Blue Phoenix

Chapter 378: Snowstorm Prison

The first kill was simple for Hui Yue. He had the element of surprise, though from now on it would not be so simple. Although the dense snowstorm had muffled the sound, it was still loud enough for everyone to hear.

Knowing that they were under attack, everyone became extra vigilant.

Although it was like this, Hui Yue was not too dejected. He felt his vitality rise and how he suddenly became more vigorous. He knew that if he picked off one more Saint, he would soon have enough lifeforce to fully heal his four friends.

There were three reasons for Hui Yue wanting to try out his witch powers. Firstly, he wanted to see what it was like, and how lifeforce worked. Secondly, he wanted to heal his friends who had sustained injuries while protecting him, and finally, he wished to increase his strength. He knew he strength would rise yet again if he could understand the powers of a witch.

Looking around him, Hui Yue soon found another target and with a sinister smile on his face, Hui Yue slowly moved forward. Snow now covered the sky and ground masking his movements. The whole area had turned silent. The experts were not even breathing as they were focused on sensing the area around themselves, uncertain when the next attack would arrive.

The target in front of Hui Yue was a one star Saint. Although he could be considered one of the weaker Saints, he was still far stronger than Hui Yue. This was something that made it even more necessary for the white-haired young man to focus and use his attacks well. It was true that he could use Lan Feng’s strength or turn into his wolf shape, but right now he was not willing to do so. He knew that he had to rely on his personal strength if he wanted to become stronger. Because of this, he summoned a yellow flame from within his spiritual energy sea then he placed his hand on the snow covered ground.

Spiritual energy that was fortified by his Earth elemental affinity poured from Hui Yue’s hand into the ground. This caused a massive hand to shot up from the ground and grab the Saint in front of Hui Yue.

The hand was obviously Earth Tremor, Hand of the Earth. Although it was only using his Emperor strength, the hand was able to tangle up the Saint long enough for Hui Yue to rush forward with a raised sword in hands and successfully pierce the heart of the Saint in front of him.

Landing on the ground, Hui Yue quickly cut the connection between the Hand of the Earth and himself as he felt his spiritual energy sea quickly being drained. Although he had speed at his disposal, and a lot of tricks up his sleeve, he was after all still an Emperor fighting against more than a few Saints.

The blue cloud and the snowstorm worked together to suppress anyone inside it. Thanks to this combination Hui Yue was capable of dealing with the weaker Saints. To deal with the stronger ones, though, he would need to use something more.

Roaming through the snowstorm, Hui Yue skillfully managed to avoid the powerful Saints while he killed one lower leveled Saint after another. Unfortunately, he soon ran out of easy targets.

Having absorbed the lifeforce from seven Saints, Hui Yue could feel how he had gotten stronger. The lifeforce had another effect on his abilities as well as boosting his attacks. It was as though his Qi, spiritual energy, and Wu Wei had grown stronger. Every attack was more potent than it had been before and it seemed that the more lifeforce he absorbed, the stronger his attacks became. However, he was not dumb. He could guess that when he started using this lifeforce, his attacks would become weaker once more.

Seeing that he had killed seven Saints, Hui Yue withdrew from the snowstorm. He stopped pouring Wu Wei into his Sword of the Icy Tempest and slowly it ice storm calmed.

Although Hui Yue had killed seven Saints, there was still a large group remaining. But as the snow cleared the faces of the remaining Saints were all deadly pale as they saw how many corpses were lying silently in the red snow. All of them had their hearts pierced, and all of them seemed to have died without being able to put up a fight.

Many of the Saints could not help but shiver as they looked at the Emperor who had made so many Saints appear to be nothing more than stepping stones. Looking at him, they all felt terrified. A strange energy was being emitted from him, an energy they had never experienced before, but it was so filled with vitality and vigor that they innately feared it.

“What is he?” One of the Saints asked. “Could he be a genius from another plane?” Another asked. Hearing the question Hui Yue could not help but raise an eyebrow. He did not expect that these Saints would know about the existence of other planes. It was clear that he needed to ask Xiao Ning about some details later.

Hui Yue did not answer the Saints, but all of them felt their hearts stop as they suddenly looked at Hui Yue with new expressions. They were all aware that Hui Yue was the Grand Marshall of the Shenyuan Beast Army, and for someone to have such a high rank when only an Emperor was enough to make them believe that he truly was from somewhere else. Even Xiao Ning and the three other Saints looked at Hui Yue with a strange expression. While the others were looking at him with fear, they were beaming with admiration.

Hui Yue sighed but said nothing. It would be of great benefit to him if everyone believed that he was from another plane because it would give him a break from the battle. Therefore, while everyone was stunned, he went over to his friends.

When he was going, he had his mind reeling as he went through how to use the witch powers. It was quite simple; as long as he wished to use the skills, he would be able to use them. The only limit that was in his way was whether or not he had enough lifeforce. Often when one used lifeforce, they forgot about their limit and many witches would perish from using up their own life to fight or heal others and then would drop dead.

This knowledge was something that Hui Yue made a big deal to focus on. He was not interested in suddenly dying because he used all his lifeforce, but he was still very interested in lifeforce as an energy.

Placing his hand on his friend’s shoulders, he closed his eyes and willed his lifeforce to start healing. The lifeforce flowed through his body and the wounds that they had sustained while protecting him vanished within seconds.

Everyone was shocked by the almost instantaneous healing. There was no green light, no signs of the Wood affinity being used, nor did the healing take long. The healer, Hui Yue, did not seem fatigued in the least. Having healed his friends, Hui Yue looked around.

They was nowhere else in this inner tomb to go, and there were no more treasures to be had. Staying here would not prove beneficial anymore and so, gesturing to his friends, he started to walk towards the entrance they had come in through.

Staying back in the grave chamber and not daring to move were the survivors of the Snowstorm Prison. All of them felt their legs turn to mush, and their minds grow numb. Although they wished to get the treasures Hui Yue and his friends had gathered, none of them truly wanted to fight someone from another plane. He had abilities and powers that no one knew about. Fighting him would be the same as fighting blind.

Just as they left the chamber, Xiao Ning stopped for a moment and looked at Hui Yue with reverence. It was clear that he too was confident that Hui Yue was from another plane, and that this was the reason for his strange, enigmatic strength.

“Tell us about the other planes,” He asked curiously. “We know that we can leave this plane if we reach the rank of a God, but you have already traveled across space. How did you get here?”

“How do you even know about the different planes?” Hui Yue asked curiously while he avoided answering the question he was asked.

Thankfully no one minded his lack of response, and Xiao Ning instantly responded to the question. “When someone becomes a Saint they are told to go to the center palace and meet with the true ruler of the world.”

“He is the strongest expert of our plane, and the five great generals support him. Although he leaves the world to the world leaders, he has the power to suppress everyone, and although we officially heed the orders of our Kings, we are doing exactly that because the Lord tells us to.”

Hui Yue’s heart started to race, and his eyes widened at the news. The true ruler of the world? It could only be one person.

“The five generals are the Frozen General and other Saints?” Hui Yue asked curiously. Seeing that the other four Saints looked at him strangely, Hui Yue had no other option than to laugh. “I am new to this place; therefore, I don’t know everything.”

“The Frozen General is not one of the five generals. The five generals are all Gods; existences who stand on top of this world by the true ruler’s side. They carry out his tasks and ensure that everything he wants is done to his liking. When a Saint becomes a God, we are all allowed to join the five generals. To become one of the true ruler’s generals is our biggest dream.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue decided not to tell anyone about his relationship with An He. Instead, he nodded the head. He finally understood that he was against every Saint and God that existed on this plane.

‘Don’t worry too much about it just yet,’ Lan Feng mumbled. ‘Keep on building your relationship with these four Saints and when time comes I am certain that they’ll choose you over him.’

Thinking like this, Hui Yue nodded his head. He might need to make his own group of generals, but that was something for the future. What troubled him was the fact that he was just one against six Gods. It was quite a disadvantage.

Shaking his head, he decided not to think about it for now. Right now he had a lot of things he needed to deal with before he was ready to kill An He.

He had to make sure that the green pearl’s dream was accomplished. He needed to get revenge for Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu, and he needed to look after his two small kids who were relying on him. Fighting An He had to wait until he was strong enough. Until then he would do what he could to increase both his individual strength and the strength of those around him. There was one thing he had learned from Lan Feng through the many years they had been together and that was that being a team was far better than being alone. Building a group of friends would without a doubt become a source of strength for him in the long run.

“Well, either way, let us get out of here so we can share the treasures we have managed to get our hands on,” He said with great laughter. The four others nodded their heads, and their eyes turned slightly red as they thought of all the treasures they gained. After teaming up with Hui Yue, they had gained more than they ever had imagined.

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