Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1787

Chapter 1787: The Tian Yuan Clan (One)

The appearance of the red figure immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the hall.

The last God of the Sen family, who sat at the very front, looked towards the red figure as well. He did not become excited. Instead, his face sank. He said coldly, “Huo Luzhi, I think I already know why you’re here. Your Huo family wants our Sen family to pay the price of yielding to your Huo family to remain within the city.”

The ancestor of the Sen family’s voice was filled with scorn for the Huo family. The Huo family was powerful, making them one of the three most powerful clans in the provincial city. They possessed a late God, so the Sen family was unable to match up to them at all. However, as a clan that also possessed a God, the Sen family naturally had their pride and dignity. They would never yield to the Huo family just to remain within the provincial city.

The God from the Huo family, Huo Luzhi, completely ignored the ancestor of the Sen family’s cold attitude. He shook his head with a gentle smile and said, “Senior Sen Jie, you’re thinking too much. Your Sen family is one of the powerful clans of the provincial city after all, so how can our Huo family make you yield to us?”

“Then tell me, what did you have in mind?” said the ancestor of the Sen family. He was still cold.

Huo Luzhi stood in the hall with his hands behind his back. He smiled faintly and said, “it is very simple. Our Huo family hopes to form an alliance with the Sen family.”

“An alliance,” sneered Sen Jian. “It’s probably just an alliance on the surface and no different from yielding in reality. Huo Luzhi, you should return. Even if our Sen family moves out of the provincial city, we’ll never yield to your Huo family.”

A look of pity covered Huo Luzhi’s face. He said, “Our Huo family has good intentions. We sincerely wished to assist your Sen family, but we never thought that senior Sen Jian would take it like this. We are helpless about your current situation now as well if that’s the case.”

After a moment of silence, Huo Luzhi continued, “Senior Sen Jian, your clan must be planning on moving out of the provincial city. When that happens, your territory in the city will belong to no one. In the end, it’ll be split between the other clans. Your Sen family won’t benefit at all. I do have a suggestion that will allow you to benefit, and that’s to sell your land to our Huo family. What do you think, senior Sen Jie?”

A gleam of light flashed through Sen Jie’s eyes when he heard that. He said, “I wonder what price your Huo family is willing to pay for the land?” Sen Jie naturally understood what Huo Luzhi was talking about. Once their clan left the city, the land would indeed end up in the hands of other clans. The Huo family wanted to buy up the land beforehand to avoid the pointless competition between the other clans.

Although the Huo family was powerful within the Dong’an province, their power was nowhere near enough to reign supreme.

“Fifty thousand mid grade divine crystals,” said Huo Luzhi.

Sen Jie wavered slightly when he heard Huo Luzhi’s price. Although it was a rather low price for all the land, it was still extra income for the Sen family.

If they sold the land, their clan would be able to receive five million low grade divine crystals. If they did not sell the land, they would not be able to keep it anyway.

“I want this plot of land as well. I can pay ten thousand high grade divine crystals.”

At this moment, another voice rang out from outside. A young man walked in steadily from outside; he was wearing luxurious, white robes. Behind the young man was a ruddy, sage-like old man who followed him silently.

As expected, the young man was Jian Chen.

Huo Luzhi’s face immediately became rather ugly when he heard Jian Chen’s offer of ten thousand high grade divine crystals for the land. As for Sen Jie, he beamed instead.

Ten thousand high grade divine crystals were equivalent to a million mid grade divine crystals. If the Sen family could make a million mid grade divine crystals when they moved out, it would be a considerable sum.

Huo Luzhi turned around and stared at Jian Chen coldly. His face was very ugly, and he growled, “I am Huo Luzhi of the Huo family from the provincial city. May I ask which clan you come from?”

“I’ve come to the provincial city to buy land exactly because I plan on founding a clan. I believe before long, you will learn what my clan is,” Jian Chen said calmly.

“This piece of land has caught our Huo family’s eyes. Do you plan on fighting over the land with our Huo family?” Huo Luzhi growled.

Jian Chen smiled faintly, “What a coincidence. This land has caught my eye as well. Since we are both become interested in this land, we’ll have to fight it out. The land will belong to whoever who wins. I’m offering ten thousand high grade divine crystals right now, so I was wondering if you were willing to offer up a higher price.”

Huo Luzhi ignored Jian Chen. He looked at Sen Jie and took out the Space Ring he had already prepared. He said, “Senior of the Sen family, there are fifty thousand mid grade divine crystals in here. If you have no problems, we can complete the deal.”

“He has already offered ten thousand high grade divine crystals. If your Huo family wants our land, you’ll naturally have to offer a higher price,” the ancestor of the Sen family smiled faintly. He did not fear the Huo family.

Huo Luzhi could also tell that he was unable to scare the ancestor of the Sen family with the strength of the Huo family. His face sank, and he stared coldly at Jian Chen. He sneered, “I’ll let you possess this land for a few days, but I must warn you out of good intentions that it won’t be very peaceful in the city in the next period of time. I hope you can gain a stable footing in the city successfully.” Throwing that out there, Huo Luzhi left with a wave of his sleeve.

Jian Chen completely ignored Huo Luzhi’s threat. He tossed a Space Ring to Sen Jie and said, “There are ten thousand high grade divine crystals in there; please have a look. If you have no objections, we can complete this transaction, and from now on, the land would belong to me.”

Sen Jie checked the Space Ring, and a smear of joy immediately appeared on his face before settling the agreement with Jian Chen.

From that point onwards, the land formally belonged to Jian Chen.

As Jian Chen bought the Sen family’s land, the other powerful clans in the provincial city began to move as well. A few of the relatively more powerful clans sent their ancestors to visit the clans that were about to move away in an attempt to buy the land through divine crystals so that they could expand their own clan’s businesses within the city.

Basically, all the land in the city had been split up among the clans. Every single clan in the provincial city managed various shops, inns, and other businesses. With the superior cultivation environment and the flow of people, they could naturally attract many cultivators to stay. As long as people stayed in the provincial city, the clans would have a constant income.

As a result, territory in the provincial city formed a direct connection with the wealth of the powerful clans, so they naturally placed much focus on the land of each clan that they could obtain.

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