Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2191

Chapter 2191: The Gus Clan

“Who has Qing Yixuan offended? Why have the people of the Gus clan captured her? And how do you know Qing Yixuan?” Jian Chen asked gravely.

“My sister is only at the Origin realm. She never dared to offend anyone after coming to the Saints’ World. Even when she encountered Deities, she would take a detour. She got captured by the people of the Gus clan because her beauty and bearing caught their eyes. As for how we know each other, we need to go back several decades.”

“Back then, I was heavily injured and at death’s door. It was sister Qing Yixuan who used a heavenly resource to save me, so she became my saviour. After a period of contact, I found that sister Qing Yixuan and I got along very well, so I began calling her younger sister,” said the woman before sighing gently. Sorrow and self-blame filled her face, “It’s all because of me. I shouldn’t have brought sister here. I always knew that the first young master of the Gus clan was a lustful man. Rumour has it that he has defiled countless women. It’s all my fault. I doomed sister…” Regret filled the woman’s face.

“How long ago was Qing Yixuan captured?” Jian Chen asked after paling out of anger. Qing Yixuan was an acquaintance from his homeland, and they had formed ties in the past. He could not allow Qing Yixuan to suffer from any accidents in the Saints’ World.

“My sister was captured five years ago.”

“What? It has been five years already?” Jian Chen’s face changed. Five years of cultivation could pass in the blink of an eye, but many things could happen with the situation Qing Yixuan faced by now.

The woman seemed to know what Jian Chen was worrying about. She explained, “The people who captured Qing Yixuan are the first young master’s personal guards. These personal guards specially serve the first young master. They often take women of low strength, impressive bearings, and no backgrounds from various places to offer up to their master. However, there is a rumour recently that the first young master has been in seclusion for over a decade now and is about to become an Overgod. As a result, sister Qing Yixuan should still be very safe right now.”

Jian Chen finally became relieved when he heard that. As long as Qing Yixuan was fine, he would be able to come up with a method to save her.

“Sigh, if only I could find Jian Chen. It’s a pity that the Saints’ World is so vast. Who knows where Jian Chen is hiding. Finding him is almost impossible,” the woman sighed gently. Clearly, she was at her wits’ end about Qing Yixuan’s situation.

After all, she was only a mid God.

“Why are you looking for Jian Chen?” Jian Chen stared at the woman strangely. He had already disguised himself and had covered up his original appearance. He did not have to worry about being recognised unless their cultivation completely exceeded his.

The woman glanced at Jian Chen like he was an idiot and said unhappily, “Naturally, I’m looking for Jian Chen so that I can get the Solitary Sword Ancestor’s help. Who do you think the Solitary Sword Ancestor is? I’ve never heard of him in the past, but rumours about him have formed quite the hubbub. It’s said that he’s a Grand Prime, and I heard that even our planet lord can’t afford to offend him. If he helps out, the Gus clan would never disobey even if they have endless courage.”

Jian Chen glanced at the woman deeply and said in thought, “Tell me the location of the Gus clan. I’ll come up with a way to save Qing Yixuan.”

At this moment, a length yell suddenly rang out in the distance. It continued for quite a long time, basically spreading across the entire imperial capital and alarming countless people.

“It’s the first young master of the Gus clan. He has actually broken through to Overgod successfully…”

“The first young master of the Gus clan really does have extraordinary talent. It has only been around fifty thousand years since he began cultivating, and he’s already become an Overgod…”

“While reaching Overgod in fifty thousand years cannot be compared to those supreme prodigies who have managed to shake up the Saints’ World, it’s still quite the talent in the Thousand Leaf Empire…”


Afterwards, discussions rang out everywhere in the imperial capital. Many people praised the first young master of the Gus clan constantly when he was mentioned.

“Oh no, oh no. We’re in trouble now. The first young master has broken through so quickly. Sister is in danger. W- what should we do?” The woman began to panic as unease and anxiety filled her heart.

“Don’t worry,” Jian Chen looked in the direction of the yell. He had already confirmed the location of the Gus clan. Then he returned to the inn he stayed at as quickly as he could.

Before long, Jian Chen emerged from the inn with a fan and a set of luxurious white robes. A cold, black-clothed man followed him closely. A powerful presence seemed to radiate from the man.

Hei Ya, do you remember what I said? Do you know what you should do?” Jian Chen walked at the front with his fan as he said to the black-clothed man secretly.

Yes, young master. I know what to do,” Hei Ya said with some respect.

Sigh. It’s a pity that I’m wanted everywhere, and even all the sword techniques, methods of battle, laws comprehended, and treasures used have been clearly recorded. I can’t fight at all. Otherwise, it would never be so troublesome,” Jian Chen fanned the fan and strode ahead like a young master, but he felt helpless inside.

Before long, he arrived near the Gus clan with Hei Ya. By now, the main entrance of the Gus clan was already filled with people who had come bearing rich gifts to congratulate the young master about his breakthrough.

The Gus clan was one of the three peak clans of the Thousand Leaf Empire. They stood on the same level as the imperial family, so they were extremely powerful. Even among the neighbouring ancient empires, there were basically no organisations that dared to not respect the Gus clan. There were even more people that wanted to suck up to them.

Even though a lot of people had gathered outside the main entrance, there was no disorder or noise. All the people who had come to congratulate the young master stood in lines obediently as they stepped through the main entrance with smiles. The whole process was neat.

There were even some people who passed some precious items to the guards at the main entrance to bribe them as they stepped through the entrance.

Despite only being guards, they benefited quite a lot.

This was the status and power that a clan with a Primordial realm expert could possess.

But at this moment, there just happened to be two people who did not follow the rules. Not only did they avoid lining up like everyone else, but they even cut ahead instead and made their way towards the entrance haughtily.

“Hold on, the two of you. State your identities and intentions.” the two of them were naturally stopped by guards. An Overgod who seemed to be the leader called out emotionlessly.

“How dare you? Who do you think you are by speaking to our young master like this? Why don’t you kneel and beg for forgiveness!” The black-clothed man who followed behind the young man immediately snorted coldly. A powerful presence radiated from him, crushing down on the Overgod mercilessly.

The guard immediately paled, and he was actually unable to withstand the pressure. With a plop, his legs gave way, and his knees struck the ground heavily. His knees had been shattered from the impact.

“Peak Godking…”

“This person is actually a peak Godking. Which powerful organisation does this young man come from seeing how he has a peak Godking as a bodyguard?”

“Even across the entire Thousand Leaf Empire, peak Godkings are unique experts. Their statuses are extremely great, yet a peak Godking is only behaving as a bodyguard right now…”

All of the people who had gathered to congratulate the clan were stunned. They stared at the black-clothed man in shock as their hearts fell into turmoil.

Obviously, the two of them were Jian Chen in disguise and Hei Ya.    

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