Blue Phoenix

Chapter 386: A Sentient Treasure

The white robe wearing person in front of him was looking at Hui Yue with a grave expression on his face. The closer Hui Yue came to the living God ranked treasure, the more intense the pressure became.

Taking one step after another, Hui Yue found that it was harder and harder to move forward as the pressure emanating from the white-robed spirit was simply so dense that even Hui Yue felt as if he was not making any progress. Although it was hard, he refused to give up and pushed himself forward one step after another. Finally, he reached the side of the white-robed expert.

Looking at Hui Yue, there was a bit of surprise in the eyes of the white-robed spirit and he withdrew the pressure he was emitting. Hue Yue was in a daze while walking forward as he was trying to figure out just how powerful this treasure truly was, but after trying he was unable to determine what level this treasure was at.

“I am the spirit of the Universe Box. I followed Immortal Jin, the Chancellor of Souls since I was a common treasure. I was nothing more than an average storage device which got nurtured time and time again by my master until I grew into a Mortal treasure and my storage ability increased. After countless years together I eventually gained my spirit as a God ranked treasure.”

“I owe my master everything. However, my master is no more. I saw him creating his grave and heard his hope of finding a successor he could absorb. Unfortunately, it seems that your luck is greater than his.”

“Although I have fallen in your hands the only thing you can use me for with your current strength is to store things. Though I have acknowledged you as my master, you are currently still far from worthy to obtain everything I have. Only when you become a Saint will those things become available to you. You won’t have to worry about this box being taken or stolen as I will stay with you until the day you die.”

“I will be a great benefit to your training. Nevertheless, you still have a way to go. You seem to have reached the Emperor rank quite recently so do not think about what you might get for now. Think about what you can do to increase your strength.”

“Immortal Jin left many of his treasures with me for when he had successfully reformed his body. While all these treasures are priceless, you are only able to use some of them with your current strength. You will need to become stronger if you want to have a chance to become their master. Enter and see for yourself.”

As the last sentence was said the white spirit vanished, and a door-like square could be seen in the massive box in front of him. ‘Let’s see what treasures Jin left for himself,’ Hui Yue thought as he entered inside. After walking through what he saw on the other side made him gasp. He was shocked speechless as he looked at what was in front of him.

He was standing on a transparent plate which moved according to his thoughts, and he saw a massive galaxy stretching out before him. There was no roof and no bottom. The space was vast and unending. Within this unending galaxy floated many treasures. All of them shone like small stars making the entire galaxy seem so real and amazing that Hui Yue was completely taken aback.

Sending out a thread of his consciousness any star he thought about instantly shot forth towards him allowing him to look at them one by one. Looking through every treasure within this storage box would take an eternity.

The few Hui Yue had just seen were various pill formulas. One of the formulas was one he had seen before. It was the soulbound formula. Although he knew this, one of the others he found was the formula for how to create the golden pills. Another was a paste which healed any wounds no matter the severity. There were formulas which increased one training speed and formulas which allowed for one to become invisible.

Looking at these formulas, Hui Yue was astonished. They were all amazing and filled with promise. Therefore, he instantly took them out of the box and placed them on the bed by his side.

Scouring through some of the many treasures he had seen in the box, he found even more herbs than pill formulas, but what made him the happiest was when he came across seeds of these plants. There were as many seeds as there were flowers, and he instantly understood that it was now possible for him to grow the herbs he needed without having to fear running out of a crucial plant.

He also found various items such as weapons and armors, and although these were unranked, or at most Mortal ranked, he picked up all of them ready to share them with his friends. He wanted to ensure that they were all properly outfitted for battle.

Weapons and armors were not the only things he found; he also found ores of unknown metals. There was a total of four different ore he had come across so far. One looked like gold but had black streaks running through it. There was ore that looked like black iron, but examining it closer one could tell that the metal in the ore was flexible, unlike black iron. There was also some kind of energy fluctuations coming from the metal, and looking at it, Hui Yue dared not assume that the silver-like ore was actually normal silver. Finally, the last ore he discovered was a blood-red metal that seemed to be the rarest of them all.

Having taken the metals out of the box along with everything else he had found, the pile of treasure almost filled his entire room. He quickly packed away the various metal related items into a storage stone. Afterwards, he also placed the furnace he had come across within the grave inside the storage stone with all the metal ore, weapons, and armor he had found. This was the storage stone he would deliver to Cou Ling the following day.

Going to Cou Ling was not his only goal, he also needed to visit Gao Yan and get some information about who had survived and who had died in the grave. Although he was not like the royal families who lost power every time one of their Saints died, Hui Yue needed to know how much strength the third prince had left.

He also hoped to hear some news about Sha Yun; she had still not returned home yet, and neither had any of her friends. It was enough to make Hui Yue somewhat worried.

Looking through more and more items within the box, Hui Yue could not help but sigh. ‘This really is a proper trash bin. How many things are stored in this place?’ He thought to Lan Feng, completely exhausted after looking through only a fraction of the treasure.

Some of the treasures he tried to summon did not move at all, which meant that he did not have the strength to control them. He knew that his power was lacking to use some of the treasures left behind. Hui Yue soon stopped looking at the treasures, and instead, his consciousness left the box and entered the body once more. The entire room was still filled with treasures he had moved from the box into the bedroom, and looking out the window he found that the sun was slowly rising.

Sorting the treasures slowly, some of the things returned to the box while others were placed into storage stones he planned on gifting others. A little while later he was standing with a lot of storage stones ready to be gifted to the important people in his life.

It took him about an hour and when he finally finished he could feel that the people within the mansion were awake and moving around doing their daily chores.

With one last glance around the room to ensure that he had not missed anything, Hui Yue finally left and went towards the dining room. Xu Piao was seated and eating food, something that was very rare for him as most of his focus was now on cultivating. His goal of reaching the God rank was his only goal in life, and he would usually only eat once a month.

“Piao! My good friend, please take this. I gained it in the tomb, and I am sure that it will be of great benefit for your training.”

Hearing the words, Xu Piao lifted his head and by reflex, he grabbed the storage stone thrown to him. Looking within he frowned as he saw a handful of golden pills; pills he had never seen or heard about before. But knowing Hui Yue, it definitely was something important.

Nodding to Hui Yue, Xu Piao instantly disappeared from the dinner hall and rushed to his room getting ready to cultivate even more.

It was not long after Xu Piao had left before Wang Ju Long appeared. Had this been before their talk, she would definitely have run away or in some way pretend that Hui Yue did not exist, but instead she moved next to him to sit and eat. Although she said nothing, what she did was enough to envelop Hui Yue’s heart in warmth.

Picking up a storage stone, he placed it in front of her. “I know you already have a good weapon.” He said gently, “but within this storage stone is a piece of armor. This armor is as soft as silk but as durable as black iron. It is a Mortal ranked treasure. It can save your life, so I want you to have it.”

“Mortal ranked treasure?” Wang Ju Long asked confused, and Hui Yue quickly described the different ranks of treasures that existed. The description causing Wang Ju Long to listen attentively and her face was filled with surprise when she understood that there were treasures with sentience.

“Hey wait!” She was shocked to hear this, but her face quickly changed. “My polearm has a soul within it, does that mean it is a God ranked weapon?” She asked shocked, and Hui Yue suddenly remembered the red weasel he had seen when she first used her weapon. “I think so… ” He said hesitantly. “I cannot find another reason for why it would have a soul, but I think it must have been injured. Otherwise, you would not be able to bind it.”

Nodding her head, Wang Ju Long accepted the storage stone after looking within. She found some medicinal pills and books about healing that Hui Yue had found in the Universe Box.

Not long after, Lao and Jo appeared in the dining room. Both of them rushed towards Wang Ju Long and obediently sat down. Hui Yue also threw two storage stones to the two children.

“Your stone contains a weapon, a set of armor, some pills suitable for your levels, and some spirit coins. This belongs to you so you can do whatever you want with it. Consider it your allowance for this month.” Hui Yue smiled. The two children were incredibly shock when they accepted the stones and quickly looked within.

They never had more than a few copper coins in their possession before, yet now both of them had ten spirit coins alongside weapons and armor. Their hands were trembling, and their eyes were wide open. They tried to speak, but no words came out. After a few seconds, Lao finally stood up and bowed to Hui Yue.

Waving his hand, Hui Yue laughed. “Don’t worry about it; you are my children. What kind of parent would I be if I did not give you money to spend on what you want from time to time. Both of you are very hard working, so you deserve it.” He laughed before he nodded his head.

“I need to go out and see some friends. Yesterday you said you did not want to go with me, but you wanted to go with Ju Long. Why don’t the three of you go and have some fun? You have been working very hard and need to get out,” Hui Yue said with a smile on his face. He the stood up and stroked Wang Ju Long’s long hair and sent her a gentle smile before he moved away from the room. He left the mansion and headed towards Cou Ling’s smithy to gift her the items he had found suitable for her.

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