Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2172

Chapter 2172: The Peng King’s Killing Intent

After he learned of Ming Dong’s identity, even the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace was surprised. He thought, “And I had thought that this person was a disciple of a majesty from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. I never thought he’d be the ninth majesty.

In the past, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng only had eight majesties. These eight majesties were the direct disciples of the Anatta Grand Exalt. In reality, only the direct disciples of the Anatta Grand Exalt can be referred to as majesties. Since this person has been referred to as the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, he should also be a direct disciple of the Anatta Grand Exalt.

The artifact spirit glanced at Ming Dong deeply and showed prudence that rarely appeared. He turned his head towards Xiao Man and said secretly, “Little master, this person called Ming Dong has an extraordinary identity. You better use this rare opportunity to develop ties with him.

His master is extremely impressive. Out of the seven Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World, the Anatta Grand Exalt is an existence that ranks within the top three. He’s renowned and only second to the War God from the God clan.

B- but I don’t know him,” replied Xiao Man. She had no idea what to do. The artifact spirit had perfectly concealed what she said, so despite her strength, none of the Godkings heard her.

“Brother, take care. Don’t forget that we still have to go back to the Tian Yuan Continent together and visit our homeland. I’ll be waiting for your return,” Ming Dong bid farewell to Jian Chen and left with the five divine generals.

Afterwards, Shangguan Mu’er also bid farewell to Jian Chen reluctantly and left the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Now that the Neptunean Divine Palace had a master, and Jian Chen was about to leave through the teleportation formation, there was no reason for them to remain any longer, so they all bid farewell.

In the blink of an eye, everyone was gone. Only Jian Chen and Shui Yunlan remained there.

“Brother Jian Chen, will you be leaving too?” Xiao Man could not help but ask as she saw Jian Chen stand there all by himself. She was reluctant for him to leave.

Jian Chen sighed deeply and dismissed his empty emotions. He looked at Xiao Man and said, “That’s right, I’ll be leaving too. Xiao Man, please let us borrow the teleportation formation in your Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“Brother Jian Chen, just stay in the Neptunean Divine Palace and cultivate. The artifact spirit said that there are still a lot of resources in here. It’ll be very safe for you to cultivate here and sister Zi Yun will be here as well,” Xiao Man urged Jian Chen to stay. She seemed to be pleading him. As she was still young and naive, she still believed that Jian Chen held feelings for Zi Yun.

Xiao Man’s urgings immediately displeased the artifact spirit greatly. Without asking for Xiao Man’s permission, he controlled the power of the Neptunean Divine Palace and moved Jian Chen and Shui Yunlan to the teleportation formation. He said, “This is the teleportation formation, but where you get transported to is random. The only thing I can guarantee is that it’ll be absolutely safe. Now go.”

The artifact spirit seemed to be afraid that Jian Chen would remain behind.

Jian Chen smiled faintly and declined Xiao Man’s urgings. He entered the teleportation formation with Shui Yunlan and vanished from the Neptunean Divine Palace.

He did not ask about the Pyrnite Ore the Samsaric Immortal Exalt had mentioned.

First of all, the Pyrnite Ore was terrifyingly hot. Even when he could last a few seconds at the bottom of the lava now, he still could not collect the Pyrnite Ore.

Moreover, the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace had awakened. It definitely knew the importance of the Pyrnite Ore, so it would never let him get a single piece of it.

“Little master, you’re far too naive. Fortunately, I held back and didn’t give all the legacies to that little bastard. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been just a great loss for us. But even with just the tiny portion he has taken, and the fact that they’re weaker legacies, he has still had it easy…”

The artifact spirit immediately sniggered after Jian Chen and Shui Yunlan had left. He seemed like an old scheming rascal as over another dozen Primordial realm legacies appeared before him.

The Primordial realm experts from various organisations waited anxiously outside the Neptunean Divine Palace. Many of their faces were filled with worry, and some of them had even paled from anger.

“Is Zhu Wen’s name still on the Godkings’ Throne?” An illusionary old man descended on a huge spaceship and asked in a dignified manner.

“Great elder, young master Zhu’s name remains on the Godkings’ Throne. It has not vanished,” a few middle-aged men said politely before the illusionary old man.

“Fantastic. Zhu Wen is the most outstanding descendant of our ancient Zhu clan in almost a million years. He carries the heavy hopes of revitalising the clan. We can’t let any accidents happen to him. I’ll leave my clone right here. I want to personally witness him emerge from the Neptunean Divine Palace alive…”

“Is the young lady’s name still on the Godkings’ Throne?” A husky, old voice rang out on another spaceship for the umpteenth time.

“Patriarch, the young lady’s name is still on the Godkings’ Throne…”

“I hope that Rui Di and Zhi Ye can emerge safely,” something similar rang out from a dragon-shaped spaceship.

The person who said this was a ruddy old man. He seemed ordinary, but he also seemed dignified.

He was called Rui Da, one of the elders of the Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes. He was also one of the most powerful members in the sect right now, a peak Chaotic Prime.

“If I had known that something so severe would happen in the Neptunean Divine Palace, I would have never sent in Rui Di and Zhi Ye back then. They’re the clansmen with the greatest talent and highest potential ever since our Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes has been founded. It’s extremely likely for them to become Grand Primes in the future, which would allow our Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes to truly stand among the ranks of peak organisations…”

Similar scenes occurred in many places. Clearly, many large organisations were worried about the supreme Godkings who were still alive.

There were many people with high status among these Godkings, and some of them even held the hopes of their clan rising up.

However, at this moment, a great power suddenly pulsed at the entrance of the Neptunean Divine Palace, and a great group of people appeared out of nowhere.

These people were Godkings at most, and almost all of them were pale-faced and haggard, where it was possible to tell that they were extremely frail from a single glance. They were the supreme Godkings who had survived in the end.

Most of them remained seated, clearly still recovering. They had no clue that they had already left the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Only when the coldness of outer space surged over did they become alarmed. They opened their eyes and were all stunned.

“What has happened? Why have I suddenly appeared outside?” Many supreme Godkings were confused as to what had happened.

“They’re out. They’re all out…”

At the same time, an uproar erupted in the dark, lonely space. All the experts who had been waiting for quite some time surged over.

“I never thought the artifact spirit would directly send me outside. Hehe, saved me the effort of travelling,” Ming Dong also happened to be among the Godkings who had been sent out. He had been making his way towards the first floor with the five divine generals, but in the end, he had been sent away by the Neptunean Divine Palace’s power when he had just left the ninth floor.

“Let’s go and find my eighth senior. I want to go to the Cloud Plane, and I need my eighth senior to send me some more powerful divine generals. Haha, I wonder how that little tiger is like after all these years now, and Nubis, that proud snake,” Ming Dong laughed. Clearly, he was extremely happy.

“You’re Ming Dong? My disciple’s murderer?”

At this moment, an extremely heavy killing intent swept out, causing space to tremble and shatter as countless stars flickered.

Ming Dong’s face suddenly changed. The killing intent targeted him. Just from it shooting over from afar, his blood froze, and he felt like his body was about to be ripped apart. He could not resist at all.

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