Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2173

Chapter 2173: From the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng

Ming Dong looked over, and all he saw before him was a middle-aged man in azure robes. He had appeared silently as he stared at Ming Dong resentfully.

Ming Dong could sense a terrifying presence that was as great as a tsunami from the man. Not only did his feet and hands grow cold before the presence while his body experienced chills, but he also could not move at all under the terrifying pressure.

The five divine generals behind Ming Dong all gritted their teeth. They wanted to equip their hidden armor, but under the man’s presence, even such a simple action became extremely difficult.

They were truly as puny as ants before this man. They could not even flee.

Unsurprisingly, the middle-aged man in azure robes was the Azure Peng King.

When the Azure Peng King blocked Ming Dong, figures constantly flickered in the surroundings. Primordial realm experts appeared like they had teleported over, taking away their supreme Godkings safely in fear that they would become a casualty to what was about to happen.

Many Primordial realm experts also glanced at Ming Dong sympathetically. In their eyes, Ming Dong’s fate was set in stone since he had offended the Azure Peng King.

At that moment, all the surviving supreme Godkings were taken away, only leaving Ming Dong and the five divine generals there.

It was not that they did not want to leave. Rather, the Azure Peng King’s pressure had completely immobilised them. They could not leave even when they wanted to.

Blood oozed out from the corner of Ming Dong’s lips. He had not recovered completely yet, and coupled with the impact from the powerful presence, he immediately showed signs of weakness. He felt like he was being ripped apart.

“Since my disciple, Mo Cheng, died to your hands, you will die as well, no matter where you come from,” the Azure Peng King said coldly. The disciple he treated with the greatest importance and held extremely high hopes for had died to Ming Dong’s hands, so he naturally hated Ming Dong very much. He did not want to take Ming Dong’s life so easily. He had already made up his mind to torture Ming Dong in the most brutal manner first.

“What a temper, Peng King,” at this moment, a gentle and extremely pleasant voice rang out. The eighth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng strode over gently in her red dress. Her steps were not hurried, but she travelled a great distance with every step. She appeared before Ming Dong like she had teleported.

With the eighth majesty’s arrival, Ming Dong immediately felt the tremendous presence vanish. As he felt relieved, he also experienced a wave of weakness, and he almost collapsed.

“Do you plan on being nosy again?” The Azure Peng King’s face sank as he glared at the eighth majesty. Fury rose up.

Previously, he had allowed the eighth majesty to take away Yun Xiaoyan out of respect for the first majesty.

However, when he faced the murderer of his disciple now, the eighth majesty actually planned on intervening again. This made his face darken.

“They’re from our Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Does Senior Peng King plan on becoming enemies with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng? Please consider that carefully, senior Peng King,” the eighth majesty said calmly, but she had already used a unique secret technique to call into the distance, “First senior sister…”

“What? Ming Dong is actually from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng?”

“No wonder he’s bold enough to even kill the disciple of the Azure Peng King. As it turns out, he has the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng’s support…”

“The eighth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng has stood forward. Who knows what the Azure Peng King will do…”

“The Azure Peng King is infamous. He’s not a person that can be reasoned with. Coupled with his Azure Peng Movement Technique, his speed is almost unmatched. He’s not someone that can be provoked easily. Even across the entire Saints’ World, there are not a lot of people who would disrespect the Azure Peng King…”

In the distance, the Primordial realm experts who did not care about Ming Dong originally began to pay close attention after the eighth majesty’s appearance. They all glanced between the Azure Peng King and the eighth majesty as they showed interest.

One of them was an infamous despot of the Saints’ World, while the other was the eighth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Both sides possessed great backgrounds, which made all the Primordial realm experts eager to see whether the two of them would clash.

“He has killed the disciple that I take the most pride in. The eighth majesty should understand this king’s temperament. Does the eighth majesty really plan on protecting this person?” The Azure Peng King was emotionless as his presence erupted like a burst dam. It caused the stars to dim as space collapsed.

He stood in a spatial crack that constantly collapsed and healed up as he stared at the eighth majesty coldly. He showed no intention of backing down.

He really is the Azure Peng King. He’s so unruly that even the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng can’t deter him…

Although the Azure Peng King is nowhere close to being invincible in terms of strength, his speed is basically unmatched. It’s true that everyone else in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng can no longer deter the Azure Peng King anymore aside from the first majesty. If he insists on fleeing, no one can stop him…

Many Primordial realm experts discussed with each other secretly. Many of them looked at the Azure Peng King with deep fear and dread.

“So you are Mo Cheng’s master. Azure Peng King, the Neptunean Divine Palace is a place filled with competition. The only thing you can blame for your disciple’s death is that he wasn’t strong enough. It’s no one else’s fault. Don’t you find it shameful to lower yourself and attack a junior like me just for a failure of a disciple?” Ming Dong yelled at the Azure Peng King fearlessly. He showed no respect at all.

“How dare you!”

The Azure Peng King bellowed out. His face paled in anger when an ant-like junior argued against him before everyone. Suddenly, he exploded with azure light, which condensed into a huge wing. Like a blade, the wing shot forwards with terrifying, devastating power.

Naturally, he was using the wing condensed from azure light against the eighth majesty who blocked his way.

Under everyone’s watch, he was naturally not bold enough to truly injure the eighth majesty. As a result, the wing was only meant to keep the eighth majesty busy. The method to kill Ming Dong originated from the wing. It was a feather completely condensed from azure light.

It was a feather, but it also seemed like a scale. It ripped through space along the way, shooting towards Ming Dong with lightning speed.

“Azure Peng King, don’t you dare!” The eighth majesty called out. Her voice was no longer gentle, filled with viciousness and killing intent.

She was powerless to stop the feather that shot towards Ming Dong. She could only watch it approach him with unbelievable speed.

However, at this moment, the space around Ming Dong suddenly distorted. The feather from the Azure Peng King came to a halt when it came in contact with the distorted space around Ming Dong. It had been forcefully stopped.

Afterwards, the distorted space suddenly cracked open, and a white, slender hand extended out. It pressed towards the Azure Peng King gently with a palm strike.

Immediately, space shook heavily, and all the laws in the surroundings were affected, having been thrown into disarray.

The seemingly-simple palm strike happened to have the terrifying power of being able to rip worlds apart. It impacted all the laws in the surroundings.    

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