Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2219

Chapter 2219: Laws of the Hallowed

“No. Chang Yang, I want to change it back. I’m your senior sister. You’re my little junior brother,” Bai Yu turned towards Jian Chen. She glared at him and purposefully put up a stern demeanour like she was threatening him.

Jian Chen could not help but smile, “That’s not something the two of us can decide. If junior sister is unwilling to accept it, junior can only go find teacher,” with that, Jian Chen left and made his way off the mountain.

“Hmph, who’s your little junior sister? Chang Yang, you’re not allowed to call me that in the future,” Bai Yu called out in annoyance. As if she had just suffered an injustice, she was unhappy.

Afterwards, Jian Chen found a quiet area halfway up the mountain and carved out a cave, which would be his dwelling for cultivation in the future.

The place he chose was inconspicuous. Not only was it in a remote region, but it was also among the bushes, so basically half of the entrance was obscured. It seemed extremely well-hidden. 

As a dwelling, it naturally needed protective formations. However, it was inappropriate for Jian Chen to cast down overly powerful formations here, so he found some weaker formation discs and set them up at the entrance as protective formations.

In just six hours, Jian Chen had completely set up his simple dwelling. Afterwards, he sat down in the centre and began to think over his plans for the future.

I can’t stay in the Radiant Saint Hall for too long. The main reason why I’ve come here is for the cultivation method of Hallowed Saint Masters. Once I get the cultivation method, I’ll leave immediately,” Jian Chen had begun to make up his mind secretly. As for the threat from the Azure Peng King, he had already thought of a plan.

Since the Azure Peng King cannot set foot on the Desolate Plane, I have no need to worry about him at all here. If I leave the Desolate Plane in the future, I can go directly to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng on the Prosper Plane and return the Anatta Tower before asking the experts of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng to suppress the Azure Peng King.

The only issue is the Solitary Sword Ancestor. If he comes to the Desolate Plane, I can only attempt the Path of Swords,” thought Jian Chen. Although he had already altered his appearance now, his disguise was basically useless before an expert like the Solitary Sword Ancestor.

The Celestial Sword Saint set up the Path of Swords on the Desolate Plane, and it’s rumoured that reaching the end will give you the right to become the Celestial Sword Saint’s disciple. I don’t know what level of cultivation the Celestial Sword Saint has reached, but it’s quite obvious from the rumours that he’s an extremely terrifying existence on the Desolate Plane. He shouldn’t be any weaker than the Solitary Sword Saint, so if push comes to shove, I’ll go attempt it.

However, attempting the Path of Swords also carries a tremendous amount of risk. I shouldn’t attempt it unless I have no other choice because I don’t have complete confidence that I can hide the sword spirits from an existence like the Solitary Sword Saint with my current level of cultivation.

As he grew stronger, Jian Chen’s ability to hide the sword spirits became better and better. After all, he was someone who had reached the Major Achievement of the Chaotic Body. Unless he encountered a peak expert who was far more powerful than him, it would be impossible for his greatest secrets to be discovered in a single glance.

Before long, Jian Chen dismissed all of these thoughts. He spent the remaining time to consolidate his soulcore that had just broken through.

Cultivation was timeless, so he completely lost track of time. As a result, when Jian Chen roused from cultivation, it was already noon on the next day. The time that Han Xin told them to meet at had past long ago.

Looking at the sky, Jian Chen frowned. He left the cave and displayed the strength that belonged to a one-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master and flew towards the top of the mountain.

Very soon, Jian Chen reached the top of the mountain. He discovered that Zhuo Feng and Bai Yu were seated on the ground. They were surrounded by milky-white Radiant Saint Force, clearly already cultivating.

Han Xin stood with his arms behind his back. He had his back towards the two of them as he blankly stared at the Radiant Saint Hall that stood within the clouds. Eagerness filled the depths of his eyes.

“Chang Yang, why are you late on the first day?” Han Xin asked with his back towards Jian Chen. He spoke very indifferently.

“Sir, I only broke through to one-colored soulcore yesterday, so when I was consolidating my cultivation in my dwelling, I forgot about time. I only roused just then,” Jian Chen clasped his fist and said with composure.

“Alright,” Han Xin replied gently. He did not look back at Jian Chen, nor did he continue to dwell on the matter. Instead, he said, “Do you know what Radiant Saint Force is?”

Jian Chen was slightly surprised by this question. He thought that Han Xin was going to give him a full lecture on being late, but he had never thought it would end up like this.

After a moment of thought, Jian Chen said, “Radiant Saint Force, from a simple sense, is an energy that only Radiant Saint Masters can see. This energy does not have outstanding offensive powers, but it has great healing powers. It can even revive people from the dead, making it extremely wondrous. From a more complicated aspect, Radiant Saint Force is one of the three thousand ways that creates and supports the operation of this world.”

“You are very correct. Radiant Saint Force is actually also one of the three thousand laws. Do you know what the difference between Hallowed Saint Masters and Radiant Saint Master are?” Han Xin continued to ask.

This time, Jian Chen hesitated for a while before replying, “I don’t know much about Hallowed Saint Masters, nor do I understand much about them. All I know is that Hallowed Saint Masters have grasped another law and are able to transform Radiant Saint Force, making it extremely powerful and offensive despite being rather below average originally. Its strength is no weaker than the laws known to possess the most offensive powers.”

Jian Chen had seldom come in contact with Hallowed Saint Master. There was only Xuan Ming, so his knowledge about Hallowed Saint Master was naturally extremely limited.

Han Xin finally returned to his senses. He looked at Jian Chen with shining eyes, “Chang Yang, everything else was correct. There’s just one thing you got wrong. The law grasped by Hallowed Saint Masters is not equal to the laws known to possess the greatest offensive powers. It is even stronger. Do you know why?”

Before Jian Chen could reply, Han Xin continued, “That’s because the laws grasped by Hallowed Saint Masters is not just the power of laws, but the power of our spirits as well. This type of law is known as the Laws of the Hallowed by us.”

“The power of spirits,” Jian Chen murmured. He found the term spirit both familiar and unfamiliar because it was the original form of the soul. Since many years ago, only souls existed in the world he interacted with. Very people still used the term spirit.

TL: I think I explained this before. The soul/spirit kind of undergoes a metamorphosis after reaching Sainthood (Saint Ruler in particular), and it basically becomes unbound from the soul, so even if the body is destroyed, the person is still alive as long as their souls are intact. In Chinese, they switch terms, so there’s an individual term for soul before Sainthood, and then an individual term for soul after Sainthood. This frequently happens with many novels. However, the past translator never ended up planning for this, so I just used spirit/soul here to show the difference.

“Watch closely. This is the Laws of the Hallowed,” Han Xin raised his hand slowly, and a blinding ball of white light gradually condensed in his hand. That was the Laws of the Hallowed.

Jian Chen stared at the Laws of the Hallowed in Han Xin’s hand closely. The first time he had seen the Laws of the Hallowed was from Xuan Ming, so this was the second time seeing it.

However, he gained a completely different feeling from seeing the Laws of the Hallowed here compared to when he saw it from Xuan Ming.

This was because at that time, Xuan Ming had used the Laws of the Hallowed to attack, completely displaying the swift and brutal aspect of the laws. It was extremely fast as well, so Jian Chen did not have much time to comprehend its secrets.

Yet now, the Laws of the Hallowed in Han Xin’s hands seemed much gentler to Jian Chen. Moreover, Han Xin condensed the laws at an extremely gradual rate, not only allowing Jian Chen to sense the mysteries in the laws with greater clarity, but also giving him ample time to closely comprehend it.

Jian Chen could not help but close his eyes. At that moment, he felt like his soul had flown out and fused with the Laws of the Hallowed in Han Xin’s hand.

Under this state, he could clearly sense all the mysteries of the Laws of the Hallowed, sensing all the changes that the laws went through in Han Xin’s hands.

At that moment, Jian Chen even felt like he had become the Laws of the Hallowed in Han Xin’s hand, where they were inseparable.

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