Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2177

Chapter 2177: The Old Woman’s Identity

Jian Chen’s heart palpitated as he was filled with undisguisable excitement. He did not choose to avoid the Radiant Godking’s attack, nor did he choose to counterattack. Instead, he filled his hand with Chaotic Force before reaching out, using his hand to catch the streak of light that shot over.

He actually wanted to use the toughness of his body to forcefully receive the strand of Radiant Saint Force that was equivalent to an attack from a supreme Godking.

At that critical moment, the beam of white light struck Jian Chen’s hand with great force, immediately producing a heavy thud.

Jian Chen trembled violently as he took a step back uncontrollably. His hand had become bloodied, and intense pain descended on him.

This power… so powerful. On the surface, it’s another way to use Radiant Saint Force, but it’s actually a power that is completely different from Radiant Saint Force. It’s a different type of law,” Jian Chen paid no attention to his wounds. Instead, he closed his eyes and began to comprehend the power seriously.

The reason why he had used his hand to receive the attack was to come into contact with the power in the most direct method possible. He wanted to try and see the power with even more clarity and understand the power’s characteristics.

Although Jian Chen was unable to grasp this power immediately from just that, he gained an understanding towards the power, allowing him to see a path forward.

“But this law is rather special. It can basically be called the upgraded version of Radiant Saint Force because grasping this power requires you to be a Radiant Saint Master,” thought Jian Chen. Jian Chen was overjoyed from this discovery. He became tempted to comprehend the law as soon as possible.

This was because he had not made any progress on his Radiant Saint Force for a very long time. It remained at Class 9.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, Class 9 Radiant Saint Masters were peak experts, but in the Saints’ World, they were completely useless. Their superior healing abilities were of no use to Jian Chen who had already become a Godking.

This was because the power was at too low of a level.

It was not that Jian Chen did not want to make further progress as a Radiant Saint Master. He just did not have the following cultivation method.

Afterwards, the Radiant Godking immediately became dumbstruck when he saw Jian Chen stop his attack with just his hand. He could not help but sigh in amazement, “What a tough body!”

But soon afterwards, he began to scowl once again. He wanted to continue attacking Jian Chen, clearly showing no intentions of sparing Jian Chen like this.

“Sigh,” the old woman exhaled softly. She said, “Enough. The destruction of the formation doesn’t have much to do with him. It’s the will of the heavens. The heavens don’t want me to be safe. Speaking of which, I’ve dragged you into this mess as well. If I didn’t hide here, maybe they wouldn’t pass by coincidentally and destroy the natural concealing formation here.” The old woman looked at the damaged Anatta Tower. She did not think it was all a coincidence. Rather, she believed that it was fate.

“Senior, junior does not understand.” The Radiant Godking clearly answered to the old woman’s beck and call. He immediately stopped attacking Jian Chen and stared at the old woman in confusion.

Jian Chen also stared at the old woman doubtfully. Her gaze remained locked on the Anatta Tower, and she seemed amazed. Perhaps, not only did she recognise the tower, but she even had an unknown connection with the tower as well?

Senior, do you know the master of this tower?” Jian Chen clasped his fist and asked carefully.

The old woman’s expression became extremely complicated when she heard that. She sighed emotionally, “Speaking of it, the master of this tower is my grandmaster. However, I’ve never seen this supreme grandmaster before.

What? The master of this tower is senior’s grandmaster?” Jian Chen was taken aback as disbelief filled his face.

He had never thought that the old woman was actually the grand-disciple of the Anatta Grand Prime.

The old woman stared at Jian Chen deeply, “Looking at your reaction, you must know the origins of this tower already.

Jian Chen nodded and did not lie, “Since senior is the grand-disciple of this tower’s master, may I ask if senior will be taking the tower back?” Jian Chen clenched the Cosmic Movement Talisman tightly. He said that to test the old woman. He had already been mentally prepared to immediately flee with the Anatta Tower once something felt off.

The origins of this tower are just far too great. It’s not something that other people can try to possess. Once I become interested in possessing it, I won’t be able to avoid death even if I flee to the ends of the world,” the old woman was depressed. She was in indescribable sorrow.

In-name, I’m his grand-disciple, and my status should be extremely great in the Saints’ World. I would have infinite glory, and there would basically be no one who would want to offend me. But in reality, I’ve been hunted down for millions of years, and I’m still running desperately now. Do you know where the people who are hunting me down come from?” The old woman asked in low spirits. When she thought about her years on the run, she was filled with indescribable bitterness.

Are they from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng?” Jian Chen replied with a question. He already had a general idea of the reason now.

The old woman was probably Ta Ji’s disciple!

That’s right. The people who have hunted me down for millions of years are the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. The reason why they’re hunting me down is because my master, Ta Ji, betrayed my grandmaster. They say that my master has been working with outsiders to cause harm to my grandmaster, so I was also drawn into this matter because of my master, becoming a target for them.

Originally, I refused to believe this. I did not believe my master would betray my grandmaster either. After all, my grandmaster is a famed sovereign of the Saints’ World, one of the strongest people in the entire universe. Was there anyone who dared to turn against him? Only when I learnt that my master’s armor ended up in the same world as grandmaster’s famed treasure was I forced to believe it,” the old woman said slowly.

But fortunately, the majesties of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng never reached the same agreement about hunting me down, or I wouldn’t have survived until now.

Only Jian Chen could hear the old woman’s words. The Radiant Godking beside her only saw her lips move, but he heard nothing.

Clearly, because Jian Chen was in possession of the Anatta Tower, the old woman told him everything. In the eyes of the old woman, the Radiant Godking had no right to learn about this.

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