Blue Phoenix


Chapter 61: The Three Beast Sisters

Walking through the dense forest back to the camp had given Hui Yue a lot of time to think things over. At first he had been completely against the fact that he now had his previous opponent following him, yet he knew of no way to release a beast who had made  the beast pledge other than killing.

Looking at the beautiful woman behind him, Hui Yue had no intention of killing her, but bringing her along seemed slightly out of place as well. Not to mention that she had completely subjugated herself to him, a feeling which caused his scalp to grow numb.

‘Don’t complain too much.’ Lan Feng said with a hearty laugh. ‘Having such a good looking woman as your servant is not bad. If you don’t want to enjoy her, then don’t mind if I do!’

‘Stop it.’ Hui Yue hissed, trying to make the phoenix serious, but he quickly understood that although Lan Feng had been deeply shocked by seeing a humanoid beast personally initiating the beast pledge, he was pleasantly surprised compared to the shock and despair which were the emotions that had overtaken Hui Yue.

This day the campsite was located at a beautiful river which was running through the forest. The forest floor was filled with beautiful flowers and many animals and magical beasts of lower cultivation roamed around, giving the area a welcoming feel.

The river was fairly wide, wide enough to allow for the youngsters to see the rays of sunshine which shone down between the gap made in the tree branches, but not so wide that they could no longer see the opposite river bank.

Every day, the group would move their campsite to a new location where they would hunt beasts. One person would be left behind to guard their tents and cook their dinner, and this person was determined by drawing sticks. Today the person who was waiting was Gao Yan.

Walking into the campsite dragging Sha Yun with him, Hui Yue saw that no one else had returned, and he heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

“What is she doing here?” The older boy asked with furrowed brows as he looked up from the pot in which he was currently cooking stew for their dinner. No actual hostility was seen on his face, but instead utmost confusion.

It had been three weeks since the battle between the humanoid beasts and the young students occurred, but that fight caused the biggest breakthrough for every member of the group. This caused them to feel slight gratitude towards these beasts, even if the fight had been much more dangerous than anything they had ever experienced before. With great danger came great rewards.

“She is curious about humans.” Hui Yue said hesitantly, as he led her towards the fire where he sat her down on a log. “Sit.” He ordered as though he spoke to a little girl or smaller animal, yet the snake-woman seemed not to mind his manner of speaking at all, and she curled her tail as she sat down on the log as told.

Sha Yun had been living within the Magical Forest for multiple years, yet most mercenaries knew that they were to avoid the three clearings that belonged to the three beast sisters that enjoyed ambushing unsuspecting cultivators. Although it would be possible for some mercenaries to kill these sisters, the reward was really not worth it. Their strength was far above the rank of their beast cores, thus they had lived a fairly sheltered life.

Sha Yun and her sisters were aware that they had human blood in their bodies, and this blood had gifted them with extraordinary intelligence compared to other beasts. Their intelligence also allowed for them to befriend the Saint ranked beast King of the forest, as he usually got bored without anyone to have a proper conversation with.

Yet although their intelligence had grown, the three sisters had grown up relatively sheltered from humans causing their curiosity and mentality to be similar to that of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old young woman. A young woman who had never been outside of her own front door and knew nothing of the astonishing world which was waiting for her.

Sha Yun was exactly like this. She was curious by nature and could not help but wonder what the humans were like. All her life she had been taught that they were the enemies of magical beasts, and that she ought to kill on sight because the humans would do the same. It was survival of the fittest in this Magical Forest.

Yet, after living year by year believing this, Sha Yun suddenly experienced a strong young boy who was capable of appearing out of nowhere, and although he had defeated both her and her two sisters, he still allowed for them to leave with their dignity somewhat intact.

Such a human was different, and Sha Yun could not help but wonder if the human world could be different as well. Suddenly the narrow world which contained the forest had opened itself in front of her. Although it meant subjugating herself to a human, Sha Yun already realised that her life had been in the hands of this young master, and he had allowed her to leave with her sisters. Based on this alone, Sha Yun’s dignity told her that she owed him her life.

“Hello.” A voice suddenly rang out, dragging Sha Yun from her deep thoughts and she looked up, her silvery eyes locking onto the young man who was standing in front of her. Looking at him, Sha Yun could easily see that he was older than Hui Yue, and she remembered that he had been fighting with one of her sisters earlier. Yet right now he was sprouting a gentle smile and his only reaction to her silvery eyes was a raised eyebrow.

“My name is Gao Yan.” The young man introduced himself. “I take it you do not speak human yet?” He asked, and Sha Yun could only nod in reply. She had never expected that this young man would welcome her like this.

A low growling sound escaped her lips, and she tried copying the words which Gao Yan had said, though to no avail. A disappointed pout appeared on her face and her snake-tail started tapping the ground in displeasure.

“Her name is Sha Yun.” Hui Yue said over his shoulder as he moved toward the river, getting some water before finding a place to wash. Fighting the magical beasts daily caused them to be covered in grime which would smell horrid after a short amount of time.

The riverbanks were filled with the softest grass and a small slope lead down to the refreshing water. Jumping into this water Hui Yue  shivered slightly  as the drop in temperature was quite extreme, yet after few moments his body had gotten used to the chilled water. As it cleaned his skin,a satisfied sigh escaped his lips as he closed his eyes and allowed the stream to slowly sweep him down the river and past the campsite. The water soothed his taunt muscles and tired body.

Suddenly a loud growl broke through the air causing the relaxed Hui Yue to instantly become alert, yet before he managed to see anything, a large shadow landed on top of him, and he felt something slither around his waist, dragging him against the stream.

Looking down, Hui Yue saw that this slithering thing was a snake-tail, and a headache started knocking as he was reeled back to shore like a fish which had been caught.

Knowing that there was no use in struggling, Hui Yue allowed the strong snake tail to drag him back and he sighed as his dripping wet body was pulled from the river and moved to sit on the soft grass next to a Sha Yun who had a loving expression within her eyes.

Small growling and sneering sounds appeared from within the snake-woman’s throat as her claws had been withdrawn and her scaled fingers grabbed his face, forcing him to look at her face, worry evident within.

‘She is a good woman.’ Lan Feng commented from within the dantian cave. ‘You should mate with her and make small snake babies. I always wondered whether or not these mixed snake beasts has babies or eggs.’

‘I think I will pass.’ Hui Yue said quite quickly. “I’m fine.” He said out loud to allow Sha Yun to know that he had not suffered any accident in the water, and he made his way back to the riverside where he had left his clothes.

Even now, the tail had not let go of his stomach and Hui Yue tried to make it vanish, yet Sha Yun did her very best to completely ignore him by still asserting enough strength to ensure that he could not forcefully remove the tail.

“Sha Yun!” Hui Yue said indignant. “I can’t get my clothes on, remove your tail!” With a depressed and incredibly loud sigh, Hui Yue was finally set free, and he quickly slipped into his clothes before turning back and seeing Gao Yan laughing uncontrollably at the back of the camp. Sha Yun was seating in front of the fireplace and pouted as though Hui Yue had scolded her.

Looking at these different expressions, Hui Yue could not help but sigh, his headache increasing as he felt how he had just turned into the parent of quite a rebellious young child. At the same time struggling against Lan Feng’s temptations about creating small snake babies. It was obvious that the perverted bird within him was more than overwhelmed by his animalistic instincts for reproducing.

Just as Hui Yue had managed to get dressed, he noticed that the Rong twins were making their way to the campsite both smeared in grime, but also sprouting satisfied smiles on their faces.

As they returned to the campsite both looked slightly surprised upon seeing the large snake-woman who was sitting at their fire, yet Rong Xing acted as if nothing was wrong, walking over and greeting the woman in her politest way, not forgetting to introduce herself.

Sha Yun tried to reply, yet sadness seeped into her eyes once more as all that exited her lips was small growling sounds.

“Hui Yue!” Suddenly Rong Xing’s voice sounded through the air, and Hui Yue was surprised to see that the voice was angry. Looking up he noticed that the usually calm woman was walking towards him with long strides, her beautiful features twisted in anger, and before Hui Yue managed to react, a slap had been planted on his face.

“How could you?!” She said with a low, but dangerous voice, yet just as she had struck Hui Yue a flash appeared, and Sha Yun stood between the two human youngsters, growling threateningly and her tail rattling as though she was preparing to attack.

“Sha Yun step down.” Hui Yue said with a sigh, as he sat down on the grass and looked at his fuming friend. “What’s wrong?” He asked at the same time as Ma Kong returned.

Ignoring the arrival of yet another friend, Rong Xing pointed at Sha Yun before she said through tightly clenched teeth “Look at Sha Yun! She kept her part of the deal and you still forced her to take the beast pledge!”

Hearing this, Hui Yue could not help but laugh slightly desperately. How he wished that the beast pledge had never happened.

“Calm down.” He insisted after finally stopping his laughter. “She was the one who initiated it, I am the victim here. What am I supposed to do with this woman, who is planning on following me?”

Rong Xing’s face was blank and surprise was growing on her face. Her brows slightly furrowed and the surprise changed to confusion. Hui Yue could not blame her, he himself would have had the same reaction, had anyone told him that a humanoid beast volunteered to create a beast pledge.

“Oh my, a new beauty has joined us?” A voice sounded from behind, as Deng Wu picked up Sha Yun’s scaled hand and gently kissed the back, winking with his eyes and smiling wickedly at her.

“Were my heart not already stolen by Rong Xing, then I am sure that I would have become your avid follower, oh my god your eyes are silver!”


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