Blue Phoenix

Chapter 82: Plea for Help

Although Hui Yue gained some important information he kept quiet about it for some time as he knew that although the Deng and Wang families were getting ready to make their move it was obvious that they could do nothing for the next year. Everything needed perfect planning and timing, and that was one thing which could not be rushed.

The Deng family had always been a major family within Riluo City, yet after they gained the watermills they had gotten greedy due to their income increasing tenfold and they wish for more.

The Wang family were different. They did not participate in this battle for Riluo City for the sake of greed, no they were driven by revenge.

The current families within the Deng and the Wang family had long since agreed that Deng Tsang Ying were to become the new City Lord, as long as the Wang family were allowed to take over everything which belonged to the Rong family.

As to which of the two families set this revolt into motion, Hui Yue did not know and truthfully for him it did not matter who was the leading force behind it.

What he did care about was the fact that his friends had been split between the two factions, and Hui Yue felt as though he would have to make an important decision.

Hui Yue was, however, not the only one who was stuck with an important decision which needed to be made. The Wang and Deng families had ensured that no one knew about their plans from the very start, yet their attempt to attract the young genius with ties to an esteemed expert had backfired on them.

Not only did he declined joining their group, he now also possessed knowledge of their plans to a certain degree, and if he were to tell this information to the City Lord then their plans would collapse. Then their hopes of ever overthrowing Lord Rong Liang go down the drain.

Hui Yue was unfortunately the student of an esteemed expert and getting rid of him was absolutely impossible, as they knew that the expert would come back and get revenge. A certain someone’s vengance was much more dangerous than a young boy who might tell on them to the City Lord.

Recently Lord Rong Liang had been incredibly busy with creating something which he called sewers, these sewers were vastly improving the living standards of the poorer areas of the city, not to mention his sudden explosive investment into mining magical gems and minerals.

This was obviously caused by Hui Yue, and two families from the Great Hundred Names used this opportunity to bribe and tempt other families to join their faction. Especially the rumour that the City Lord had come up with a mechanism which would completely change the entire field of mining. This caused many of the poorer noble families to be jealous and greedy. Magical crystals were definitely something which they wished to possess.

Although the surface of Riluo City was the same as ever, information started to seep into the underground, and as soon as the servants knew and gathered all the information, they brought it to Gao Yan.

Gao Yan was a part of the Rong faction and all the information he gained went straight to the twins who in turn brought it home.

Although the rumours were far from reality, they quickly caught on to the fact that something was happening and that it included the Deng family recruiting more families to ally with them. This in itself was nothing new, yet the urgency shown was one which worried the Rong faction.

Seated within Hui Yue’s mansion, the Rong twins had summoned the entire group of friends. Their expressions were of doubt and suspicion doubtful as they stood in the middle of the living room, looking at Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long with doubtful eyes.

“We don’t know what is going on.” Rong Xing choose her words and started speaking, “We know that the Wang and Deng families are planning something, but no matter how much we dig, it is impossible to get any information as to what they are planning.” A worried expression appeared on her face as her eyes never left her two friends.

“If you know anything, please please tell us.” She said with a quiet voice. Rong Xing was a proud girl. She saw herself as someone who could get things done and who had the ability to look after herself in any situation, yet here she was asking for help from the ones who were supposed to be their rival faction.

Hui Yue had at first considered answering her plea, as it was obvious that she was in a very tricky and painful position, yet his final decision was that as long as the two groups of friends were pitched against each other, he would not take any action.

Hui Yue trusted all his friends which included Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu. He was not in any position where he could choose between those two, or the Rong twins with Gao Yan and Ma Kong. Instead of choosing, Hui Yue decided to simply step back and watch the groups manage it on their own although if it turned into a full out battle, in that situation, Hui Yue would use all of his ability to save all of his friends, as he refused to allow even one of them to die.

This was also one of the reasons as to why Hui Yue was training like a madman. The young white-haired boy had chosen not to step into the actual fight unless all of his friends were joined on one side, or if any of his friends were in danger. He did not care if he had to rely on Lan Feng to ensure that all his friends would be safe. Friends were those whom they could trust in in their final moments; even if Hui Yue were to put himself at risk, he knew that saving his friends would be worth it.

Although Lan Feng considered himself and his goal to be of utmost importance, he did not try to argue when Hui Yue decided, by himself,  how to deal with the current situation.

‘To call oneself a man, one must step up even if there is the possibility of death. Friendship is not something cheap. Although our goal is important, we can never forget how we got there so decisions like these are equally valuable.’

Leaning back in his chair, Hui Yue observed Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu, curious to see how they would react to such a question, especially considering the love which Deng Wu felt for Rong Xing.

“My heart, my flower!” Deng Wu started, yet his expression quickly turned serious as he saw how solemn Rong Xing was, and he completely ignored the elaborate and decorative sentences he had prepared in advance.

“I do not know.” He said while shrugging his shoulders. Looking at the guy, Hui Yue had to admit that he was a first class actor. No one would be able to tell that he had in fact previously explained the whole plan to Hui Yue.

“Our families are aware of the relationship between us all.” Wang Ju Long took over as she said with an apologetic voice. “They never speak of anything important when we are around.”

Hui Yue was just about to snort at the words spoken, but he managed to turn it into a cough, after which he quickly apologized for interrupting. Looking at the people present Hui Yue could not help but feel a slight tinge of sadness, as he saw how doubt and confusion was evident within the eyes of the Rong twins.

Sighing deeply. Hui Yue stood up. “We are all friends.” He said with a gentle voice as he placed a hand on Rong Xing’s shoulder. “I am certain that no one here wishes for the others to be in trouble, and I can assure that if anyone wishes to harm you, it will be over my dead body. That goes for everyone here, as I truly consider everyone present a friend.”

Hearing this a certain gratitude appeared within the eyes of all the people present, and the atmosphere turned slightly more cheerful. Hui Yue brought out snacks and drinks, and everyone felt the same as they had back when they were still students at the academy.

After a couple of hours Hui Yue’s guests slowly left his mansion, yet before Deng Wu left a few words escaped his lips, “Thank you”.

Hui Yue just patted his shoulder much like he had done to Rong Xing earlier, and he smiled as all of them left. As soon as they had vanished down the street the gentle smile on Hui Yue’s face instantly halted after which it vanished.

“Why did you not say anything?” Sha Yun asked as she stood behind Hui Yue, her silvery eyes glistening.

“I don’t need to.” Hui Yue sighed as he turned around and beckoned for Sha Yun to follow him. The two of them walked through the entire house and out in the rear garden where Hui Yue knew that no one was observing him.

“I know you have broken into the Master rank very recently.” Hui Yue said and patted Sha Yun’s head slightly, which caused the snake-woman to sprout a proud smile and nod her head enthusiastically.

The thing which Sha Yun liked the best was when she was getting patted on her head and complimented by Hui Yue.

Sha Yun was a beast, and as a beast although cultivation was ranked the same as humans it was very different. Sha Yun did not have dantians, instead she had her beast core which was located in her head. This beast core was the place where the entire cultivation base was located, and since magical beasts had all their energy concentrated in one place they had, since childhood, unlocked their mental affinities.

Sha Yun only had one elemental affinity, the earthen one. Unlike humans, magical beasts did not need to learn spiritual attack skills or other kind of attacks, as they had certain abilities born within their beast core.

One such ability was Sha Yun’s ability to control Earth with but a thought. She did not need to use incantations as the earth always moved to her will. Although Sha Yun had only just entered the Master rank, Hui Yue knew that she was already stronger than Deng Wu and Gao Yan.

As to whether or not Hui Yue was stronger of the two, he did not know because Sha Yun refused to spar against him.

“We need to be stronger Yun.” Hui Yue sighed, as he sat down beneath a new tree which he had purchased after the fire, closed his eyes as he once more started refining Qi into spiritual energy. He wished to reach the second star of the Master rank as soon as possible, so that he would be capable of perfecting new spiritual arts.

Sha Yun was standing in front of Hui Yue for a long time, just observing him. Within was a turmoil of emotions as she was contemplating her options. Sha Yun hated Wang Ju Long. The human girl who pretended to be a man.

Sha Yun knew about the plans of the Deng and Wang families, yet she had stayed quiet and followed Hui Yue’s lead. Although Hui Yue had stayed quiet, Sha Yun could not help but wonder about how simple it would be to get rid of Wang Ju Long; all she had to do was go to the City Lord and informed him about the schemes of his rivals.

Shaking her head, Sha Yun refused to give into disloyalty and selfishness. She knew that if she did Hui Yue would be greatly disappointed in her, and that was one thing which Sha Yun could not accept.

Sighing deeply she sat down next to Hui Yue and closed her eyes, as she started absorbing the essence in the air, turning it into energy and slowly raising her strength.

Her aim was not much different from the others as she wished for the strength to be able to protect Hui Yue from any danger.

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