Blue Phoenix

Chapter 403 - Grandmaster Spiritual Blacksmith

Entering the mansion, Hui Yue went straight to his room where relaxed in a hot water bath.

After crafting the flying swords and the breastplate, Hui Yue had used up all his energy and was exhausted. He could feel his body aching; his entire body had been pushed to its limits, and even his muscles shrieked in pain as he had been using them full force while forging. A relieved sigh escaped his lips as the warm water gently massaged his tired body. It was so comfortable that he almost fell asleep as he was laying in the warm water.

He did not leave the bath before the water had turned cold, and as he finally got out, his body was relaxed and far more comfortable than it had been before. He had even managed to replenish a large amount of energy he had lost. Almost half of his energy had returned to him.

Getting dressed, Hui Yue sat down on the floor with his window open, and he allowed for the moonlight to shine on him. Although he had merged with the Green Pearl, the black witch, which let him absorbing Yin energy through the heavens and the earth anytime, he still absorbed far more Yang energy. Therefore he needed the assistance of the moon or Yin energy pills to keep his cultivation base balanced.

As the moon descended into the horizon and the sun rose into the sky, Hui Yue quickly left his room. His body was once more in peak condition, and with a smile was on his face, he left the mansion. He headed directly towards the spiritual blacksmith Cou Ling's shop.

He was excited and filled with anticipation because he wanted Cou Ling to look at the treasures he had forged the night before. He wanted to hear what she had to say about his items. He was excited to see if she was as satisfied with them as he himself was.

At first, he walked slowly through the streets much like all the commoners did. However, his impatience quickly grew too hard to control, and he jumped on top of the buildings running from building to building on his way towards the blacksmith’s shop.

Looking around Hui Yue discovered that he was not the only one using such a method, surprisingly there were actually many shadows rushing here and there. This was the first time he had seen others on roofs, and he could not help but laugh a little at himself for not realizing that if he could think to find a faster way to travel then so could others.

Looking at the people running back and forth, Hui Yue flicked his hand, and a sword appeared in his grasp. Pouring Wu Wei into the sword, Hui Yue jumped on and soared through the sky so swiftly that only a shadow was left behind.

Although his speed was quick, many of the other shadows hesitated for a short moment as they saw the figure fly off into the distance. Shock filled everyone's faces, and they looked at one another with complete and utter disbelief. Suddenly these experts turned around and started following this person who had ascended into the sky and was seemingly flying forward at an astonishing speed.

Hui Yue did not look behind him, nor did he have his spiritual energy spread out, so he was completely unaware that a large group of experts were following behind him. All of these experts had various techniques to fly, but none of them were as advanced as the one this person in front of them was displaying. It would take all their Wu Wei just so they could fly at his pace and that was for at most a few minutes, but here was a cultivator who was flying swiftly while perfectly ascending and descending above the city. His flight seemed like just another leisurely stroll through a garden.

The eyes of the many experts turned red from greed, and they couldn’t help but wonder how he did it. It was obvious this was not from his energies, as the consumption would be overwhelming. Therefore they had to find out what kind of treasure would make it possible to fly like this? None of them had ever heard about or seen such a heaven-defying item. As they all thought this, they could do nothing but use all their internal energies to rush behind this leisurely gliding expert.

Finally, Hui Yue had reached the location of Cou Ling's shop, and with a flick of his hand, the sword vanished as he fell towards the ground. Although he fell from a great height, he landed lightly on the road, not leaving even a mark on the ground.

There was a long queue in front of Cou Ling's shop as always, and Hui Yue could not help but smile as he jumped over the shop itself and entered the inner courtyard. He did not move into the store where he knew Fang Wei was busy selling weapons of all types but instead headed towards the smithy itself where Cou Ling was.

Entering the smithy he felt as if he was dropped into an oven as the hot air blew across his face. It was clear that she was working hard. Looking inside, Hui Yue found that she was not forging on the large furnace in the middle, but instead the furnace he had gifted her.

Saying nothing, he waited for Cou Ling to finish what she was crafting which took her only a short while. When she turned around, her face brightening greatly as she saw the young man in front of her.

"Yue!" She called out excitedly as she found a set of chairs and gestured for Hui Yue to sit down. "The furnace you gave me is simply outstanding!" She praised, her voice filled with excitement.

"Are you here for the sake of getting some weapons perhaps? Or maybe a set of armor? I have it all ready for you," She said as she stood up, but Hui Yue lifted his hand. "Wait," He called out, and Cou Ling instantly stopped turning to, look at Hui Yue quizzically.

"Actually, recently, I have crafted some things, and I want you to look them over." He said as he waved his hand. A flying sword appeared together with the breastplate he had created for Wang Ju Long in front of Cou Ling.

Looking at Hui Yue with confusion, Cou Ling instantly accepted the two items and started looking at them. The more she studied them, the wider her eyes became. Eventually, she handed them back to Hui Yue, shaking her head with a wry smile.

"These items are outstanding. The quality of these items are at the peak of the spiritual blacksmith level and is what a practiced spiritual blacksmith can forge, but your runes! Those inscriptions are simple earth shattering. They are far more powerful than anything I have ever seen before, and because of them you can easily be considered a spiritual grandmaster if not greater."

Nodding his head, Hui Yue understood that the items were slightly crude, but with the inscriptions, he had etched onto them made them priceless. Their abilities were far more outstanding than anything else.

Just as Hui Yue was about to answer, he and Cou Ling both heard knocking on the door leading into the smithy. As they looked over, they saw three experts standing in the doorway, and looking outside at least seven or eight more experts were present.

Both Hui Yue and Cou Ling were surprised as they walked towards the many experts. "Excuse me, what can this lowly one do for you?" Cou Ling asked politely. Many of the experts were clearly Saint ranked while a few were Emperors, but all of them were supreme experts.

Although these experts listened to Cou Ling, all of their eyes rested on Hui Yue. Some had red eyes while others were better at hiding their greed, though it was obvious that they were not here to be friends.

"We saw you flying through the air as easily as the birds fly in the sky." One of the experts said. "We would like you to share this secret with us. Should you chose not to do so, don't blame us for being ruthless." Another expert said, but his words just caused Hui Yue to start laughing.

"You barge into my friend's shop and demand I give you something? You don’t even bother to give me face and offer a present of goodwill, but instead, threaten me? Do you truly believe I will just give you such an important secret?" The mocking and disdain in Hui Yue’s voice caused many of the Saints to frown. They were supreme, heaven-defying Saints and they couldn’t even remember when the last time a mere junior dared be so insolent. Although they had seen him before in the grave, they knew that he had been hiding behind a group of Saints. Although he was strong, he was nothing compared to the large group gathered here.

"You dare mock us? You’re not in a position to request anything from us Grand Marshall. While you might have the backing of a few beasts, you are nothing in front of us! You are nothing more than a beast yourself. Give us what we want, and we will be on our way."

"Why don't you try me," Hui Yue growled as a sword appeared in his hand. The heavens above Muchuan City turned dark and thunder could be heard in the distance.

"You want to fight me? You really think that your numbers mean anything against me?" He laughed out loud as the sword in his hand flashed. One Direhound's Immortal Strike after another was released towards the cultivators, and the Saint's faces turned serious as they understood the incredible danger that these sword attacks possessed. However, Hui Yue ensured that none of the attacks hit anyone. He made sure that the energy dissipated into thin air. This was after all only a threat; he did not intend to go against all the Saints of Muchuan City.

"Hmph, not only do you have a monstrous talent for your age, but you're also strong enough to threaten a Saint." One of the experts said as Hui Yue just smiling in response. His smile was not friendly but filled with a sinister blood lust.

Many of the experts watching felt a chill run down their spines before they stepped backward. They were suddenly not too sure about their decision. They felt that fighting Hui Yue might not be as easy as they had expected.

"Fine, I will acknowledge your strength. What do you want for your technique?" An expert finally asked with a sigh. In his hand was a high quality coin storage stone he took out to pay the price Hui Yue asked.

Seeing the Saints back down, Hui decided it was better to use this opportunity to gain items rather than wasting his time fighting a few Saints. "Well, since you asked so nicely let me first make something understood. What I used was not a martial skill but a flying sword. I have an inscription that when placed on a weapon will let one fly; however since this inscription is of great importance to me it won't be cheap. I don’t mind inscribing it for you if you provide me with materials of various kinds. Highly ranked herbs would be the best."

Hearing what he said shocked everyone, but the Saint who had taken out the stone put it away and took out a few other storage stones. Throwing the stones to Hui Yue, he caught them and looked within. With a nod of his head, he looked at the expert who had thrown the herbs to him. "These will work, give me a sword and inscribe the rune on it." Hui Yue said and moments after the expert produced a sword for Hui Yue.

Looking at the sword, the white-haired young man nodded his head and went into the smithy. He first inscribed the rune for flight after which he placed another rune on top. This rune formed an illusion over the runes making them impossible to discern. This would make it impossible for anyone to understand the runes he had inscribed or copy them.

Moving out of the room, Hui Yue gave the sword to the expert who had given him the storage stones filled with different high ranked herbs. As soon as the expert pushed his Wu Wei into the sword, he was astonished to find that he could soar into the sky by relying on the sword under his feet.

Seeing this expert soar into the heavens the eyes of all the other experts turned jealous, and they started yelling one after another practically throwing their storage stones to Hui Yue and requesting a flying sword. What they had not noticed, though, was that these swords were far slower than the one Hui Yue had been flying on.


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