Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2116

Chapter 2116: Enemies Meet

However, the single clash made all the Godkings on the twelfth floor clearly understand that the two women had reached a horrifying level of strength.

As a matter of fact, without any exaggeration, all the other supreme Godkings gathered on the floor became obedient due to their presences. They did not dare to set down their own rules there anymore.

That’s right. If it really reaches that point, we’ll offer her the Life Starcore. Although the Life Starcore is precious, it only has unimaginable uses to experts who cultivate the Laws of Life. There just happens to be one of them here, so asking this expert to stop Ming Dong for us in exchange for a Life Starcore shouldn’t be too difficult.

Ming Dong’s background may be great, where he has killed several supreme Godkings without any fear of revenge from the organisations behind them, but it’s not like we’re truly getting her to engage in a brawl to the death by asking the supreme Godking who has comprehended the Laws of Life to stop Ming Dong. I think she’ll agree…” The fifth prince said to mister Shu secretly as he seemed extremely confident.

Mister Shu also found the fifth prince’s words to be very reasonable, so he immediately relaxed. He said, “With that being the case, we have no need to worry whether Ming Dong will find out about us or not. It’s indeed very difficult for us to fend off Ming Dong in the Neptunean Divine Palace, but once we leave, there will be Primordial realm experts from our Sky Empire there to receive us. Leaving will be a piece of cake. I’m just very curious about the identities of the woman in green and the woman in white armor over there. I’m curious about which two of the top ten experts on the Godkings’ Throne they are, where they’re so terrifying. But even with so many people, none of them seem to be able to recognise the two of them. Otherwise, just their names would have been enough to determine their rankings on the Godkings’ Throne…

Mister Shu glanced past the crowd and would look at the woman in green and the woman in armor from time to time. While he felt dread, he was also filled with curiosity.

In reality, they were not the only people curious about the two women. Basically all the Godkings on the floor secretly paid attention to the two of them.

Clearly, their clash that time had left a permanent impression in everyone’s hearts.

One of them who received everyone’s attention was Audriana.

Currently, Audriana kept her presence completely concealed, and she sat beside Shangguan Mu’er like an ordinary person. She ignored the secret glances from the people in the surroundings. However, when she glanced past the many people from time to time and saw the person with a curvy figure in silver-white armor seated by herself, unconcealable rage and hatred would fill her eyes.

“Shui. Yun. Lan,” Audriana muttered these three words through gritted teeth with a sunken face. Even with her broad mind, she struggled to maintain her calm when she saw the woman in the armor. She showed very deep hatred.

This was because the woman was her former enemy, one of the four protectors of the Ice Goddess Hall, Shui Yunlan.

At this moment, Shangguan Mu’er looked at Audriana and asked, “Sister, does your grievance with her really run this deep?”

Audriana sucked in a deep breath and said slowly, “Sister Mu’er, you don’t understand Shui Yunlan, nor do you know just how many sins she has committed. Not only did she seal up an entire world and prevent anyone from moving to the Saints’ World, but she even took action personally to commit a massacre, destroying an entire era in that world.”

Audriana looked at Shangguan Mu’er and continued, “Do you know why those ancient historical records from the Tian Yuan Continent, Beast God Continent, sea realm, and Wasteland Continent only extend to just over a million years ago? And why the history before that is completely blank, with no records at all? That is because Shui Yunlan used her bloody hands to eradicate that earlier era. Countless Sainthood and Origin realm cultivators have died to Shui Yunlan’s hands, including people from our God clan…”

“But they were powerless. Shui Yunlan was just too powerful. I was unable to stop her, and she possessed a supreme treasure bestowed upon her by the Ice Goddess, one of the seven Grand Exalts, allowing her to become immune to the punishment of the laws from the lower world…”

As soon as the past was mentioned, Audriana experienced anger that she was unable to hold in. She hated Shui Yunlan very much, causing her gaze towards Shui Yunlan to sharpen.

Audriana, there’s no need for you to look at me like that. You might have gone through over three million years of consolidation in the lower world, making you much more powerful than in the past, where you can even make it into the top ten on the Godkings’ Throne, but you’re still not my opponent,” perhaps having sensed Audriana’s hostile gaze, Shui Yunlan’s cold, emotionless voice rang out from afar.

She had said this through a communication technique, so apart from Audriana, no one could hear it at all, including Shangguan Mu’er.

Audriana, I have no intentions of fighting with you, so I do hope that you can restrain yourself. You should know our current difference in strength. I can ignore what you did before, but if it happens a second time, I will make you pay…” Shui Yunlan’s ice-cold voice rang out clearly. It was filled with disdain towards Audriana, completely looking down on her.

Shui Yunlan, you sure are confident. I really do want to try it. I want to see whether you really can speak so confidently and treat me like nothing,” Audriana did not shy away and replied with a sneer. She did not fear Shui Yunlan, and that was not the reason why did not continue fighting with Shui Yunlan when she had just come to the twelfth floor. Instead, it was because their intense battle would affect many unrelated people. Even Shangguan Mu’er might end up suffering from an accident.

As a result, she had to stop fighting with Shui Yunlan for the sake of Shangguan Mu’er. Shui Yunlan clearly had no intentions of conflicting with Audriana, so the two of them stopped after clashing a single time.

I’m just very curious. With your current level of cultivation, you can reach the Primordial realm at any time, so why have you still not broken through and have instead remained as a Godking? Moreover, why have you appeared on the twelfth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace? What confuses me even more is that you’re actually trying to obtain a Grand Prime’s legacy here.” Audriana looked at Shui Yunlan mysteriously as she smiled strangely. Then she continued, “The organisation behind you is the Ice Goddess Hall. They possess one of the seven Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World. How can a legacy from the Neptunean Divine Palace still catch the eye of a place that possesses the supreme Ice Goddess? Moreover, in my knowledge, all the cultivation methods of your Ice Goddess Hall is related to the cold. Since when did cultivation methods unrelated to the cold interest you people of the Ice Goddess Hall?

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