Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2108

Chapter 2108: Crushing Jun Kong

“Impossible. Impossible. That is completely impossible…” Jun Kong murmured while shaking his head. He could not feel more shocked at this moment.

He understood both Shangguan Mu’er and Jian Chen’s origins. However, Jian Chen had always been someone as puny as an ant in his eyes. Now that he suddenly possessed such a powerful brother, Jun Kong was unable to accept this at all. It was even more impossible for him to accept that his beloved junior Mu’er was this supreme Godking’s sister-in-law.

“Turns out Ming Dong and Jian Chen are connected like this…”

“No wonder Jian Chen’s death drove Ming Dong insane, where he would go as far as to offend all those peak organisations to kill those supreme Godkings. Turns out the two of them have gone through everything together and have forged a bond of life and death…”

“A bond like that is a friendship where one can trust the other with their life. They might even view each other’s lives with more importance than their own. This bond is so deep that it has completely exceeded the bond of being juniors and seniors under the same master…”

The Godkings in the surroundings came to a realisation, while Cang Ying, Gong Zheng, and Bai Yi’s heart all sank. Their faces became ugly.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong’s bond was far deeper than what they had expected.

At this moment, Ming Dong’s sword was swung towards Jun Kong with the power of the Laws of Destruction. From the destructive presence, it seemed like it could annihilate everything.

Although Jun Kong was dazed, he was still a supreme Godking after all. At that critical moment, he immediately responded. With a flip of his hand, a hand-sized bell appeared silently before rapidly expanding. It became several meters across in a single instance, engulfing him completely.


When Ming Dong’s strike landed on the bell, it immediately produced a deep chime. Terrifying sound waves expanded in all directions as visible ripples.

The sound waves were extremely dangerous. As it expanded, it caused the lava below to churn as volcanoes erupted one after another. A large amount of lava fell from the sky in waves. It never seemed to stop.

Ming Dong placed his sword across his body to block the incoming sound waves. He stared at the undamaged bell coldly and said, “Do you think I can’t do anything to you just because you have a defensive god artifact?” With that, a set of armor silently appeared, covering every inch of Ming Dong. When the lava rain landed on the armor, it failed to damage it at all.

The armor was a defensive god artifact as well!

Afterwards, Ming Dong stowed away his supreme quality saint artifact sword and changed it for a god artifact sword. The Laws of Destruction condensed and immediately erupted with surging power as he struck the sword viciously.


The collision between the two god artifacts was thunderous and deafening. Terrifying ripples of energy swept out as tidal waves, wreaking havoc in the surroundings and blowing away the lava rain.

Ming Dong’s strike knocked the bell that enveloped Jun Kong far away, and it only stopped several thousand meters away.

Jun Kong appeared from under the bell. With a sunken face, he stared at Ming Dong, who radiated with killing intent. As a supreme Godking and the prodigy of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, he naturally possessed his own pride and dignity. Even when he knew Ming Dong’s background was probably significant, he could not control his anger when he had been attacked by Ming Dong time and time again.

Moreover, he could already tell that Ming Dong wanted to kill him. Clearly, the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound behind him was no different from a prop. It did not deter Ming Dong at all.

The jade flute rang out slowly. The sound seemed to conform to nature, and it was otherworldly. It rang out with an enchanting charm.

The bell above Jun Kong blocked the lava rain, allowing him to stand beneath it and play the flute. He used the Way of Music against his opponent, using the music to influence the mind and attempt to throw the soul into disarray. He used sound waves as his weapon, piercing through space to injure the body.

Jun Kong began to fight back against Ming Dong’s killing intent.

“Hmph. You better go cultivate for a few more centuries if you want to throw my soul into disarray,” Ming Dong snorted coldly. He was currently protected by a god artifact, so basically nothing could harm or affect him. He seemed as vicious as a god of war. He charged through the lava rain with his god artifact sword like a hot knife through butter, killing his way towards Jun Kong.

The battle between the two was not particularly intense. However, the terrifying ripples from the constant clashes of the two god artifacts wreaked havoc in the surroundings and led to colossal eruptions of volcanoes. The sea of lava below churned with huge waves, which splashed into the sky, adding a red hue.

Jun Kong remained unscathed from several of Ming Dong’s attacks through the god artifact. However, using a god artifact would lead to rapid exhaustion for any supreme Godking. It was impossible for him to last for very long. At that moment, he had already paled, and it seemed like he could not last for much longer.


Finally, Jun Kong lost the power required to keep up the defences of the bell under one of Ming Dong’s attacks. He stowed the bell away and immediately spurted a mouthful of blood. He was heavily injured.

“You definitely won’t be leaving here alive for eyeing my brother’s woman, my sister-in-law,” Ming Dong said coldly as he radiated with an icy presence. Using his fists, he launched a barrage of attacks against Jun Kong. He switched between punches and palm strikes as both his legs and arms moved. With a powerful force, he gave Jun Kong a beating so cruel that no one dared to watch it unfold directly.

Although Ming Dong had no grievances with Jun Kong, Ming Dong’s hatred towards him was even greater than what he felt towards the eight Godkings who worked against Jian Chen due to Jun Kong’s intentions. Ming Dong wanted to properly torture him before killing him off.

Jun Kong was unable to fight back at all; he was completely under Ming Dong’s control. His body was like a sandbag, beaten around in the air by Ming Dong. Not only were there cuts on him, but all his bones and organs had shattered and had been reduced to a pulp by Ming Dong’s punches. His bloodied face had become distorted long ago, bearing no resemblance to his original appearance. Even his skull had shattered. He was extremely miserable.

Jun Kong’s soul remained, so he still was not dead. He stared at Ming Dong furiously as he was filled with hatred, but there just happened to be nothing he could do.

Ming Dong knew many ancient secret methods, so he had sealed up Jun Kong’s cultivation and trapped his soul in his body long ago, preventing him from using any secret techniques to flee or abandoning his body with his soul. He could only watch Ming Dong demolish him.  

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