Blue Phoenix

Chapter 393: Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar

Without waiting at the academy, Hui Yue left through the gates while looking in the distance at his son who had vanished. Being on the campus made him remember his own days at the Riluo City Royal Academy. Back then he had been so young when he first started. He had met Deng Wu, Ma Kong, and Gao Yan not to mention Wang Ju Long.

Reminiscing about those days made Hui Yue sigh deeply. Those were his childhood days, and he had truly enjoyed himself. However, things had changed. Thinking about his childhood, he also started thinking about his parents and his younger brother. He had not seen them for years already, and he could not help but wonder how they were doing.

‘Let’s not think about them,’ Hui Yue thought to himself as he shook his head. ‘Going there right now will only make things worse. A lot of Saints are keeping an eye on me, not to mention the third prince. If I go back home, I will most likely drag them into danger.’

Moving back to the mansion, Hui Yue headed to the garden behind the mansion and found a location which was relatively peaceful. No servant would interrupt him, nor would they accidentally trespass in this area.

Moving to the side, Hui Yue sat down in a lotus position on the grass and picked up a storage stone. From within he withdrew the Direhound’s Immortal Strike and started looking at it once more. He remembered the damage it had done to his library during his first attempt in using it, and he knew it would only get stronger. Thinking about this, a smile spread on his lips. His strength was going to be vastly improved when he mastered this attack as he believed that the majority of the Saints within this world were unaware of how to use Wu Wei martial arts.

Summoning his Sword of the Icy Tempest, Hui Yue placed it within its scabbard and stood up, standing still with his eyes closed. Deep within he found his Wu Wei core. After a few moments, a small thread of Wu Wei left this core and entered his body. Suddenly he opened his eyes and with an internal scream he yelled out ‘Direhound’s Immortal Strike!’

The Wu Wei flashed through his meridians and entered the sword. Moments after, Hui Yue lifted the sword and unsheathed it while an enormous roar resounded through the garden. Sword light shone out as the strike released a bow-like beam which flew from the sword and easily cut through three large stones in front of him.

The first stone did nothing to stop the speed of the sword beam, however, after chopping through the second stone the speed and light had diminished somewhat. Still, it kept going forward until it had cut through the third stone which caused it to vanish completely. Looking at the damage done by the Direhound’s Immortal Strike, Hui Yue’s heart was excited.

“It seems that this is truly a treasure.” He sighed in praise as he once more closed his eyes and placed the sword within the scabbard. Time and time again he drew the sword, and every time a sword beam shone in a bow-like arc from the scabbard cutting through more and more stones and quite a few trees. Soon the entire area which had been filled with large, old trees and massive boulders had been chopped down. Every single time the Direhound’s Immortal Strike was used it became increasingly more powerful. It was clear that Hui Yue’s mastery of the ability became better and better.

‘Try that other one,’ Lan Feng said excitedly. He too could feel that Hui Yue’s mastery over the Direhound’s Immortal Strike had improved drastically, so much so that continuing to train it would not prove to be useful. Now, he needed to use it in an actual battle to improve any further.

‘The dragon’s roar technique?’ Hui Yue asked curiously, and Lan Feng nodded his head. ‘If you get mastery over the dragon’s roar ability then you can easily defeat your opponents. Your soul is incredibly powerful since it is merged with mine. The two of us together have a soul that is twice as strong as other experts. Using an ability like this which relies on your soul’s strength should make it possible for you to defeat almost anyone whom you attack. As long as they are no stronger than me, then you can at the least daze them.’

Hearing his words, a smile spread on Hui Yue’s face and a chill flashed through his eyes. ‘Dazing the third prince would be a good idea.’ Hui Yue said. ‘Hopefully, it can also affect all the protectors he has as well. As an heir to the throne, I believe that he will have someone protecting him from the shadows, however, as soon as we can get rid of him we should.’ Hui Yue decided.

‘Using the Direhound’s Immortal Strike together with the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar should be enough to get rid of everyone. Now the question was how to kill him without anyone knowing.’ Hui Yue mused to himself for some time completely uncertain how to go about this.

‘How about speaking with the princess again?’ Lan Feng suggested, but Hui Yue shook his head. ‘Although she wants to take over the kingdom, the third prince is still her brother. She will never allow for us to hurt him.’ He said with certainty. No matter how fierce they were in their fights for the throne, they would not kill one another. Even the third prince, who was the fiercest, had never stooped to killing his family. All he did was get rid of a woman whom his brother fancied.

‘Well, we need to come up with an idea. Sadly, killing him within the grave did not work. We have to somehow get him to visit us, or go somewhere with us without anyone else knowing. If he were to die when he is supposed to be together with us, it does not require a genius to realize that we did it.’ Hui Yue complained. His head hurt as he thought about how to get the third prince without anyone knowing. After all the third prince was not dumb, he also understood what it meant to meet someone. Even if the person was no threat, he knew to inform at least one person of who he was meeting.

‘How about breaking into the castle and killing him at night?’ Lan Feng said with a big sigh; he too was uncertain of what to do, and both of them wanted to end this feud which had lasted for far too long already.

Hearing Lan Feng’s words, Hui Yue went suddenly quiet. ‘Actually, I think that might be our only option.’ He said slowly as his eyes lit up with a sudden idea.

‘Uh, I wasn’t serious.’ Lan Feng said frantically. ‘They are likely to have formations protecting the castle. There will be inscriptions and traps for uninvited people. It will be very dangerous.’ Lan Feng warned, but even he was incapable of thinking of another solution.

‘We might not necessarily be uninvited. I imagine we can be invited by the princess, and after meeting with her, we just don’t leave the castle. That way we won’t have to climb the wall or anything like that.’ Hui Yue mused. Lan Feng could not help but feel that Hui Yue was correct.

‘It won’t be easy.’ He warned, but he also understood that they did not have any other options. Breaking in seemed to be the most suitable for them. It was not in any way easy and thus Hui Yue could not help but frown.

‘I need some time to come up with a plan.’ Hui Yue thought to himself, ‘and even worse, I need to somehow return home from visiting the princess and at the same time stay within the mansion. I can’t be two places at once, but I do need an alibi if I don’t want to be caught.’

‘I know,’ Lan Feng said while thinking through all the skills and abilities they knew. ‘For now, let me see if I have anything which can help you. In the meantime, train the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar. You will need it to battle the prince.’

Accepting what Lan Feng said, Hui Yue summoned forth the scroll within which had the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar ability and sat down in a lotus position as he looked through the scroll explaining the technique.

This roar was quite different from all other kinds of attacks that he had seen before. Because, although it was grouped together with the Wu We martial arts it did not only require Wu Wei to be used, it also required a strong soul.

Hui Yue was used to using his soul every time he traveled through his body visiting the three dantians, or when meeting up with Lan Feng. Due to this, it was no hard task for him to enter his consciousness and then enter the upper dantian.

The Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar let one’s soul explode outwards. Calling out with the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar within himself the Wu Wei within his soul started to expand and soon after his entire soul seemed to swell up so much that it could no longer be contained within his body. It felt as if a massive balloon had exploded and this caused an energy ripple to explode outwards as the soul itself returned to its original size.

The massive explosion caused a shockwave which expanded from Hui Yue’s body. This shockwave did not cause the trees to be cut down nor did it cause any physical destruction to his surroundings. Though had a person been present that person would not have been as unaffected as the surroundings. The shockwave only targeted other souls, and the degree of destruction it brought to souls was very terrifying.

Some souls would be instantly shattered while others would be severely injured. The stronger one’s soul, meaning a soul of the same strength as Hui Yue or slightly weaker, would be injured and dazed for a period of time. If their soul was slightly stronger, it would merely be dazed, and if it was much more powerful than Hui Yue’s, then there would be no effect at all.

The more he trained, the more powerful the shockwave became. Not only did it increase in strength it also increased in size as well.

‘If we did not care about casualties, we could stand behind the wall and attack the third prince that way.’ Lan Feng said with a sigh. ‘If we could make the shockwave move in one direction so that we don’t end up killing a lot of citizens too, then it would be the perfect attack. I fail to believe that a simple King ranked Prince will be able to fight against our merged souls.’ Lan Feng continued, and Hui Yue could only agree. Although the shockwave was strong and it would be possible to kill the third prince with the shockwave going through the wall, it would also sweep through some of the town and all the mortals present would have their souls shattered. If he did not care about mortals, this would be the best way of accomplishing his goal, but he did care about them. Hui Yue was not a merciless butcher; they were innocent, and Hui Yue was not willing to kill them.

‘I might have a solution.’ Lan Feng said. ‘A solution which does not involve the death of thousands of mortals.’ He continued, and Hui Yue raised an eyebrow in interest. If Lan Feng said he had a solution, then it was certainly true. He was thoroughly intrigued.

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