Blue Phoenix

Chapter 385: Box of the Universe

The family was seated on the grassy plane in the park for a long period of time. The sun had set, and the moon arose before one person after another slowly opened their eyes. All of them were glowing slightly in the moonlight, and small shockwaves caused by the energy fluctuations came from their bodies. A celestial calm was visible within the eyes all of them.

Seeing Hui Yue there, although Lao had felt his arrival earlier, the young man bowed to him still uncertain how to react towards this person who had taken them in. What Lao felt was gratitude but also slight fear. He had never been treated as well before as he was now, nor had he been given a chance in life until now. If he did not show enough respect or talent, would he and his sister get thrown back into the life they led before?

Seeing the bowing young child, Hui Yue could instantly see what was on the young child’s mind, and he knew that no matter what he said, it wouldn’t make it possible for the child trust him. Instead, he rustled the child’s hair, causing Lao to feel surprised and rise once more.

A caring expression was evident on Hui Yue’s face. “It’s past your bedtime so hurry to bed. You have another busy day tomorrow.” Pondering for some time, Hui Yue looked at the two children. “You have worked hard this whole time. I need to go to town tomorrow, do you want to come with me? You must be bored constantly staying at the mansion.”

Hearing the offer Lao’s eyes suddenly filled with excitement but moments after it died out, and he shook his head. “We are happy here where we have food whenever we are hungry. We have warm beds to sleep in, and we get a good education. We do not need to go to town.”

The reply shocked Hui Yue but then Wang Ju Long spoke up. After the children had called her mother, a warm and loving emotion within her heart was forming every time she looked at the two of them.

“I will also go out tomorrow. Don’t you want to help me carry my groceries?” She asked gently in a way that Lao was no longer was able to say no. Instead, he hesitantly nodded his head. Seeing how he finally agreed, Jo clapped her small hands and started laughing with excitement.

Hui Yue could not help but chuckle slightly when he saw how the children agreed to follow Wang Ju Long instead of himself. It was clear that they still felt some fear towards Hui Yue while their reservation towards Wang Ju Long was nonexistent.

Hui Yue did not become sad because of this as he understood how the children felt. Therefore, instead of pushing them, he decided to wait patiently for the day they no longer feared him.

“Anyway that’s for tomorrow, let us hurry to bed.” He said to the children and gently nudged in the direction of the mansion. When Hui Yue was Lao’s age, he did not sleep. He spent the night cultivating, and he knew that Lao would be doing the same; however, it had turned cold outside. If they stayed seated on the ground, the children were likely to catch a cold. Even though they were cultivators, they were also just children. If they were to cultivate all night, Hui Yue preferred them to do so in their warm rooms.

Entering the mansion, the four split up. Wang Ju Long, having seized her hand back, instantly vanished to her room; her face still a little red because they held hands, and the two children also rushed back to their rooms like they had been told to by Hui Yue.

Right after Hui Yue stood alone in the hallway. All the ones he had been with before had disappeared and he heaved a heavy sigh.

‘Let us take some time to see what kind of treasures we managed to obtain from the grave.’ He thought to himself and headed towards his bedroom.

Roaming through his robe, he found one storage stone after another until a stack of them were accumulated on his bed. Next to the storage stones was a box made from the golden metal with beautiful carvings.

‘Let us start with looking through the storage stones.’ He decided, and Lan Feng didn’t say anything.

The first storage stone he picked up contained four thousand of the red pills, one thousand golden pills, one thousand white pills, four hundred purple pills, and one hundred black pills. Of all these pills, Hui Yue only knew what the red, gold, and white pills did; he still had not taken the time to understand the final pill just yet, and he was not too keen on just consuming them. A dangerous aroma surrounded them.

‘Let us look at it later,’ He decided as he placed the storage stone to his side.

Picking up another stone, he soon found that it belonged to one of the Saints he had killed. The storage stone containing random treasures such as weapon and armor together with some medicinal pills. Both pills were from the grave but just pills from their world. Alongside this, there were quite a few spirit coins, but Hui Yue did not lack spirit coins.

Of all the storage stones in the pile half of them were from experts he had killed while using the Snowstorm Prison. Within their storage stones, he found various treasures mainly weapons, armors, and some medicinal pills. He also found a few memory stones containing martial and spiritual arts. Looking through them, he found none of them were outstanding or better than what he had already gotten from Lan Feng. Therefore, he quickly decided just to hand them to Lao. The young genius could decide on his own what he wished to do with them.

As Hui Yue was tidying up his newly obtained treasures, he took stock of what he had. He had one storage stone containing weapons and one containing armor. There was one holding memory stones which contained martial and spiritual arts within, and a storage stone which contained his spirit coins. His current golden coin storage stone was not capable of holding any more coins.

Having looked through all the storage stones, he also found the formula that created the teleportation liquid and a large portion of medicinal herbs from another world. There was simply too many of those herbs, something which made Hui Yue ecstatic.

Having finished organizing his storage stones, Hui Yue focused on the golden box in front of him. “Box of the universe huh.” He said quietly as he picked it up. The moment he touched it, it was as though an invisible tremor ran through the metal.

Pouring his Qi into the box caused nothing to happen. Spiritual energy was just as useless, however, the moment he poured Wu Wei into the Universe Box it suddenly started shining and turning increasingly hot.

Its radiance soon filled the entire room. The heat it radiated started to burn Hui Yue’s palm, and although he tried to let go of it, the box refused to leave his hand. Instead, it burned hotter and hotter as though it were a raging fire. It burned the skin on his hand and left behind a small wound at first.

As he looked at the golden box, it slowly merged with his hand. He was surprised to see it slowly descend into the palm as the burn became deeper and deeper.

The box was now so hot that it felt as if the flesh on his hand was melting, and the wound shone with the same intensity as the box itself. Suddenly, the light vanished together with the wound on his hand. The box was nowhere to be seen either.

Staring at his hand, Hui Yue was completely clueless about what had just happened, but Lan Feng seemed ecstatic as he had jumped up in the dantian cave with widened eyes looking speechless.

‘You lucky son of a b*tch!’ He said as he saw the confusion on Hui Yue’s face, but being lucky was not what Hui Yue would have called it. His whole hand felt like it was just thrown in a forge, and even now he could still feel traces of the frightening heat he had just experience even though the box was gone.

‘This storage stone is a ranked treasure!’ He said shocked, and his words caused Hui Yue to frown. ‘Ranked treasure?’ He asked confused.

‘There are many kinds of treasures throughout the many planes. All these different treasures are ranked according to their power. The lowest tier is mortal ranked treasures. These treasures are the weapons and armors created and used by mortals. Above that is Saint ranked treasures. This can either be a mortal treasure which has constantly been nurtured by a Saint imbuing it with his essence. These weapons are stronger than mortal treasures but only by a bit. When talking about a ranked treasure no one would usually mention these two categories.’

‘The real ranked treasures are the ones created or used by Gods. They are items constantly nurtured with Ancestral Worldpower and because of it they have gained sentience They have a formed a soul. When someone talks about a ranked treasure, this is what they usually refer to. A treasure with sentience created or nurtured by a God.’

Hearing this, Hui Yue was completely thunderstruck. He had never thought it was possible for an item to gain sentience. He had heard about ranked treasures before, but even when he dealt with Xiao Ning and the others, none of them ever mentioned such a phenomenon before.

‘They don’t know about it.’ Lan Feng said knowing what he was thinking. ‘As I said the Saint and mortal ranked treasures are not important enough to be mentioned, and this world does not have enough Gods to have that many ranked treasures. Ranked treasures require enormous effort from the God to make so, even though we have gone through the grave, I would not be surprised if he only had one or two ranked treasures.’

‘That is all very good… ‘ Hui Yue finally said with a sigh, ‘but the box is gone. I don’t know where it went.’

‘Don’t be stupid.’ Lan Feng snorted. ‘The box obviously entered your palm. Being a ranked storage treasure, it is only natural that it would not be stored in your pockets or you would have to carry it. Instead, it fuses with your body itself, and you can summon it at any time. You should also be able to store things in the treasure without having to summon it. As long as you use your palm, the item should vanish within.’

‘I see,’ Hui Yue mumbled as he looked at his palm. ‘Spirit of the universe box, please come forth,’ He called out and moments after heat once more was felt throughout his hand, yet this time it was not burning or scorching hot. Instead, it was comfortable as if he had put his hand in warm water.

The box appeared in his palm, and Hui Yue bowed to the treasure. This was a treasure left behind by a God, and it was considered a ranked treasure. It was a good idea to treat it with respect as it was sentient.

“Close your eyes,” A soft, gentle voice suddenly sounded out from the box. It was a voice that was hard to determine its gender, yet the sound alone was pleasant to the ear, so Hui Yue instantly did as he was told.

Closing his eyes, the voice sounded out once again. “Let your consciousness once more enter your body and head towards your left palm.”

Doing as he was told, Hui Yue entered his left palm, and he was shocked when he found a massive box-like figure there. He was shocked and wondering how such a huge box could be within his body.

Moving closer, he suddenly saw a figure coming out from within the box. Looking at this person it was impossible to determine whether it was a man or a woman. The person radiated a peaceful aura, so serene that Hui Yue felt his soul instantly calm down.

Without thinking, he moved closer and closer to the white-robed person. It was not before now he understood that these treasures truly had a soul within.

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