Blue Phoenix

Chapter 392: Han Wu

Looking at the shocked headmaster, Hui Yue nodded his head. “Although he has reached an incredibly high rank at a young age, he is no longer allowed to advance. Having reached such a rank, he needs to build his foundations so that he can keep advancing in the future.” Hui Yue said. “I am very proud of my son, but I am not his ideal teacher. If he joins your school, I will not fear for his future.”

The headmaster could not help but smile as his school was being praised by an exalted expert such as Hui Yue. Even the royal family was friendly with Hui Yue.

“We would love to teach your son!” The headmaster said quickly. “To have such a genius join our academy would be our pleasure.”

Hearing the eagerness in the headmaster’s voice, both Hui Yue and Lao were excited. Although Hui Yue said that Lao needed to focus on his foundations, the child was not in any way insulted or dejected; he took it as being given pointers on how to improve. Anything Hui Yue said to him was to be followed.

Lao stood there with his face turned downwards. He was so thrilled to be referred to as Hui Yue’s son that he could not help but smile.

“Can he start tomorrow?” The headmaster suddenly asked, and both Hui Yue and Lao were taken aback. Looking at Lao, Hui Yue asked, “do you want to start tomorrow?” Nodding his head Lao was once more was facing the ground. Although neither Hui Yue nor the headmaster could see Lao’s facial expression, both of them were experts. They could sense his thoroughly excited mood.

“Let me show you around.” The headmaster said as he stood up. “Will you be staying at the academy or will you be going home every day?” He asked the child directly. Being asked Lao was at a loss so he looked up. His eyes unsure as he looked towards Hui Yue for an answer.

“It’s up to you.” Hui Yue smiled at the child. “If you want to stay here you can, if you want to go home after lessons, you can also do that. You can even do both. I am sure the headmaster won’t mind giving you a residence, and you can decide from there what you want to do.”

“Of course.” The headmaster said smilingly. “Follow me to the residences behind us. We are going to find a house which you can have as your own.”

The Royal Academy was located inside Muchuan City; but even so, it could be called a city on its own. The residential area had tens of thousands of houses, and each of them was filled with students. Students were bustling about, and upon seeing their headmaster personally leading a young child and what seemed to be a man of mixed blood around, every youngster was curious about who these two were.

The headmaster ignored the many children who started following behind them, and Hui Yue did the same. Though Lao was curious about them and wished to stop and talk, but knew now was not the time.

“This is the house where Hui Lao can use.” The headmaster said as they reached a house which was bigger than the other houses. In total, there were ten houses of this size by each other, and when the headmaster’s words were heard every student was shocked as they observed this young child who seemed younger than all of them.

However, although he was younger than all of them, he had to be a peerless genius. If he were not, then there was no chance that the headmaster would personally lead the child around.

“Do you think that mixed blood bastard is his bodyguard? He looks strong, but he doesn’t seem all that respectful towards the kid.” One of the boys said quietly so that only the other children could hear.

“Maybe… But we already know all the experts of the major families here in Muchuan City. In fact, many of us know all the top families in the Taiyang Kingdom. Therefore, he has to be some country bumpkin who was approved because of his amazing talent? Perhaps he is even some poor man’s son. Even if they had no money, if his talent is good enough he could get the headmaster to show him extra care like he currently is.”

“We should befriend him. If even the headmaster is friendly to this new kid.”

“Could he perhaps be a genius from a top family in the Yueliang Province? That would explain why he has such a strong guardian.”

The children had many theories but soon the news had spread that the headmaster was personally showing a child around and moments after older students started appearing too.

Some of these students were approximately fifteen or sixteen years old while others were as old as Hui Yue himself.

Hui Yue appeared to be a fifteen year old youngster. After his return from the grave he now looked younger than he had when he entered. This was a result of all the lifeforce he had absorbed.

Lifeforce was a strange thing, the more lifeforce one had, the younger one would appear – to a certain degree. The more Hui Yue obtained, the younger he became; however, after reaching the appearance of a youngster he needed increasingly more lifeforce to become even younger.

When Hui Yue used his lifeforce, he would seem older. If he used up all the lifeforce he had harvested, he would once more look his age. If he were to use his very own lifeforce, then he would look older and older.

Due to this, many experts in the Royal Academy seemed older than Hui Yue, and therefore they all looked down upon him. He was just a cultivator of mixed blood and for him to walk side by side with the headmaster caused many to be jealous, yet no one said anything.

These young geniuses were unaware of Hui Yue and his title as the Grand Marshall of the Beast Army of Shenyuan. Since they knew nothing about his earlier achievements, they obviously knew nothing about his connections and fame that had spread after entering the Grave of the Unknown.

Seeing the varied expressions on the faces of the students both Hui Yue and the Headmaster were easily able to guess what they were thinking, but neither took it to heart. These were all geniuses of the younger generation, and although Hui Yue somewhat still considered part of the young generation, he no longer felt like he was as young as these experts. So much had happened in his life causing him to mature. However, these geniuses were all inexperienced when it came to real life and actual battle experience, yet they were all filled with self-confidence as they looked at Hui Yue.

Although Hui Yue was an Emperor, he often kept his aura close to his body making it hard for others to guess his actual rank. He never let his aura explode outwards to terrify others. He had learned how to keep his aura inside of him from Lan Feng, something which he had benefitted from greatly.

While these youngsters were all looking down upon Hui Yue, anyone who had a high rank would feel threatened by a young man with almost no aura. This meant that he was capable of using his strength to hide his aura, and if he could do this, then he was quite powerful.

“Hui Lao, why don’t you try making some new friends?” The headmaster asked as he looked at the many children. He understood that many of them came from noble families, and they knew how to react towards someone who was a genius.

Looking at Hui Yue with big eyes Lao did not want to make the decision on his own, and instead, he waited for Hui Yue to approve. Seeing that Lao clearly wanted to join the others, Hui Yue nodded his head. Instantly, a great smile grew on Lao’s face as he turned around and looked at all the children.

One of them took a few steps forward. She was a beautiful girl and resembled a doll. Although she was not smiling a gentle aura was around her. Even Lao was completely dumbfounded when he saw her.

“Let me show you around the academy.” The girl said and Lao, who was mesmerized by the young girl, nodded his head. “My name is Hui Lao.” He said politely to the girl, “I will be starting tomorrow.”

Nodding her head, the girl also introduced herself. “My name is Han Wu. I am the youngest child in the Han family.” Her voice was melodic, and her eyes were like water. “May I ask who the youngster who brought you here is?” She asked curiously as she looked at the white-haired youngster in front of her.

“Oh, that’s my father, Hui Yue.” Lao said casually, but deep inside he felt great pride and happiness. Hui Yue was his father. His words caused everyone present to be shocked. The white-haired man was seemingly not more than fifteen years old, yet he was already a father? Was he truly a parent at such a young age or was he perhaps a hidden genius who had stopped aging as he grew stronger and stronger? Everyone present memorized the name Hui Yue and decided that when they went back home, they would ask about this Hui Yue.

“Where are you from?” Han Wu kept asking full of curiosity. At her question, Lao just shrugged. “I live in a mansion close by.”

“You are from Muchuan City?” She asked again, and the surprise was evident in her clear voice. Lao nodded his head, “is it that unlikely?” He laughed as he started walking. “Tell me about this academy. I’ll take you to visit my mansion later on if you want to, but for now, I want to understand the Royal Academy.”

Hearing the words from Lao, Han Wu nodded her head and went next to him as she started pointing and explaining what each and every house was for.

“Your child is astonishing where did you find him?” The headmaster asked curiously. “He is not a beast as far as I can tell, but fully human. Despite this, he still considers you his father.”

Grinning Hui Yue did not answer. Instead, he looked at his adopted child who had left with the other children.

“I will do what I can to strengthen his foundations. The fact that you and your kid have settled in our Taiyang Kingdom is of great benefit to us, and I am sure that both you and young master Hui will be of great help if we should ever need it.”

Hui Yue nodded his head. After he had settled in the Taiyang Kingdom, he would do what he could to help the kingdom flourish, as long as that meant getting rid of the third prince.

“I will leave my son here when he is done please tell him that I have gone home.” Hui Yue said as he turned to leave. The headmaster staying behind sighed heavily. He wanted to say that he was no messenger boy, but thinking about it, the headmaster remained quiet. He knew that he owed Hui Yue a bit since the young man let go of their enmity after the clash in the grave.

‘I’ll do it this once.’ He thought to himself. ‘At least I managed to get my hands on such a talented youngster. Perhaps I should make him my personal disciple.’ He mused to himself as he looked in the distance where the children had vanished earlier.

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