Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804: Passing on Laws (One)

“If that’s the case, the eternal empires that control the four regions are far more powerful than the Heavenly Moon Empire,” Jian Chen laid back on the patriarch’s throne lazily as he tapped a finger on the arm of the throne gently, murmuring to himself.

Only now had he finally gained a deeper understanding of the Cloud Plane.

Nanyun Tong nodded sternly as he listened to Jian Chen’s murmur. He continued, “You’re right, patriarch. The four eternal empires that control the eastern, western, northern, and southern regions are on a completely different level of power compared to the Heavenly Moon Empire. I’ve once heard from an Overgod that even if the six ancient empires of our southern region work together, they won’t be able to shake the eternal Blood Sun Empire.”

“Ancient empires. Eternal empires,” Jian Chen murmured softly as the light in his eyes flickered. He seemed to be in thought. After a moment of silence, he continued with his questions, “What about the everlasting Tian Empire in the central region?”

Veneration immediately flooded Nanyun Tong’s face when the everlasting Tian Empire was mentioned. Respect filled his face as he said gruffly, “The everlasting Tian Empire of the central region is much more powerful than the four eternal empires. As for by how much, I have no idea, but I do know that the four eternal empires must lower themselves before the everlasting empire.”

“Even with their power, the four great empires have to behave meekly before the everlasting empire?” The power of the everlasting Tian Empire made Jian Chen stern and shocked.

Afterwards, Jian Chen asked some more questions about the Cloud Plane before dismissing Nanyun Tong and everyone else.

In the blink of an eye, only Jian Chen, Mo Ling, and Ando Fu were left in the grand discussion hall.

Mo Ling and Ando Fu looked at Jian Chen, who was sitting on the throne. They seemed to want to say something, but they were hesitating.

“What is it? You can tell me directly,” said Jian Chen.

Mo Ling and Ando Fu looked at each other. Afterwards, Mo Ling clasped his fist towards Jian Chen and said, “Patriarch, the entire provincial city is under our Tian Yuan clan’s control. Without any exaggeration, it’s our territory, yet the businesses we control only amount to forty percent of the total.”

“You want to expand our businesses in the provincial city?” Jian Chen asked.

Mo Ling said, “A clan requires cultivation resources to become powerful. Right now, our clan’s income is only several hundred thousand low grade divine crystals daily. However, half of this comes from the entry fees of people coming into the city, while the remaining amount comes from our businesses. That only amounts to three or four thousand low grade divine crystals.”

“If you look at the other five great provincial cities in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the clans there basically control eighty percent of the businesses in the cities. The other clans control the remaining twenty percent. As one of the clans that control a provincial city, we’re the one that controls the least businesses. If we increase the number of businesses a little, we’ll be able to make an extremely respectable sum daily.”

Jian Chen shook his head gently, “Even if we can increase our income by several hundred thousand low grade divine crystals a day, it’s only several dozen high grade divine crystals after you convert it. There’s no need to force all the other clans in the city to the end of their road just for these divine crystals. Moreover, don’t forget that there’s also a Wayner clan in the provincial city.”

Jian Chen continued, “More importantly, the two of you haven’t truly understood why I founded the Tian Yuan clan. I founded the clan only to provide a shelter for my friends and families. I do not wish to rule.”

Mo Ling and Ando Fu looked at each other. They probably never expected Jian Chen to give them such an answer.

After leaving the discussion hall, Jian Chen directly made his way to the forbidden grounds because all the people who had come to the Saints’ World with him cultivated there.

“Yan’er, how many times do I have to tell you? You don’t use the sword like that…”

“Your stab is too slow. Remember, whether it’s striking out or pulling it back, you need to be lightning fast…”

“Your sword lacks a certain sharpness, and it also lacks the determination to kill…”

Just as Jian Chen was making his way towards the forbidden grounds, he heard a familiar voice and could not help but look over.

He saw Xi Yu in white clothes, holding a tree branch as she seriously taught Mo Yan how to use the sword.

Mo Yan was either not trying, or the sword really did not suit her. Even though she was now at the peak of Sainthood, her usage of the sword was still at the level of a beginner’s.

Jian Chen came to a halt unintentionally before slowly making his way towards Xi Yu and Mo Yan.

“Hmm? Patriarch Jian Chen, why have you come?” Mo Yan was not trying at all, so she discovered Jian Chen very quickly. She immediately beamed with joy.

Xi Yu immediately froze up when she heard Mo Yan mention Jian Chen. She slowly put down the branch in her hand and turned around to look at Jian Chen, who had made his way over. Her feelings immediately became rather mixed, and she clasped her fist towards Jian Chen, “Xi Yu greets the patriarch!”

Currently, Xi Yu’s feelings were completely mixed. In the past, she even disdained Jian Chen, yet now, he had become the patriarch of a clan. Even the ancestor of the Mo clan, Mo Ling, had become his subordinate.

“Patriarch Jian Chen, why have you come here? Aren’t you busy?” Mo Yan was not as polite as Xi Yu towards Jian Chen. She ran over to him and giggled without any regard for politeness. However, when she glanced at Xi Yu, who stood to one side with a strange gaze, a mysterious smile appeared on her face. She raised her heels and whispered in Jian Chen’s ear, “Patriarch Jian Chen, I already know why you’re here. You must like sister Xi Yu, right? You began liking her long ago. Don’t think that I don’t know. I’ll tell you secretly that sister Xi Yu likes your as well. She just can’t bring herself to say it.”

Although Mo Yan spoke very softly, Xi Yu was a Deity after all. Let alone her whispers, even if she wanted to communicate with Jian Chen secretly, she would not be able to hide it from Xi Yu. As a result, Xi Yu heard everything that Mo Yan had said, word for word.

Xi Yu’s face immediately became bright red. She was both angered and embarrassed as she glared at Mo Yan. She scolded, “Mo Yan, what are you blabbering about? Stop making up lies.”

Jian Chen was amused when he Mo Yan’s serious expression. He knocked Mo Yan’s forehead and laughed, “Mo Yan, you can’t say these things anymore in the future, or I’ll ground you and stop you from going outside anymore.”

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