becoming a Hallowed Saint Master. There are even other Radiant Saint Masters who only manage to truly comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed after condensing a four-colored soulcore.”

“Of course, everything depends on personal talent. Some unprecedented prodigies can comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed before condensing a three-colored soulcore, but if your talent is far too lacking, even if you have a seven-colored soulcore and become a Radiant Godking, you might not be fated to become a Hallowed Saint Master.”

In the end, Han Xin looked at Zhuo Feng and said, “Zhuo Feng, you’re a five star genius, and you’ve already reached the three-colored soulcore. May I ask if you’ve benefited,” Han Xin clearly held high hopes for Zhuo Feng.

Zhuo Feng did not reply immediately. He thought about it for a while before replying, “Sir, I’ve managed to benefit slightly, but I still need some time before I truly comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed.”

Han Xin nodded in satisfaction, “I hope you can become a Hallowed Saint Master while you have a three-colored soul core.”

“I will work hard and not disappoint you, sir,” Zhuo Feng said with great confidence.

“These are my notes on comprehension that I’ve tidied through. Although it’s not exactly precious, it’ll bring some assistance to you. It also comes with a cultivation method that allows you to cultivate to the four-colored soulcore. The three of you should take it and comprehend it.”

“Of course, this cultivation method is rather standard. It’s only suitable for Radiant Saint Masters who have not condensed a four-colored soulcore, so it just happens to be enough for you,” Han Xin then took out a few brand-new books and passed it to Jian Chen, Bai Yu, and Zhuo Feng.

“Sir, may I ask how cultivation methods of higher grades can be obtained?” Jian Chen asked. A cultivation method that could only reach the four-colored soulcore was nowhere near enough for him.

“Better cultivation methods can only be obtained from the Tower of Radiance in the sacred hall. However, you still don’t have the right to enter the Tower of Radiance right now. Enough, that will be all for today. You are dismissed,” Han Xin waved his hand, turned around, and left.

“Junior brother, you sure are bold, late on the first day. Quick, tell senior sister how teacher punished you,” as soon as Han Xin left, Bai Yu looked at Jian Chen with her large eyes and asked curiously.

“What rudeness. I’m your second senior. You’re the little junior sister,” Jian Chen said in a joking yet displeased manner.

“Your cultivation is weaker than mine, so of course you can only be my little junior brother. Unless your cultivation exceeds mine, it’ll be impossible for me to accept you as my second senior,” Bai Yu snorted lightly and said in a purposefully arrogant manner.

Zhuo Feng could not help but frown when he saw Bai Yu like that. He said, “Junior sister, senior has already gained some understanding of the Laws of the Hallowed. Come to the Moonviewing Cliff at night. We can discuss our experiences with comprehending the Laws of the Hallowed.”

Bai Yu completely understood. Zhuo Feng wanted to pass on what he had comprehended to her, so her eyes immediately lit up. She agreed excitedly, “Alright, alright. I won’t be leaving until you show up at the Moonviewing Cliff tonight. Little junior brother, you have to come along, and don’t be late.”

“Junior Chang Yang only has a one-colored soulcore right now, so there’s still some time before he comes in contact with the Laws of the Hallowed. He probably won’t benefit if he comes, and it’ll waste his time for cultivation instead. Junior Chang Yang, cultivate properly first. Once you condense a two-colored soulcore, I’ll pass on my experience to you,” Zhuo Feng said immediately. Clearly, he did not want Jian Chen to come.

“Thank you for your kind intentions senior, but I just happened to desire to cultivate properly in a quiet environment. It would not be suitable for me to spend my time on other matters,” Jian Chen smiled indifferently and left.

Before long, Jian Chen returned to his extremely simple dwelling that had an entrance covered by bushes. He directly sat down and began to qcomprehend the Laws of the Hallowed again.

Four hours later, Jian Chen’s eyes snapped open. He raised his hand slowly, and immediately, a white power with a brutal presence condensed in his hand.

Unsurprisingly, this power was the Laws of the Hallowed.

Han Xin’s conjuring of the Laws of the Hallowed was like a lighthouse in the dark to Jian Chen. It pointed him in the direction that he could advance in, allowing him to gain a basic view of a rudimentary grasp over the Laws of the Hallowed.

Now that he tried comprehending the laws again quietly, he basically grasped them completely before too long, becoming a Hallowed Saint Master.

“Han Xin said that most Radiant Saint Masters only become Hallowed Saint Master when they have three-colored or four-colored soulcores, yet I’ve become one with just a one-colored soulcore,” Jian Chen murmured as he looked at the Laws of the Hallowed that had gathered in his hand.

“It has been over a million years since someone has become a Hallowed Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore. Impressive. Impressive, Jian Chen. Your talent is indeed extremely outstanding. It fills me with amazement.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind Jian Chen.

The sudden voice immediately caused Jian Chen’s face to change dramatically. He shot up from the group instinctively and turned around, looking behind him in shock.

Even though he was cultivating, he still remained somewhat vigilant of the world around him, yet he failed to sense that someone had appeared in his dwelling silently while he was cultivating.

A white-robed middle-aged man with a resolute face stood behind Jian Chen silently.

He was like air, possessing no presence, and Jian Chen’s soul and senses could not detect him. He could only see him with his eyes.

However, when he saw the middle-aged man clearly, Jian Chen became completely stunned. Disbelief filled his face.

“Who are you?” Jian Chen asked in surprise as he was in emotional turmoil.

The middle-aged man smiled, “I think you already know who I am.”

“Senior Mo Tianyun, is it really you?” Jian Chen called out. He felt rather dazed and felt like he was dreaming because the middle-aged man was the same person who had left behind a great legend that lasted a million years on the Tian Yuan Continent, Mo Tianyun.

Whether it was Shui Yunlan or Xiao Ling, they all wanted to find Mo Tianyun as soon as possible.

However, the Saints’ World was so vast, so finding a single person was anything but easy. It was even more difficult that finding a needle in a haystack.

However, he had never thought that Mo Tianyun would appear here, strangely enough, much less in his dwelling.

How did Mo Tianyun find him?

Moreover, Jian Chen did not use his original appearance. He currently had a completely different face. How did Mo Tianyun manage to recognise him with a single glance?

Furthermore, this place was within the Radiant Saint Hall’s territory. Was Mo Tianyun a part of the Radiant Saint Hall since he suddenly appeared here?

At that moment, besides surprise and joy, Jian Chen was filled with queries now that he had suddenly found the greatest human expert of the past, Mo Tianyun.    

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