Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2190

Chapter 2190: The News of an Acquaintance

Jian Chen did not seem to hear their words. He clenched the crude box tightly as he became extremely stern.

As a matter of fact, his hand that held the wooden box even trembled gently.

He had confirmed with a single glance that the violet peach in the box was a Violet Cloud Peach he had given to someone close to him when he left the Tian Yuan Continent for the Saints’ World.

Clearly, the peach in the box was a first grade Immortal Tier Violet Cloud Peach.

Even the crude box that held the peach was something he personally crafted in the past.

“Senior, please return the item to me,” the woman repeated herself nervously. The Violet Cloud Peach was in Jian Chen’s hand, but she dared not snatch it from him.

Jian Chen finally returned to his senses. He suppressed his excitement and unease and looked at the woman with a piercing gaze. He said sternly, “Where did you get this from?”

“W- why do I have to tell you, a- and that’s mine, so please return it to me,” the woman immediately became uneasy under Jian Chen’s piercing gaze.

“Sir, this is the imperial capital of the Thousand Leaf Empire. The Cui Spiritual Medicine Store belongs to the Cui family, one of the three great organisations of the Thousand Leaf Empire. Do you plan on resorting to violence in this store owned by the Cui family?” The shopkeeper’s voice gradually turned cold. He studied Jian Chen with squinted eyes. Although he could not see through Jian Chen’s cultivation and knew that he was a powerful expert, he still felt no fear.

The Cui family was one of the three peak clans of the Thousand Leaf Empire. They were an existence that could stand at an equal level with the imperial family. With the support of the Cui family, no one was bold enough to cause problems in the store within the Thousand Leaf Empire.

Afterwards, the shopkeeper looked at the woman, and undetectable disgust flashed through the depths of his eyes. He said firmly, “Lady, take back what belongs to you. The rules of the imperial capital are enforced here. In the imperial capital, there can only be fair trading. Actions such as forcing people or stealing are forbidden. Otherwise, it would be challenging the Thousand Leaf Empire and looking down on the empire.” The shopkeeper directed his words at the end to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen ignored the shopkeeper’s words. His gaze towards the woman became sharper and sharper as a powerful pressure radiated from his body. He said coldly, “Did you steal this? Tell me, where did you steal it from?”

The woman was only a God, so she immediately paled under Jian Chen’s pressure. Fear filled her eyes as she said in a trembling voice, “N- no. M- my younger sister gave this to me. My sister didn’t steal it from anyone either. S- s- she said she brought it up with her from a lower world.”

Jian Chen’s face immediately loosened when he heard that. Afterwards, his gaze towards the woman became slightly gentler. He glanced at the furious shopkeeper and frowned slightly. He said to the woman, “If you’re telling the truth, then I have close ties with your sister. It’s not convenient to talk here, so let’s go somewhere else.” Jian Chen returned the box with the peach to the woman and made his way out.

The Thousand Leaf Empire was only an ancient empire, so he was not afraid that someone would steal the Violet Cloud Peach from the woman under his watch.

“She’s her sister? There are only so many females on the Tian Yuan Continent who could reach the Origin realm. I wonder who has come to the Saints’ World,” Jian Chen thought. He was eager to know who this acquaintance was.

“Hold on. Lady, here are a hundred high grade divine crystals. Please take it, and the heavenly resource in your hand will belong to our store from now on.” The shopkeeper suddenly appeared beside the woman and directly shoved a small cloth bag with a hundred high grade divine crystals into the woman’s hand before quickly extending his hand towards the wooden box.

He had dealt in various heavenly resources for many years now, so he had already developed great insight. Even though he did not recognise the Violet Cloud Peach, he determined that this heavenly resource that was not of a particularly high grade was far more complicated than it seemed from its wondrous presence alone.

However, just when the shopkeeper stuck out his hand, another hand grabbed it tightly all of a sudden. Jian Chen, who had already left the store, suddenly appeared again, stopping the shopkeeper.

“You want to buy this heavenly resource with a measly hundred high grade divine crystals? You’ve sure done your calculations well. We’re not selling,” Jian Chen sneered. The Violet Cloud Peach contained Xuanhuang Qi. This was something significant that could not be exposed in the Saints’ World.

“You-” The shopkeeper was furious. Just when he was about to call out, he forcefully swallowed his words when he saw Jian Chen’s glare. He dared not say anything.

This was because he felt chills from the glare, striking fear in his heart.

“Let’s go,” Jian Chen did not stick around. He left the store after calling to the woman.

The woman hesitated before leaving with Jian Chen in the end.

Very soon, Jian Chen brought the woman to a remote region of the city. He looked at the woman deeply and said, “What’s the name of the person who gave you this?”

The woman looked at Jian Chen and hesitated. She was uncertain about the relationship between the person before her and her sister. If he was her enemy, she would be dooming her sister.

However, as soon as she thought about the situation her sister currently faced, she immediately made up my mind, “My sister’s name is Qing Yixuan. Do you really know her?”

“Qing Yixuan! It’s actually her!” Jian Chen was taken aback. He had never thought that the first acquaintance he would encounter from his homeland in the Saints’ World would be Qing Yixuan.

I never thought that Qing Yixuan would have come to the Saints’ World as well. But it makes sense now that I think about it. Qing Yixuan’s talent was never poor. Under the poor environment of the Tian Yuan Continent, she was still able to cultivate until Saint King. Now that origin energy is gradually recovering on the Tian Yuan Continent, and the world there is connected to the Saints’ World, the cultivation environment has improved dramatically. With Qing Yixuan’s talent, reaching the Origin realm is nothing difficult,” Jian Chen smiled faintly. He was delighted.

It truly was something worthy of celebration to be able to reunite with an acquaintance in a foreign land.

Seeing Jian Chen’s expression, the woman finally confirmed that not only did the person before her know her sister, but they were not enemies either. She was relieved.

“Where’s Qing Yixuan right now?” Jian Chen asked.

“My sister’s situation is quite negative. She has been captured by the people of the Gus clan, so she’s in constant danger. C- can you save my sister?” The woman stared at Jian Chen closely as hope filled her face. However, she sighed in disappointment again as she seemed depressed.

The Gus clan was one of the three peak organisations of the Thousand Leaf Empire. They possessed a Primordial realm expert and stood on the same level as the imperial family. As someone who had come up from a lower world recently, even if Qing Yixuan knew people in the Saints’ World, it was impossible for them to be very powerful with her level of cultivation.

“What did you say? Qing Yixuan has been captured?” Jian Chen’s smile disappeared, and his face immediately sank.

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