Blue Phoenix

Chapter 394: Splitting One’s Soul

‘A solution?’ Hui Yue thought curiously. He could not help but feel that Lan Feng was purposefully being secretive, but he still smiled hoping that this would fix their problem.

‘It’s simple. There are thousands of skills within the Universe Box,’ Lan Feng commented. ‘Although I have lots of abilities, my abilities are nothing compared to what you have obtained. You just need to look for an ability which will allow you to either split your soul in two or one that can create a copy of yourself. If you can make a copy or split your soul, then you can be in two places at the same time. I am sure such a God would have an ability like that especially after seeing shocking abilities like the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar and the Direhound’s Immortal Strike.’

‘That is not a solution.’ Hui Yue muttered unhappily. ‘That is hoping an ability exists. How could I split my soul? If I do that, then my soul will most likely weaken substantially. Weakening my soul means weakening the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar.’

‘Well, in that case, I hope there is some ability which can copy yourself.’ Lan Feng stubbornly insisted, and Hui Yue could do nothing but sigh. ‘I guess I can ask the spirit of the Universe Box, perhaps he is willing to help me. It will make searching much easier.’

Sitting down in the lotus position, Hui Yue closed his eyes and entered his consciousness. Traveling through his body, he soon arrived at his palm. In front of him stood a massive box, and the spirit came walking out from the box moving towards the consciousness of Hui Yue.

“I assume you have come here to ask something of me.” The white-robed spirit said with a dry voice, showing no emotion. He just spoke to Hui Yue as one would to a youngster.

Although the spirit was prideful and cumbersome, Hui Yue showed the utmost respect whenever he was speaking with him. Although Hui Yue was officially the owner of the Universe Box, he knew that this was merely a title. He was incapable of truly controlling the dimensional treasure, and therefore he needed assistance from the spirit every time he looked for something specific.

“Senior, I apologize for showing up like this. However, I am in need of an ability which would let me be in two places at once.” Hui Yue ask while deeply bowing in front of the spirit. The spirit, who pondered for some time, looked at Hui Yue with a curious glance.

“So you assume that just by asking me I will provide any ability you want?” The spirit asked, but although the words were harsh, a smile played on his lips. “Although I might be able to find any treasure within, I still need to look through the vast assortment of items I have.” The spirit explained. “For me to look through every item I want something in return.” The look in the spirit’s eyes had become crafty and certain of success.

“Although I say that it is hard work, there is, in fact, four different abilities which will allow for you to be two places at the same time.” He said, and the moment the words were spoken Hui Yue was completely focused on the spirit. What on earth could he do for this spirit in return for those four abilities? He had no idea, but he knew it would be costly.

“What I need from you is very simple.” The spirit continued, completely ignoring the uneasy expression on the face of the young man in front of him. “What I want is all your storage stones. Don’t worry about the stuff you have in them; I will store it in my space, but the storage stones, however, will be mine and you cannot get them back.”

Hearing the request, Hui Yue was completely dumbfounded. He had been expecting something insanely difficult, yet the only thing the spirit asked for was nothing but storage stones. He would even let Hui Yue keep all the items he had placed within.

Without even thinking Hui Yue nodded his head and moments after a small mountain of storage stones were stacked in front of him. As for why the spirit wanted these stones, Hui Yue had no idea, and he did not intend to ask.

“Place one stone in your palm at the time.” The spirit ordered, and Hui Yue did as commanded. His palm started to heat up once more, and slowly the storage stone sunk into his hand merging with his palm much like the sentient treasure had.

One storage stone after another merged with his hand. Although he was no longer looking at the spirit, he could feel that these stones entered the box only to release their items and then they vanished completely. He was incredibly curious about what the spirit needed the shoes for, but he dare not ask. He feared that if he asked he would end up insulting the spirit and not obtain what he needed.

Although Hui Yue only needed one ability he wanted all four of them. If one of them required the cultivator to split their soul in two, then he would probably not use that ability. He did not want to weakened his soul if at all possible. Splitting his soul and injuring himself before the fight with the third prince was not an option. He still feared that this third prince had a hidden protector, andf this protector were a Saint then Hui Yue would need his full power. He could not afford for anyone to hear the battle, so he needed to kill everyone silently and swiftly.

While Hui Yue was busy considering what to do, he had finished placing all the storage stones in his palm, and they had all vanished into the box.

Suddenly a golden light shone from his palm and from the light appeared four scrolls. Showing his gratitude he nodded to the treasure in his palm before he sat down. Taking the scrolls, he focused entirely on the four scrolls he held in his hands.

The first ability was called the Soul Shaking Spirit Imprint. This spirit imprint was capable of making a copy of one’s soul. The copy would require a stream of Wu Wei to keep moving and also a body formed from countless precious materials where the soul copy would reside. The body made from precious materials would then move exactly as the original body wished as long as it was powered with Wu Wei.

When one finished using this technique, the forged body would be left behind as the stress of the technique was not strong enough to destroy it since it was formed from such precious materials. A plus to this skill was that one could always reuse the body after making another soul copy.

Seeing this ability, Hui Yue was curious if he should choose it. Sadly, though, the many precious materials that it required included many he had never heard of before. They were probably materials from the previous world where the God had either lived or traveled to, and therefore Hui Yue was forced to place it to the side. Although it was a heaven defying skill, he could not use it.

Sighing deeply, he picked up the second scroll and with focused eyes read about the ability. It was called Rebirth. It allowed for the practitioner to split their soul in half and create a sentient copy of themselves. Though doing this would damage one’s soul greatly and they would end up spending centuries afterwards nurturing their soul to return it to normal. The way to heal one’s soul was normally to waiting for the soul to heal on its own. Although this method would take an incredible amount of time, often hundreds of years. A lesser known way was to consume other’s souls. This was peerless technique, but consuming the souls of others, thereby stealing their soul from the Netherworld, was an offense punishable by death for everyone in this plane; it was an offense against the heavens themselves. Only certain villains would be judged by the kingdoms to never again be able to reincarnate, and these souls could be purchased for people with the Metal affinity for their various arts.

As an expert of the upper dantian, it was not hard to acquire illegal souls to consume. Still, the souls would mostly be from the poorest people in the world. Commoners who lived lives similar to the life of Lao and Jo before they joined Hui Yue. Thinking that these two could have had their souls gathered and sold made him disgusted. Not only did he pity these poor souls, but he also knew that their souls were so weak that they would barely have any effect when consumed.

‘That is not an option,’ Hui Yue thought to himself as he looked at the Rebirth ability once more before placing the scroll to the side.

The third ability was known as the Soul Shadow technique. It allowed for the person to make a copy of their body. This body only worked on instinct, and it was mainly a fighting technique. Making the body leave the royal palace was not an option, and thus, Hui Yue sighed as he put it to the side as well.

There was only one ability left, and Hui Yue sighed deeply as he picked it up. The name of this ability was the Soulshakers Art. It was very similar to the first ability, and clearly, it had been derived from it. It required fewer treasures than the ability it was based on, but the moment the ability stopped working, the body would collapse and the treasures would be lost forever.

Sighing heavily, Hui Yue felt a headache coming. ‘It doesn’t matter that the Soulshaker Art requires fewer treasures since I don’t have them to begin with. If I could pick, I would choose the first ability, but I don’t have the treasures needed. I don’t want to split my soul, and the final skill is an attack ability.’

Thinking for a bit Hui Yue could only sigh once again. The only ability which he could use was the one which required him to split his soul. ‘I guess we can buy some souls and consume them. It is already too late to save the poor souls, and I would be killing the horrible third prince with them.’ Hui Yue argued, but he knew this would leave a bad taste in his mouth.

These souls would usually be bought by necromancers for the sake of improving the strength of their soul shadows. The soul shadows would consume the weaker souls and thereby become stronger.

‘I might be able to help.’ The spirit suddenly said causing Hui Yue to be quite shocked. He instantly sat down and closed his eyes before his consciousness entered his body and met up with the spirit.

“Senior, you said you might be able to help me?” Hui Yue asked hopeful as he looked towards the spirit in front of him. “My old master used the Soul Shaking Spirit Imprint and created a body from the treasures needed. I still have this body, and it does not take the appearance of anyone until the technique is used.” The spirit said. “You will be able to use the same body my old master used.” He continued to explain, and with a flick of his hand, a silvery figure appeared in front of him.

The figure was as large as Hui Yue. It was formed from many priceless treasures, but the body itself seemed to be made from some metal that shone like silver.

“What you need to do is to add your soul imprint to this figure then it will take your shape and also obey your orders.” Having said this, the spirit, which seemed to be in a great mood, continued to speak. “I was not intending to assist you, but you have given me a lot of storage stones, so for once I will. Make sure to take advantage of this favor I have done for you.” He said before he disappeared into the box once more.

‘You were incredibly lucky this time.’ Lan Feng commented. ‘It seems we are almost ready to act against the third prince.

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