Blue Phoenix

Chapter 586: World of Darkness

As soon as he stepped onto the stage, Hui Yue felt a pressure unlike any he had ever faced before. 

Although this Nightcrawler Sect's youth was not the opponent with the most Ancestral Worldpower that Hui Yue had ever faced, and neither was he the one with the most daos under his control, he was without a doubt the most lethal opponent Hui Yue had ever faced. 

His Ancestral Worldpower pool was larger than Hui Yue’s, and although Hu Yue knew more daos, he was not as proficient in using them as this youth was. 

One needed to remember that Hui Yue was less than fifty years old while this Nightcrawler Sect’s youth was closer to two hundred and fifty. Although he had never had desperate life and death struggles like Hui Yue had encountered time and time again, he had still fought against the elders of his sect. During these fights, he had managed to perfect the daos that he did control. 

Hui Yue was far more rustic in his battles. He had a decent understanding of all his daos. Even now as he stood on the stage he was certain that he would risk his life for this victory. He would never give up, and because of this, his killing intent started to erupt from his body. He could release all of his potential as Yanluo had promised that no matter how terribly they injured the other, none of them would lose their bodies or have their souls shattered.

Crippling an opponent was also impossible, as their body consisted fully of Ancestral Worldpower. Thus there was no reason for Hui Yue to hold back. 

The moment his killing intent erupted from his body, everyone in the audience sucked in a breath of cold air. All of them felt as if they had been thrown in an ice-cold sea. 

It was not just the ordinary audience who were shocked, but also eight of the nine Judges of Hell, all of them except Yanluo, were also very shocked by his killing intent, especially Qinguang.

He knew that they had to go through the Mirror of Retribution’s test which tested whether one had the right character. To show such a killing intent one had to have killed countless people.

That was when he remembered that Hui Yue had not triggered the mirror causing him to narrow his eyes. Did this Pei Yue have some background where he had slaughtered his way through countless battles? Was he the kind of ruthless person that would wantonly kill people? 

King Qinguang started to worry, but when he saw the carefree smile on Yanluo's face, he wondered if maybe he was wrong.

It was true that Hui Yue had killed many people. Some through one on one battles, but the majority of the people he had killed was during the war with the Siban Empire and the massacre in the Dungeons of the Divine. 

Although he had killed many people, the majority of his killing intent came from having merged with the red wolf. Although Hui Yue was not the kind of person who would wantonly kill people, the red wolf most definitely was. The wolf had killed more than a million people, accumulating the most dreadful killing intent which was now released. 

A cold sweat appeared on the faces of everyone in the audience, and even Pei Ze, who had previously felt quite close to Hui Yue, was now frightened by him. Although he was frightened, deep inside, he was also proud. This savage cultivator was from his Celestial Sword Sect! With such a show of ferocity, there was a chance that perhaps the Celestial Sword Sect would have the most talented youngster in the entire galaxy. 

While the audience was very shocked by it, it was evident that not even the Nightcrawler Sect's youth could remain unaffected. This was after all the individual who the killing intent was being aimed at, and he felt an uncomfortable chill run down his spine as he looked into the cold and ruthless eyes of Hui Yue. 

Where the audience was filled with shock and apprehension, the only effect it had on the Nightcrawler Sect's youth was that it roused his fighting spirit. It kept on rising and soon he could not hide the smile which slipped onto his lips as his hands clenched in excitement. 

The fight had yet to begin, but both youngsters had already started a mental battle against one another. They stared at one another, and their eyes were locked. There was no enmity between them, no hate or malice, but neither would back down. 

The atmosphere was tense, and everyone in the audience was waiting for Yanluo to start the battle, but the King of Hell was intentionally being slow. He understood that although they had yet to exchange blows, they had already started their fight. 

"Let the fight begin!" Yanluo's voice finally sounded out from within the audience, and the moment his words landed, everything turned to shades of black, white, and gray. 

In the Nightcrawler Sect’s youth's hands was a long black whip, while Hui Yue flicked his hand and the Sword of Icy Tempest appeared. 

No one had seen him use a sword since he had become a God, so not only were the contestants shocked, but so was the audience. Could it be that Hui Yue had no intention of taking his wolf form and fighting as a human? 

No one really knew, only Hui Yue was aware of what he would do. While everywhere was buzzing with excitement, Yanluo's eyes narrowed as he saw the sword. "Nine Heaven's Blood Forging!" he muttered to himself as his eyes shone with anticipation.

Although Hui Yue was a God now, his sword was still an amazing treasure which was capable of fighting the black whip head on. 

The whip slashed out, moving at an inconceivable speed towards Hui Yue. Although it was so fast that afterimages were shown and that the majority of the audience could not see the real whip, Hui Yue was different. 

His senses were sharpened to their limits, and he had a view of the entire stage with his soulforce, so when the whip almost landed right in front of him, he dodged as nimbly as a panther. 

Seeing how easily he dodged, the eyebrows of the Nightcrawler Sect's youth shot up in surprise. Even he would have problems avoiding the speed of the whip if it was aimed at him, but just because Hui Yue was fast did not mean that this young man was going to give up.

"I fail to believe that you can keep your energy within my world of darkness!" He said arrogantly before he once more slashed out his whip again and again. 

Hui Yue was surprised as he sensed that this young man was not using one dao, but was using two which had been merged. He could feel how the energy within his body was slowly being drained and he could instantly guess that one of the daos that this young man had comprehended was the dao of devouring. 

Reaching this far, Hui Yue could not help but laugh. So this youth wanted to compete with him in the dao of devouring? 

Although he had merged the dao of devouring with the dao of shadows to create his dark world, which one would naturally think made it countless times more powerful than Hui Yue’s understanding of the dao, but this would be underestimating the power of Hui Yue’s past lives. One cannot forget that every life of Hui Yue's, apart from the Celestial Wings, had some understanding of the dao of devouring and when combining it all their countless experiences in using and controlling the dao passed to Hui Yue. His understanding of this dao was as deep and profound as a deep lake and matched if not exceeded the understanding the Nightcrawler Sect’s youth had of his merged dao.

It had been the main dao for both the blue monk and the red wolf, and even the green gem was walking down the path of devouring. His understanding about the dao of devouring was so outstanding that he could control a devouring force field that he had inherited from the blue monk.

And this force field was exactly what Hui Yue released. He understood that he had less Ancestral Worldpower than this youth and if he kept being drained then he would lose. He had to break the world of darkness!

The blue cloud erupted from Hui Yue's body and stayed like a blanket around him, protecting him against the devouring force. This made it impossible to keep absorbing his energy, yet it was also impossible for Hui Yue to devour the energy within this world of darkness.

While they were fighting and Hui Yue was activating the forcefield, he constantly had to dodge the black whip that kept coming at him. Finally, Hui Yue had no other choice than to activate the Celestial wings and fly into the air. 

He found that he was soon out of range from the whip and the higher up he flew he found that it was possible for him to devour a tiny amount of energy from the surrounding world. It seemed that the world of darkness became weaker and weaker the further away from the youth it was.

"I haven't used this attack in a long time, but it should be able to do something to this world of darkness," Hui Yue mumbled to himself as he slowly landed on the stage once more.

He raised the sword high above his head and found the attack he had decided to use. This attack was one he had only used once before, but when he used it he was able to summon the divine tribulation lightning, and now lightning was exactly what he needed! 

Lightning was the nemesis of shadows, and after a few moments, the sky above the stage started turning black. A low rumbling was heard by everyone present, and anyone nearby as it echoed into the distance.

While Hui Yue was busy summoning the Nine Heavens Tribulation lightning, he had activated the red gem making himself as hard to injure as a mountain. Together with this, he also had a layer of the blue cloud around his body which kept on being dissipated by the constant attacks that came his way. 

The Nightcrawler Sect's youth could feel that something was wrong with the attack that Hui Yue was unleashing. This was not a dao of lightning or anything similar, it was clearly an Ancestral Worldpower skill, yet what kind of skills were this strong? 

Noticing that the rumbling was increasing, he tried his best to interrupt Hui Yue, but nothing happened. No matter how his whip landed on Hui Yue's body only a few superficial wounds appeared, and they were so light that they did not even rupture the skin. They just left marks all over his body and ripped his clothes to shreds. 

The pain Hui Yue felt was minimal, and he continued to summon the black clouds. Soon the rumble escalated and one pure white lightning bolt descended from the sky landing straight on the stage. This bolt of lightning ripped a hole in the world of darkness before it continued to descend and almost landed on the body of the Nightcrawler Sect's youth. 

He managed to just barely avoid it like Hui Yue had avoided his whip, but the lightning was many times more dangerous than a single whip. Though after that strike the rumbling did not decrease, but instead it increased. A second lightning bolt descended roaring like a dragon made of lightning as it too ripped a hole in the fabric of the world of darkness creating more and more holes where light and colors returned to the stage. 

It was not only color which returned to the stage but also the Ancestral Worldpower, making it possible for Hui Yue to once more absorb it and replenish the energy he had already used. 

The fight had just started, but Hui Yue and the Nightcrawler Sect's youth were not backing down. The lightning bolts in the heavens continued to gather in strength while the world of darkness slowly tried to mend itself. This had turned into a fight of attrition. The one who managed to last the longest would get the upper hand, and the other would fall behind, maybe making it impossible to rise once more and claim victory!

To Hui Yue, this was unacceptable, and therefore the nine lightning bolts he had at his disposal had to break the world of darkness completely!