Blue Phoenix


Chapter 58: Reinforcement

Having said that, Hui Yue suddenly felt as though Lan Feng became rigid and the little bird within his dantian cave instantly turned serious. “F*ck!” He roared as he took control of Hui Yue’s body within a second, shocking the other.

“RUN!” Lan Feng yelled loudly as he pointed toward the trail they had travelled upon earlier. Hearing the sudden change in attitude from the previously arrogant bird, no one asked any questions, and the items which were unpacked earlier got completely disregarded, as they started fleeing back the way they had come.

‘What’s wrong?’ Hui Yue asked worriedly. Although Hui Yue and Lan Feng had faced danger before, an acute feeling of immense danger had descended upon Hui Yue, as he felt an oppressing aura from somewhere behind them.

Truthfully it was not Hui Yue who sensed this aura but Lan Feng. As their souls were merged together, Hui Yue could feel it as well, yet everything he felt was only a fragment of what Lan Feng felt. Hearing this one could imagine just how oppressive the aura was.

“F*ck!” Lan Feng swore loudly, inscribing even more fear into the hearts of the fleeing youngsters. Rushing through the trail clearly allowed for the six cultivators to quickly exit the forest, much faster than the time when they had first entered the fields.  Now they could see their tents in the distance, together with the pen where their beasts were waiting, near the village.

After rushing halfway to the tents, Lan Feng turned around so that he was no longer retreating, but rather in a defensive position.

“There is a Saint ranked magical beast within this Magical Forest,” Lan Feng said through gritted teeth. “I might have been a Saint ranked beast before, but currently my strength cannot compare to this creature. Fortunately though, it has no interest in chasing us now that we have left the forest.”

Hearing this, a sigh of relief could be heard from all the youngsters present, yet they did not dare relax as they saw how vigilant Lan Feng was still.

“The beast we injured earlier is not happy.” He frowned. “She is on her way here now, and it seems that she has called for reinforcements. In total there are three magical beasts of mixed heritage, so it will be highly unlikely that you can stay alive unless you go all out.”

Having said that, however Lan Feng looked at Deng Wu with an expression of determination  on his face. Survival was after all more important than keeping his secret.

“I will be supporting Hui Yue from the side.” Lan Feng stated, before he returned  control of the body to Hui Yue.

‘We cannot allow these beasts to kill us.” Lan Feng growled, clearly his sight was set on killing them, and he gathered drop after drop of spiritual energy, which was ready for Hui Yue to use during the fight.

“Listen up.” Hui Yue said with a serious expression on his face, and the other five people instantly paid attention to him. “Deng Wu, you go for the one which we previously fought. She is likely to have much less Qi left and even if she does, then she would be injured from our previous attacks.” Hearing this, Deng Wu nodded his head, and his usually joking appearance turned completely serious, eyes sharp as they observed the outskirts of the forest waiting for his target to arrive.

“The four of you.” Hui Yue said to the Rong twins, Gao Yan, and Ma Kong, “you need to deal with one of the unharmed beasts, and I will deal with one on my own.”

Hearing this they all nodded. The air rippled and fluctuations of Qi spread out from the six bodies, different shades of white were being channeled within their hands. One was a large Qi Pillar, while another was bombs. A big fan appeared by Rong Xing’s hand. It was as tall as she was, and the wind which had been blowing gently through the air suddenly stopped, as though it waited for permission to continue its movements.

Rong Ming was standing with a giant blade in his hand, a blade created from his white lustreless Qi, and it was humming as though begging Rong Ming to release it, to allow it to slash through the air.

Hui Yue smiled gently as he looked at the outskirts of the woods, narrowing his eyes he noticed three figures making their way towards the six youngsters that were waiting for them.

All of these figures were female, and Hui Yue rose an eye in surprise as he noticed how they seemed like mythical creatures from his old world.

A blue woman with scales all over her body and hair like seaweed was walking on the left side. Her body was incredibly attractive although very tattered, as the scales were broken and black coloured blood was dyeing the blue scales and the pain was evident on an otherwise beautiful face.

Next to this blue woman, who reminded Hui Yue of a water nymph, was a yellow woman. Her upper body was that of a woman, yet her lower body clearly resembled a snake. Her eyes were filled with hostility, and the red catlike pupils instantly locked onto Hui Yue who was standing in the middle. Hui Yue was staring back while dual wielding a Qi knife from Transforming Weapons and his Black Blood.

The final woman was clearly mixed with a bird. Her arms wer big white wings while her legs were long and birdlike with sharp claws. Her torso and face were clearly that of a woman, but her white skin was filled with feathers.

Looking at this last woman, Hui Yue could not help but think of Lan Feng. Had the two of them met in another circumstance, Hui Yue had the feeling that they would be the perfect couple. They were both birds looking slightly human after all.

“Get ready.” Hui Yue said, and all of them focused their entire attention on the targets in front of them. Rong Xing quickly stood on top of her Qi fan, floating slightly over the ground, while one Qi dagger after another was solidifying next to her.

Rong Ming was standing on the ground, his blade humming louder and louder after seeing the bird woman, as though it knew that this was his target.

Deng Wu was looking at the blue scaled woman and his Qi pillar constantly grew in size. At first it looked like an ordinary staff, but since these women were taking their time crossing the distance, the pillar had grown to an unthinkable size. This pillar contained Deng Wu’s entire cultivation base, and one hit would be enough to finish off the blue scaled woman.

Hui Yue could not afford to pay any attention to the others, as he himself had the hardest battle in front of him. It was obvious that he had the better martial art attacks, yet no one should forget that he was the second lowest ranked out of all of them.

Suddenly a hiss sounded out from the half snake beast, and the three humanoid beasts rushed towards the six youngsters who were waiting for them, their attacks ready to engage in battle.

Hui Yue gnashed his teeth so hard that he tasted blood within his mouth, but he paid no heed as he gripped Black Blood along with his Qi knife and got into a defensive stance, his eyes focused on the snake in front of him.

The snake-woman went straight for Hui Yue. As she reached a hundred metres away from the smaller white-haired boy, the snake-woman suddenly increased her speed and lifted her hands, exposing nails as long as daggers. Looking at them a wry smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face as he met those sharp claws with his two weapons.

The impact caused Hui Yue’s Qi knife to disperse into thin air, causing Hui Yue to frown slightly, feeling pretty sure the snake-woman in front of him was much stronger than he had anticipated. Still, Hui Yue was not a man who would back down, and as soon as his daggers had blocked the deadly claws, Hui Yue moved his hand and swept it across the arm and chest of the female beast in front of him.

A low growl appeared together with a cut on the woman’s left arm. The wound was not deep enough to be classified as a serious injury, yet it still managed to throw the woman off her game, and allow for Hui Yue to seize the momentum.

A new Qi knife had been produced in Hui Yue’s hand, and this time he was the one to take the initiative as he activated Velocity Flow. Hui Yue appeared behind the snake-woman, both knives ready to slash the woman in front of him, yet the snake-woman managed to block both attacks with her tail.

Rage was evident within the eyes of the beast, and a furious roar sounded out from her throat before she started a frenzied attack, swinging her tail around in a hope that she could hit Hui Yue by luck.

The frenzied attack made things harder for Hui Yue. He could no longer read her actions as they were random, causing him to retreat slightly, yet even his retreat was pointless as the woman closely followed him, using her tail both as defence and offense.

This battle had turned desperate as neither the snake-woman, nor Hui Yue dare give up, and as time went on both of them tried to push the other, in turn causing them both to take quite a few hits.

Hui Yue had gone all out, and he had activated his Qi Guard to withstand a few hits while rushing in to injure the snake-woman, but while  doing so, small cuts started to appear on his body as the tail managed to make small breaks in the Qi Guard.

Usually a Qi Guard would be able to totally defend Hui Yue, yet right now his Qi was spread across three different high ranked skills, and all of them were working together which in turn was sucking Qi strand after Qi strand. Following these rushed exchanges, Hui Yue had already exhausted half of his Qi pool.

A serious expression appeared on Hui Yue’s face as he dissolved the Qi knife  martial art skill and also sheathed Black Blood, placing both his hands parallel as he ignited a small Fire Spark, which grew in size incredibly quickly.

Looking at what had turned from a small spark into a giant fireball caused some fear to appear in the humanoid beast’s heart, yet she was a vicious sister of the Magical Forest, and she refused to back down against a small child. Instead she started mumbling some incantations causing the ground to move creating an earthen shield in front of herself, and using it  she lessened the impact from the fireball which was aiming her way.

As Hui Yue saw this he could not help but snort in contempt. Although Earth was strong, a small earthen shield like this was unable to block the orb of fire which had been imbued with two drops of Spiritual Energy from Lan Feng.

The fireball was roaring in the sky above Hui Yue. It kept revolving around itself, starting to affect the wind, causing the area to become filled with strong winds. These winds were dragged into the fire orb itself, bringing along grass and leaves, which got incinerated by the heat, even before they managed to land on the fire itself.

The sudden appearance of the domineering orb of fire caused the blue woman, and the bird woman to exchange glances, and without waiting even a minute both of them rushed to the side of the snake-woman, intent on protecting her.

While the snake-woman had created an earthen barrier, and the blue woman was using her remaining strength to make a water barrier, while the bird, which seemed quite uninjured, raised a barrier of snow.

A murderous intent arose from within Hui Yue, embracing his body in a red mist which seemed to be drawn into the fireball. Everything happened within a few seconds and as Hui Yue lost control he threw the fire orb towards the three mixed beasts.


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