Blue Phoenix

Chapter 64: Bathtub Trouble

Listening to Hui Yue’s words Sha Yun did just that, and the young boy heard the slithering sound of her moving into the attached bathroom followed by a slight splashing sound. The sound allowed for a relaxed smile to appear on Hui Yue’s face.

Laying in the bed, Hui Yue enjoyed how the fabric was smooth and gentle like silk against his skin, cooling him but not allowing him to get cold. The soft embrace of the warm bed was such a contrast to anything he had experienced in the last many weeks and a gratified expression appeared on his face. Although there was only one big bed, it was definitely not as bad as he had assumed at first.

Hui Yue enjoyed the smooth fabric, the soft embrace, and the quiet surroundings. Though quickly a frown appeared on his face, as he noticed a low hissing sound along with small creaking sounds from inside the bathroom even though the sounds were lowered by the closed door.

Hearing these hissing sounds it was clear to Hui Yue that the bathing session did not work out as intended. An exasperated sigh escaped his lips, as he forced his tired muscles to once more support him on the small walk from the tempting bed towards the bathroom, which contained something that was highly likely to cause his headache to reappear.

‘Wahoo!’ Lan Feng cheered within the dantian cave as Hui Yue moved towards the bathroom, causing Hui Yue to narrow his eyes, contemplating which perverted line would emerge.

‘You are finally growing a pair, huh?’ Lan Feng asked, but before Hui Yue could even open his mouth, the perverted bird continued, ‘This is what it is like to be a man. We need to indulge in the usual man things like walking in on a naked woman.’

‘You do realise she has been naked all day right?’ Hui Yue pointed out with a sigh. It was indeed true that Sha Yun had not been wearing anything, before Hui Yue had purchased her a cloak, but even so, she had not appeared naked due to the protective scales all over her body.

‘Naked is naked,’ Lan Feng stubbornly claimed. ‘Imagine those scaled soaked in water.’ He mused, and Hui Yue was slightly disturbed by a feeling which was invading him from Lan Feng’s soul.

‘If you are a good boy, I’ll even tell you how to do it with a snake-woman.’ Finally, Hui Yue had had enough, and he forcefully shook his head trying to shake away all the words left behind by Lan Feng, before he gently knocked on the bathroom door convincing himself that Lan Feng’s temptation was something he could easily withstand.

A hiss could be heard, this time slightly more frantic than the previous ones and loud sounds of crashing items followed, causing Hui Yue to close his blue eyes in dread for what could have happened.

Slowly opening the door revealed a room filled with steam, and it took a few moments before Hui Yue had a clear view of what had happened. Before the steam completely vanished, Hui Yue had done everything within his power to strain his eyes to their limits, allowing for him to see what happened, yet as soon as it was visible Hui Yue could not help but wish that he had never opened the door.

The bathroom was a generous size, definitely living up to the reputation of the biggest room within the inn. In the middle a big wooden barrel bathtub had been placed on top of a small charcoal stove which kept the water within the bathtub warm.

Flower petals had been floating generously on top of the water, yet currently these petals were either adorning the floor or stuck on Sha Yun’s scaled skin.

Sha Yun was currently placed within the bathtub, but she was quite obviously seated in an incredibly awkward position. Her tail was simply too long to enter the water together with herself, yet it seemed as though she had forced it into the already cramped bathtub, only to cause her to be jammed within and the water to overflow.

This was, however, not the worst that Hui Yue noticed. The last meter of the tail was unable to fit into the bathtub, together with the rest of her, and now that she noticed she was stuck, slight panic had overtaken her, causing her to thrash around with the tail, knocking down bottles of interesting items.

Looking at the floor Hui Yue sighed, as he saw jade bottles which contained scented oils, sweet fragranced soaps, and a few medicinal pills. Everything had been broken by the thrashing of her tail.

Carefully walking through the room, Hui Yue moved to the middle and observed the snake-woman, considering how he should get her free, yet no matter how much he thought, only one way seemed possible.

A blush appeared on his face as he grabbed the tail and started pulling. At first he had expected that it would be fairly easy for him to help her, yet after pulling as hard as he could, he found out that it was truly no easy task. Sha Yun was firmly stuck within the bathtub.

Lines started to become visible on Hui Yue’s forehead as he looked at the bathtub situation once again. This time he did not even consider Lan Feng’s previous taunting as he looked at the coiled snake within the bathtub, a helpless giggle escaping him.

The entire situation was bizarre, and it looked as though Sha Yun as well felt it rather odd as she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Hui Yue tried pulling Sha Yun’s tail from various angles, yet no matter what he did it was all for naught, as the only result he got was the snake-woman twisting her face in discomfort.

Eventually, Hui Yue had had enough and he gritted his teeth as he started to circulate his Qi through his body and focused it in his hands, multiplying his previous strength a hundredfold. Although this could turn slightly uncomfortable, it was nothing compared to the pain Sha Yun had already experienced in their pulling competition thus far.

Using Qi caused the issue to be handled swiftly, and Hui Yue started to wonder why he had not done so before. Finally done a sigh escaped Hui Yue once again, causing the young boy to feel as though sighing had become as natural to him as breathing.

Changing the sight to a smile, Hui Yue cast one last glance at Sha Yun and he had to admit that she was indeed an enchantress. Her beauty was alluring and so was her curvy figure, as it now laid there in the bathtub with a coiled tail roaming around lazily. She looked like a siren from the old stories.

Shaking his head, Hui Yue laughed and finally forced himself to drag his eyes from the tempting sight as he moved out of the bathroom and back to the bed. Allowing for his body to slump onto the bed, and it did not take him even a moment before everything turned black and he gavel into the comforting feeling of sleep.

In another courtyard within Riluo City was Wang Ju Long seated in her room. From a very young age, Wang Ju Long had focused on nothing apart from training at which she had always wished to excel.

When Wang Ju Long’s mother had gone into labour, a fortune-teller within Riluo City made the prophecy that if the Wang family were to get a son then they would flourish beyond belief, yet if they were to get a daughter then they would suffer tremendously.

Having heard such a public prophecy everyone within Riluo City was curious to see whether or not the Wang family’s new child would be a boy or a girl. As she was born, her father had personally executed everyone present, and then informed the masses that it was a boy.

Since then, Wang Ju Long had lived as a boy. She had never been given a female name, nor had she been allowed to wear female clothes. Living a life where her father refused to look at her and her mother had cast her away, Wang Ju Long quickly found a great love in the quietness of meditation.

She saw how the guards would meditate and she copied their gesture. Her first strand of Qi was refined when she was three years old, and even back then it had the pure and shining lustre it was so famous for.

Refining Qi at the age of three had caused everyone within the Wang family to suddenly realise that Wang Ju Long was not just the shame of their family. She could perhaps become the new genius of a generation as long as no one knew her real gender.

Since then, Wang Ju Long started to understand what the world was truly like. A place where the strongest survived and those with talent would be treated as celebrities while everyone else would be treated with hostility. Had she not become useful then it was obvious that she would have been left alone for her entire life.

Still within this world there was one person who did not seem to care about her real gender and who had even gifted her an unreplaceable cultivation technique. Although Wang Ju Long was young she still felt gratitude towards this person and for the first time ever, she wished to be strong for the sake of someone else.

So far her strength had been a way for her to secure a safe lifestyle within her family’s home, yet now she wished to improve so that she was truly worthy of her position as a rival of Hui Yue.

These thoughts had been flaring within Wang Ju Long’s mind for days on end and she had completely skipped eating and sleeping for the sake of cultivating and improving her cultivation base, and now, after two months and constant cultivation, she had managed to advance into the fifth star Disciple rank.

A great feeling of accomplishment was washing over her tired body as she finally reached her goal. Hui Yue was likely to be still above her in rank, yet she knew that even if he was slightly stronger, she still had the ability to catch up. He had granted her this opportunity and it was one she would never let go of.

Thinking about Hui Yue caused Wang Ju Long’s cheeks to turn slightly red, but she quickly slapped them hard. She had been told to live her life as a man and that was what she would do. Still she wished that there was a possibility for her to become Hui Yue’s friend in the future.

Hui Yue was sleeping deeply while Wang Ju Long finally managed to break into the fifth star of the Disciple rank. He had gone without proper sleep for weeks and although the training had been greatly rewarding, it had also caused him to feel fatigued by using his abilities to their limits.

Sleeping within the bed, Hui Yue finally looked like the young child he was suppose to be, and his previous vigilance and sharpness was nowhere to be found.

Sha Yun had been enjoying the bath for a long time, especially the bubbles, and when she finally emerged from the bathroom it had been more than an hour since Hui Yue had left. As she moved in the room she noticed the sleeping boy on the bed and a gentle expression appeared on her face.

Today had been the most exciting day in all of Sha Yun’s life and looking at the many different things which had happened, she did not regret her choice of initiating the beast pledge even a little.

Moving towards the bed, Sha Yun used her snake-tail to wrap around Hui Yue and move him further into the bed before she laid down next to him, refusing to let go of his waist and instead pulling him closer, leaving him in her scaled embrace. A smile appeared on her face as she too fell into a deep sleep.

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