Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1790

Chapter 1790: Disturbances in the Provincial City

Mo Ling chuckled aloud and rubbed his bald head, “The entire provincial city basically belongs to the patriarch now. How would there be any problems if the patriarch created an energy-gathering formation within his own territory? Moreover, with the support of the patriarch, our Tian Yuan clan is a clan with an Overgod at the very least. If we act the same as the other clans, how will we be able to show them our status?”

“Fair enough. Let’s do that then. Since the patriarch has already delegated the general affairs to the two of us, we should do our best and complete it to the best of our ability and not disappoint the patriarch,” said Ando Fu. Afterwards, he and Mo Ling immediately went off to arrange the matter.

At the same time, the Huo family began to move. Several of their Deities left the clan with groups of guards, scattering into several dozen groups across the city. They all surrounded a few inns and shops before smashing the plaques and signs forcefully, turning them to dust. Afterwards, they replaced them with plaques and signs they had prepared beforehand.

The new signs all possessed the symbol of the Huo family. All the shops and inns that possessed this sign belonged to the Huo family. The guards and elders from the Huo family only touched the signs that possessed the unique symbol of the Tian Yuan clan.

These businesses originally belonged to the Sen family, but ever since the Sen family sold their land to the Tian Yuan clan, the businesses naturally ended up with the Tian Yuan clan.

“All these people belong to the Huo family, and all the signs they’re destroying seem to belong to the newly-founded Tian Yuan clan…”

“The Huo family clearly wants to take over the businesses of the Tian Yuan clan forcefully. What a pitiful clan. They’ve only just been founded, and before they can run their businesses, the Huo family has forcefully taken over them…”

“The strong prey on the weak. Who can you blame for the Tian Yuan clan for being so weak? What can the Tian Yuan clan do even if the Huo family wants to abuse them…”

“The Tian Yuan clan offended one of the three most powerful clans as soon as they moved into the provincial city. It’ll be a gloomy future for them in the provincial city…”

“I had even planned to become a guard for the Tian Yuan clan. Looks like it’s better to remain distant from that clan now…”

The matter of the Huo family taking over the Tian Yuan clan’s businesses spread through the city very quickly. In just a short time, everyone learnt about it, and it became the topic of conversation.

However, the Huo family was not the only clan that forcefully took over the Tian Yuan clan’s businesses. As one of the three most powerful clans as well, the Dong family began to move, taking over the remaining businesses of the Tian Yuan clan.

Working together, the Huo family and the Dong family took over all the businesses of the Tian Yuan clan. Soon, the Tian Yuan clan was only left with their manor.

The movements of the Huo family and the Dong family against the Tian Yuan clan had raised quite a large discussion in the provincial city. However, without any doubt, everyone took pity in the Tian Yuan clan for what they had gone through.

The Tian Yuan clan’s response was as expected. They did nothing as if they had no idea that others had completely taken over all their businesses.

There was an extremely large courtyard within the provincial city, and a stone tower that was several hundred meters tall stood in its depths. At this moment, two old men sat on the top floor. From the presences they gave off, they were both Gods.

The two of them were the ancestors of the Nanyun clan, Nanyun Tong and Nanyun Haobai.

“Uncle Tong, why do I feel like you’ve become more and more cowardly lately? You’re even so cautious about a small clan that has only been founded recently. Look at the Huo family and the Dong family. After taking over all the businesses of the Tian Yuan clan, the Tian Yuan clan hasn’t given a rat’s ass about it at all. They dare not to. If you had listened to me, our Nanyun clan would have been able to claim at least twenty percent of the Tian Yuan clan’s land. It’ll provide our clan with quite a large income. Even if the royal capital orders us to hand the land over in the future, the Tian Yuan clan will still have to pay a huge sum to buy it back,” Nanyun Haobai was perplexed.

Nanyun Tong shook his head gently. He stared in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan and said gently, “Hao Bai, the Tian Yuan clan is not as simple as they seem on the surface. If you pay close attention, it’ll be pretty obvious that although the people below Godhood are unsettled and are panicking after the two clans have taken over all their businesses, all their Deity elders and their two early Gods remain extremely composed.”

“Perhaps they were already expecting this,” said Nanyun Haobai.

Nanyun Tong shook his head again. His eyes deepened, and he said, “If I’ve guessed correctly, the provincial city is about to change.”

“It’s going to change?” Nanyun Tong was confused.

Huo Luzhi hovered high in the air above the Huo family as he gazed coldly in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan. He sneered, “Tian Yuan clan, this is what happens when you offend our Huo family. I’d like to see how you gain a stable footing in the provincial city from today onwards.”

Huo Luzhi’s voice was scornful towards the Tian Yuan clan.

At this moment, a huge formation suddenly appeared in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan. With the appearance of the formation, all the origin energy in the provincial city immediately became chaotic. Soon afterwards, the origin energy gathered towards the Tian Yuan clan rapidly.

The sudden occurrence immediately attracted everyone’s attention. As they looked towards where the origin energy gathered, they all became stunned as disbelief flooded their faces.

Huo Luzhi’s disdainful expression froze at that moment. He became slightly stunned as well as he gazed in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan dazedly. Gradually, disbelief filled his face as well.

“The Tian Yuan clan has actually set up a large-scale energy-gathering formation, drawing over around forty percent of the origin energy in the city. What is the Tian Yuan clan doing? How can they be so reckless?” Huo Luzhi murmured. The Tian Yuan clan’s actions had stunned him.

Such a large energy-gathering formation had basically taken away forty percent of the city’s origin energy. Even the three most powerful clans in the city would not dare to do something like that, as it would directly get in the interests of the other clans in the city. The final outcome would be that they would become enemies of the entire city. All the powerful clans and experts who had settled down in the city would gang up against them.

At the same time, a huge uproar rose in the streets of the city.

“Is the Tian Yuan clan stupid? How can they do such a dumb thing? How will all the powerful clans in the city just stand by when they want to take so much origin energy for themselves…”

“The Tian Yuan clan could not even resist the abuse from the Huo family and the Dong family. Now they’ve done it. They’ve offended all the clans in the city in a single stroke…”

As everyone discussed in the streets, powerful presences immediately appeared in various places across the city. Many Gods from the clans of the city flew towards the Tian Yuan clan with hostility.

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