Blue Phoenix

Chapter 85: Friends

Having guests like this had become more usual compared to before, and Hui Yue could not help but feel sorry for the Rong twins and the entire Rong faction. Although all of them had been on guard, they had been on guard against the Deng and Wang families for half a month with absolutely no information had been gained as to what the two families were up to.


Within a few weeks, the Rong twins would have to leave Riluo City and travel to the main branch of the Royal Academy, where they would be studying for years before they would be capable of returning home. To leave when the situation was like this was simply impossible.


“Everything will be fine,” Hui Yue said tenderly, as he stroked the older girls head, but Rong Xing had tears within her eyes as she thought of their current situation. Things had gone from bad to worse, as the Wang and Deng families had managed to lure over the majority of the families within Riluo City, yet no one knew exactly what their plans consisted of.


“They are going to attack us,” Rong Xing said with an ugly expression on her face, as the tears flowed from her beautiful eyes. “They are going to fight with father and try to become the City Lord, but the royal family hasn’t and won’t approved of it. Why would they even consider this an option?”


“Everything will turn out just fine,” Hui Yue calmly said, “Your father is a very strong man so no one will start a fight with him intentionally.” He continued, as Sha Yun brought another cup of calming tea which she gave to the crying girl.


Sha Yun was very possessive and although she would do her best to keep Hui Yue away from Wang Ju Long, the snake-woman felt happy every time she was together with Rong Xing. Sha Yun remembered how the older woman had slapped Hui Yue, when she thought that he had forced her into a beast contract.


Rong Xing was like their second mother. She clearly loved everyone within the group in her own way, yet she was not a woman who would be moved by love. To her, Hui Yue was like a smaller brother whom she had seen grow up, and as soon as Sha Yun joined the group, Rong Xing had also taken her under her wing.


The entire group knew that Wang Ju Long was a girl. A long time ago, when she followed Hui Yue around she had eventually joined the main group and spent her time with all of them. At that point, Hui Yue told Wang Ju Long the same thing he told the others; that he was sharing his body with an esteemed expert, and that was her leverage when it came to secrets.


But to Rong Xing, Wang Ju Long never became like a younger sister, instead she felt more like a younger brother, and this had caused the female twin to place the majority of her parental love onto Sha Yun.


On the other hand, although Rong Xing spoiled Sha Yun and spent as much time with her as possible, she also had many arguments with her about her habit of playing with the boys whom she found around the city or the academy.


Eventually, Rong Xing needed to threaten her using Hui Yue, before Sha Yun settled down, a little.

“Do you truly wish to be a burden?” She said harshly, shocking Sha Yun deeply. “Flirting leads to mating and mating leads to babies. Do you really think that Hui Yue is capable of keeping you around if you get small snake-babies?”


Hearing that gave Sha Yun a great shock, and she quickly put a hold on her romantic behaviour. She now spent much more time at home with Hui Yue, causing the two to chat more than they had done in quite a long time.


“Thank you for today,” Rong Xing said quietly, as her tears finally stopped falling and a tired expression appeared on her face once more as though she would collapse any moment from fatigue.


Hui Yue knew that both Rong Xing and Rong Ming had been training frantically during their breaks from dealing with their official duties and neither of them had gotten any proper sleep recently, causing Hui Yue to look at them with a small smile.


“Why don’t you sleep here for a bit?” Hui Yue asked. He had expected that the tired woman would refuse, yet instead she silently nodded her head. Although she was desperate to get back, she knew that her body was at its very limits.She hoped that if she rested within the tranquil atmosphere of Hui Yue’s home, then perhaps she could sleep for longer than she usually did these days.


Rong Ming was as tired as Rong Xing, yet he had the benefits of a stronger body so he could stand it better, yet Hui Yue could not help but laugh as he saw his very first friend swaying in the air as he was close to falling asleep.


Within moments, Hui Yue had gotten servants to prepare two guest rooms and after less than half an hour, the two twins each had a room where they passed out from fatigue, falling into a deep dreamless sleep.


Leaning back a wry smile was evident on Hui Yue’s face, as he clenched his fist and felt how the earth beneath him reacted to his gesture. The feeling of controlling the earth was many times more exquisite than he had ever expected, but now that the Rong twins were asleep, Hui Yue wished to go and understand why it felt so differently from Fire. As though he had not perfectly synced himself with his Fire elemental affinity.


‘You have perfected your use of Fire,’ Lan Feng’s voice suddenly sounded within Hui Yue’s mind. ‘Perfecting means that you can use skills without incantations, yet Fire is still only a tool to you. Your affinity with fire is great, but you are not synced with it. Fire has not become a part of you, it is not yet a part of your soul.’


Hearing this Hui Yue gaped openly. ‘How then do I sync with it?’ He asked quickly eager to begin, yet just as he was about to move back to the rear garden, Hui Yue felt how more guests were arriving.


Sighing slightly, Hui Yue went to the front door, where Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu were making their way together. Unlike the Rong twins, these two were joking amongst themselves and smiles were visible as they chatted.


As soon as they saw Hui Yue their smiles stayed on their faces, yet their eyes turned serious and a slight nod of greeting was seen. Both made their way into the house where they found a place to sit down and Sha Yun once more brought in tea.


That is to say, she brought one cup of tea which was given to Deng Wu as she smilingly gave him a welcoming nod. Wang Ju Long on the other hand was completely ignored.


Fortunately, Hui Yue had expected this and he had previously ordered a servant to bring the second cup of tea, before everyone, except the four friends, left the room leaving them alone to discuss certain matters.


“It will start in a couple of days,” Deng Wu said with a solemn expression on his face. “You are not going to side with our families am I correct?”


Every time Deng Wu made a visit to Hui Yue’s mansion he would ask the same question, and every time Hui Yue offer the same answer, no. Releasing a relieved sigh, Deng Wu leaned back in the chair as he sipped the warm tea.


The three of them were conversing about small things such as what they had been eating recently or which changes had happened to their cultivation base since they last had met.


Deng Wu had gotten much stronger due his cultivation technique which relied on the Dragon zodiac, and he had managed to jump up two stars within the Master rank. Though he still did not possess any astonishing spiritual arts, and Hui Yue had not shared any since he had been invited to join the Deng clan.


Suddenly steps could be heard and Rong Xing stepped into the room, her complexity slightly better than it had been previously, yet she was still very pale and the black bags below her eyes also still remained. Seeing Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long a small smile was evident on her lips as she moved towards them all and fell into a chair facing the two friends that she had not seen for a long time.


“We are friends, aren’t we?” She asked quietly, with a voice hoarse from sleeping. Hearing this question Deng Wu’s eyes moistened a little as he nodded.


“Don’t worry my flower,” He said, for once completely serious, “We will always be friends and I swear that you will never be hurt.”


Wang Ju Long was looking at Deng Wu for some time before she too decided to nod her head, agreeing with what the older boy had just stated. Rong Xing was not their goal after all, so for Deng Wu to make sure that she was safe was highly possible.


Hearing his answer she was both relieved and hurt, as the answer was enough to answer the question, but not enough to reveal what the families were planning, thus Rong Xing was left with mixed emotions. Deep inside though, she felt gratitude start to flourish towards Deng Wu, because he had given his word that  they would always be friends.


A friend was someone who was always there when needed, and they would not turn their backs of one another. This was what she truly needed to know and within the mansion belonging to Hui Yue, some of the friends once more gathered and spent time chatting together, just liked they had done back at the academy.


As the sun was setting the friends finally broke up leaving only Hui Yue and Sha Yun left within the mansion. Happiness was evident within Hui Yue’s eyes, as he had for once not felt as though it was expected that he chose between his friends.


“Why do you not tell big sister Xing about their plans?” Sha Yun asked again, but Hui Yue merely shook his head. “You know why Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long have come to visit us so often, if I were to tell her she would be heartbroken, and who knows whom she might tell. Some secrets are not possible to share, no matter how much we want to do so.” Hui Yue answered with a sad smile on his face and a gentle pat on Sha Yun’s head.


“I am sorry to get you caught up in all this mess,” He said kindly, as he took Sha Yun to the kitchen where he allowed for the chef to leave early as he, himself, cooked the meal for the two, master and beast, to share together.


“Don’t worry about it,” Sha Yun said with a blinding smile on her beautiful face. “If there is anything I can do to assist you, then please let me know,” She continued, eager to help out.


Sha Yun felt incredibly useless, as she could not currently help Hui Yue even though she knew  the situation was hurting him, but she still hoped there was at least something she was capable of doing for him.


Hearing this, Hui Yue pondered for a short while. He knew that Sha Yun wished to help him, yet he did not want to put her in any danger. Finally, his face showed a heartwarming smile.

“There is one thing,” Hui Yue said slowly after thoroughly considering the options. “If you are capable of visiting your sisters, please invite them to come stay at our mansion for awhile. We could use their help to make sure everything goes according to my plan.”


A large smile appeared on Sha Yun’s face, as she excitedly clapped her hands. “Ok! I haven’t seen them for a whole year!” She exclaimed happily.

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