Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2176

Chapter 2176: Radiant Godking

“Jian Chen, don’t go out. It’s safer in here. Once you go out, you won’t even be able to escape with your current strength,” Kai Ya grabbed Jian Chen’s arm on the first floor of the Anatta Tower as she said in worry.

Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya in surprise, “You can hear the voice outside?” Although the interior and exterior were only separated by a wall, they were two different spaces in reality. He could hear the voice outside and sense the activity there because he had refined a portion of the Anatta Tower.

But how did Kai Ya know what was happening outside? Jian Chen found this extremely to be bewildering.

“Yeah. As my strength increased, I started to be able to vaguely sense what’s going on outside,” said Kai Ya. In reality, she too was extremely bewildered because she discovered that as her strength rapidly progressed, not only could she sense what was going on outside the tower, but she also found the tower to be more and more familiar.

As a matter of fact, she even felt like she had fused with the space in the tower from time to time.

Jian Chen found what Kai Ya said to be strange. If it were a saint artifact of quite a low quality, it would indeed be very difficult for it to block off Kai Ya’s senses as a Godking. However, the Anatta Tower was not a saint artifact of quite a low quality. It was a god artfact of the highest quality. Even if it was very damaged, it was impossible for Kai Ya to be able to sense the outside without refining the Anatta Tower with her current level of cultivation.

Jian Chen could not understand this no matter how he thought. However, it clearly was not the time for him to ponder on this. He said, “Kai Ya, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. If I really do encounter danger, I’ll escape with this Cosmic Movement Talisman.”

Jian Chen took out the final Cosmic Movement Talisman from his Space Ring with that. He clenched it in his hand tightly and left the Anatta Tower.

As soon as he left the Anatta Tower, Jian Chen saw an old woman in simple clothes and messy hair that basically covered her face. She stood nearby with her arms on her back.

The old woman did not look at Jian Chen. Her knowledgeable eyes were locked onto the damaged Anatta Tower as her expression became extremely mixed.

“Senior, it’s you?” Jian Chen was surprised as soon as he saw the old woman. He was taken aback.

He recognised the old woman who had her presence concealed with a single glance. She was the person who had traded for his damaged god artifact armor back on the spatial battleship.

“You’re actually still alive?” The old woman glanced at Jian Chen indifferently. Even though they had only met once in the past, the matter with the damaged god artifact armor made her develop an extremely deep impression of Jian Chen.

Then the old woman looked at the Anatta Tower again, “But since you have this, even dying is difficult. Can you tell me where you got this from?”

Jian Chen knew that the old woman had recognised the Anatta Tower. However, he did not worry. He clenched the Cosmic Movement Talisman tightly as his vigilance was raised to the limit. He said, “I found this tower out of pure coincidence in a zone of danger from a lower world.”

“A lower world… a lower world… this tower actually ended up in a lower world…” The old woman murmured as she seemed to be in a trace. She seemed rather lost. After a while of silence, she continued, “Was this tower found in the same place as the god artifact armor you traded to me before?”

“They were found in the same world but in different locations,” Jian Chen said.

“Sigh,” the old woman exhaled gently when she heard that as bitterness filled her face. She said, “It looks like what they said is true. And if it really was like that, then I haven’t been hunted down for millions of years for nothing. It wasn’t for nothing…”

“Senior, you’ve been hunted down for millions of years?” Jian Chen asked with his tongue tied.

The old woman said nothing. She only stood there silently and stared at the Anatta Tower, at the powerful slashes on its surface. Her gaze was mixed.

“Senior, senior. Something has happened, something bad has happened. A crack has appeared in this natural concealing formation,” at this moment, a man who seemed to be in his thirties arrived before the old woman in a hurry. He glanced up constantly as his voice was filled with undisguised fear and unease.

“I know,” the old woman said calmly. She also glanced up with gloomy eyes.

“If the natural concealing formation had shattered because of some other reason, then so be it, but it just so happened to shatter because of this tower. This is the will of the heavens. The will of the heavens. Even the heavens do not want me to hide here comfortably,” the old woman’s voice was filled with bitterness.

“What do I do? What do I do? I haven’t condensed a soultree yet. Without this natural concealing formation, I- I’ll probably never be able to escape from that demon,” the man was flustered and uneasy as his face was filled with undisguised fear.

Suddenly, the man looked at Jian Chen resentfully. He called out angrily, “It’s all because of you. Why did you have to destroy this formation? Why did you have to come here? You bastard, I’ll never spare you!” With that, a dazzling, milky-white light immediately rose up from the young man. It turned into a beam of light that shot towards Jian Chen with a scorching presence.

The beam of light moved extremely quickly, and it was blinding. It shot through the air like an aurora, arriving before Jian Chen in a single instance.

“Radiant Saint Force!” Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed as he became extremely shocked. He was a Radiant Saint Master, so he was extremely familiar with Radiant Saint Force. He could tell with a single glance that the white light had been condensed from Radiant Saint Force.

However, according to his understanding, Radiant Saint Force was primarily for healing wounds. Its offensive capabilities were extremely weak, and at a similar cultivation, Radiant Saint Masters were not the opponents of cultivators.

However, at this moment, the white beam of light condensed from Radiant Saint Force made Jian Chen experience a great sense of danger, and this level of danger had reached the same level as supreme Godkings. Jian Chen experienced a certain level of threat.

Is this another way of using Radiant Saint Force?” Jian Chen was extremely overjoyed. He had heard from fairy Hao Yue back in the lower world that the Radiant Saint Masters of the Saints’ World were extremely powerful. It made him develop a sense of anticipation long ago that he could make some more progress as a Radiant Saint Master in the Saints’ World.

However, Radiant Saint Masters were far rarer in the Saints’ World than Jian Chen had expected, so he had not encountered a single one of them despite spending so much time in the Saints’ World. Finally, he coincidentally encountered a Radiant Godking here today.

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