Blue Phoenix

Chapter 376: Gathering the Treasures

Opening the west door, Hui Yue found that the chamber in front of him was pitch black. Taking out a few light stones from his storage stone, he tossed three into the room while keeping one in his hand.

Looking at the now dimly lit room, Hui Yue saw that there were mountains of various kind of items within. Stepping inside he suddenly felt a wave of energy rushing towards him as spears and arrows made from some energy Hui Yue could not determine shot towards him rapidly.

Although this energy was powerful, Hui Yue had stronger energy within his body, and he poured out his Wu Wei, mimicking Xiao Ning and creating a shield in front of him. He poured out layer upon layer of Wu Wei fortifying each other forming a barrier.

As soon as the barrier was formed, the first arrow reached Hui Yue and with a resounding boom, the barrier shook as arrows and spears struck heavily against it. Although the barrier flickered, Hui Yue keep pour Wu Wei kept pouring out mending the shield.

The rain of arrows and spears lasted for half an hour. Although it seemed like a long time it was not a real challenge for Hui Yue as he had plenty of Wu Wei.

As soon as the rain of arrows and spears subsided, Hui Yue stepped into the treasury where mountains of various treasures waited for him. A mountain of red pills was the first to disappear into his storage stone. Followed by a mountain of white pills, then golden pills. All of them were stored away for safekeeping.

Another pile of treasure caught Hui Yue’s attention. It was a pile of jade cases and bottles, and upon closer inspection, he found that these were all medicinal herbs. Even Hui Yue could not suppress his delight and slight greed that appeared in his heart before he also put these magnificent herbs and plants away for safekeeping.

Walking through the room, Hui Yue obtained various potions and pills he had never seen before. He found precious metals and weapons forged from these metals. He found a furnace used for forging and a cauldron used for refining pills.

“I’m sure Cou Ling will find this furnace interesting,” He mumbled as he swept across the entire room. Quickly he had stored away everything that was visible, but he had a feeling that something else was present within the room, something that the owner of the grave had hidden very well.

Looking at every inch of the room he finally noticed an inscription pattern inscribed on the top of the chamber, but no matter what he did he could not break it.

Suddenly a quiet squeak could be heard, and the small fox on his shoulder stood up on its hind legs while its front paw touched the inscription pattern above. With a few whistles from the fox, the inscription started to light up.

As soon as the inscription lit up, the lines that formed it started moving around like snakes until the pattern untangled and vanished in all directions.

As the snakes-like patterns of the inscription vanished, the chamber started rumbling. In the middle, a stone pillar rose from the ground. On this stone pillar was one thing, a small jade vial. Within was something which looked like three drops of blood.

There were no signs about what this blood was, nor where it came from, but considering the effort put into hiding it, Hui Yue could only assume that it was truly valuable.

Grabbing the vial, Hui Yue placed it in his storage stone before glancing one last time across the room. There was nothing more of interest, so he instantly decided to turn around and leave.

Leaving the chamber, he saw that Xiao Ning and the three other experts were all awaiting his arrival. Not only them, but also the group who had first entered the grave were now standing there watching Hui Yue and his group of people.

This other group only consisted of three Saints, but all three were Saints of the third star. Their strength was superior, yet they all looked at Xiao Ning with worry. Had he not been there, then the group would have instantly attacked but since he was there his presence caused them to grieve.

They worried even more so when they saw Hui Yue. These Saints had been at the Heaven’s door when Hui Yue displayed his might, and although he was currently nothing more than an Emperor his genuine strength was proven to be equal to this mighty Saint, Xiao Ning, by his side.

Had they considered fighting previously every thought on that subject disappeared when they saw Hui Yue. They were relieved when Hui Yue showed no signs of attacking them, no signs of trying to take their treasures. Everyone seemed to agree just to be satisfied with what they had.

“I need to cultivate for a day or two,” Hui Yue whispered to his friends that were standing by his side. “I’ll need you four to guard me. If anything happens, or if you encounter trouble, just wake me up. The breakthrough I am undergoing won’t fail just because I get woken up so don’t take any risks,” Hui Yue stressed to his friends while the five of them moved into the room where Hui Yue had gathered treasures earlier.

Sitting on the floor, Hui Yue took a deep breath before he closed his eyes and moved his consciousness to his lower dantian.

“Good day, I am Hui Yue. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” He said kindly to the woman in his dantian cave. The woman was as beautiful as Wan Qiao. However, her beauty was completely different. She was tall and slim, and her skin was dark as chocolate. Her body was clad in a green robe, and her eyes were as green as a lush forest. Deep within her eyes hostility was evident.

“I know you are Hui Yue too,” Hui Yue continued, not caring about the hostility he saw. “We are the same person, you just happen to be me from a previous life. I know you are aware of what happened with the wolf and the monk. We all merged together.” He explained.

‘Telling her all this most likely won’t do any good,’ He thought to himself with a sigh. ‘But I can’t just forcefully absorb her, now can I?’ He questioned himself but was shocked to find that he could forcefully absorb her. If she did not want to be absorbed then, he had no other option.

“You want me to become one with you, but what do I gain from it?” She asked the hostility in her voice very clear. There was no way she wanted herself to become nothing more than a memory from the past.

“You will not disappear.” Hui Yue said slowly. “You become a part of me. You will live on as me. I change every time I merge with a memory, and those memories are what creates you. You will always live as a part of me.” Hui Yue said truthfully.

The memories were a part of him, and they had changed him from what he used to be into what he now was. Merging with his old memories had changed him. His soul had been tempered every time, and he knew it would happen once again.

Hui Yue was worried. Although he was painfully aware of how the memories increased his strength time and time again, he was also conscious that every time he merged with a memory, his personality would change. His soul would transform, and he would not longer be who he was.

If he were to merge with all nine previous lives, then what would happen to him? Would there be anything left of his former self or would he have vanished long before? Would he become insane from having his soul changed over and over again? These thoughts always went through Hui Yue’s mind, but the young man was stubborn. He needed the strength from these memories to stand a chance against An He.

Looking at the dark lady in front of him, Hui Yue’s eyes turned more serious than they had ever before. His expression caused the woman to take a step back, and doubt showed on her face.

“You are not the one who vanishes.” Hui Yue said with a strained voice. “Imagine being the one who has to make space for others. It is evident that I do not have the power to erase you.”

The expression on the lady’s face became more and more doubtful. “I hate men.” She suddenly said. “I am a witch from the thousand plains. A which is looked upon with reverence. We become the strongest and most outstanding experts in the world. We control life and death, and are masters of the healing arts.” She said with pride in her voice. “Sadly, I never reached the peak. I fought long and hard, but was killed in a battle between two tribes.”

“If I were to merge with you, you have to make sure that my dream comes true. I don’t know what healers or herb masters are called in this world, but you have to reach the peak. You have to become the strongest of all!” She said, her eyes burning ferociously and her voice carrying hidden strength.

A smile appeared on Hui Yue’s lips as he was about to say something along the lines of ‘Everyone requests something from me! Do they think I am everyone’s messenger boy?! I already have to defeat An He, forget about becoming the best alchemist!’

‘Don’t talk.’ Lan Feng’s voice sounded in Hui Yue’s mind before he managed to say no to the green pearl, and Hui Yue waited patiently for the continuation.

‘If you merge with her you will unlock the Wood element. That way you can become an alchemist. You will be able to make all the potions and pills from this grave owner’s original world alongside the everything from ours This will help you greatly in the future so say yes. She is worth spending a few years to master alchemy.’

Hearing those words, Hui Yue nodded his head. Although he had not been keen on doing alchemy, he would do so if Lan Feng asked it of him. Lan Feng had always known what was best for them and listening to him had not done anything wrong so far.

“I accept your condition.” Hui Yue said with a sigh, and mixed emotions appeared on the woman’s face. It was clear that she was happy for him having accepted her demand, but was still fearful.

“Don’t worry it will not hurt,” Hui Yue said with a small smile on his face before he reached out his hand. The woman hesitantly took his hand, and a large green light shone in Hui Yue’s lower dantian as the memories of another lifetime entered Hui Yue.

The memories were of her growing up in a small tribe on a great plain. Many of the tribes lived close by each other. They would work together at times and constantly trade with each other.

Each tribe had around two thousand people and within each tribe were three witches. One could not cultivate to become a witch as a witch was born with a specific set of skills.

Each tribe allowed three witches and three apprentice witches, but if they had more they would sell those children with the aptitude to become a witch to other tribes. The green pearl was lucky that she did not have to be sold, and she had lived a peaceful life looking after the tribe like she was expected to.

One day one of the older witches passed away, and she was promoted. Unfortunately, it did not last long. A few months after her promotion a war broke out because two tribes had joined hands to completely wipe out her tribe.

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