Blue Phoenix

Chapter 369: Ambush

Knowing that they would be ambushed at some point, Hui Yue felt that it was rather comical. The reaction these experts showed when Hui Yue and his group were collecting pills revealed their intentions. It gave Hui Yue enough time to prepare for the encounter that was bound to happen.

“Boss, you said we’re going to be ambushed… ” Luo Qiang said in a low voice as he looked at the door leading out of the chamber which all of them were heading towards. “Do you think we will be able to easily defeat them?” He asked slightly worried. The Saints they had seen was in no way pushovers. Although they weren’t familiar with this exact group of experts, it was clear that they were a powerful group that had been together for a long time.

Hearing the older man refer to himself as boss made Hui Yue stumped for words but he quickly shook off the surprise and shrugged his shoulders. “If you believe that you will lose then you will lose for sure. But if you think that you will win then I make sure that we win.” He said with a hint of laughter in his voice. He had a backup plan which he did not tell anyone, but the new energy he discovered was something he could not wait to try out.

Xiao Ning looked at Hui Yue with a complex expression on his face. Hearing Hui Yue guarantee that they would win made him believe that the younger man had an ace up his sleeves, but he did not ask questions. He had long since given up understanding his new friend.

Hui Yue moved towards the doorway, clearly not caring too much about the ambush that he was sure was going to happen. While walking his back was straight, and he had a knowing smile which let the three Saints stand up straight and hold their heads high. They were not going to be defeated, so their previous fears and worries were now changed into adrenalin. Adrenalin that pumped through their veins causing them to show expressions of excitement. The change was like night and day, and only a few words from Hui Yue caused this change. Seeing this, Xiao Ning felt a shiver run down his spine as he looked at Hui Yue with a strange expression.

Hui Yue was young, though, if he were older he would not be as relatively unknown as he was now. He had been the Grand Marshall of the Shenyuan Beast Army, but at that time he was just a mere King ranked cultivator, yet now he was an Emperor. Looking at his appearance, he could not be more than twenty years of age and although Xiao Ning knew better than to judge people by their appearance he had a strange impression that this person was truly as young as he seemed.

For someone this young to be so mature and able to influence Saints to such a degree, there was simply only one name that suited this youngster, a monster. Yes, Hui Yue was without a doubt a terrifying monster.

While Xiao Ning was this, Hui Yue, followed by the three other Saints, and left the medicinal pillar chamber with Xiao Ning covering the back. As they left, they spread out their spiritual energy like a blanket around them. This made it possible for them to sense anyone who was within fifty meters of them. Although fifty meters was nothing for an expert on their level, merely a distance that could be traveled in a second, it still gave them a second to prepare. Releasing more spiritual energy would just end up draining them, and this was something they could not afford before the battle had commenced.

As soon as they left the large medicinal treasure hall, they then entered into another larger chamber. When they entered, they did not notice any energy ripples to show that there were any treasures or traps. As there was no sign of the experts either so the group slowly advanced at a steady pace, not too swiftly but not too slowly either.

While Hui Yue and Xiao Ning were both calm, the three other Saints were clearly impatient. They were eager to fight and see what it was like to be on the winning side; they wanted to no longer be the ones who were bullied by the stronger Saints and to gain some treasure for themselves. Up to now everything had been given to them by Hui Yue and Xiao Ning, and they wished to earn their own treasures as well.

“Don’t be too eager,” Hui Yue laughed to them. “Remember this is an ambush. Even if we are ready for them, they will use strong attacks at the start. Don’t be complacent, use your advantage and shield your body with Wu Wei. All you need to do is survive the initial attack after that it will be our win,” He explained, and the three experts nodded their heads as serious expressions took over the excitement from before.

Wu Wei gushed out from their bodies and clad them in a golden light which soon took the shape of a set of armor. Although it took some Wu Wei to sustain this armor, it was not much as long as they did not receive any attacks. A defense like this would have very high energy usage if they were under attack.

Looking at each other the three saw that Hui Yue did nothing to protect himself; he still just stood at the front of their group and walked as though he had no care in the world. The further they went the slower Hui Yue walked. Suddenly after almost having crossed the entire chamber a black light shone around Hui Yue and a small black energy left his body creating a thin black plate in front of him.

Using his energy like this, Hui Yue knew that he could manipulate it as he wished both inside and outside his body. Currently, it was not being used up it was just there as a defense. Looking at the black energy all the other Saints in his group shivered involuntarily as they remembered the terrifying shockwave it had created, and the fact that no energy ripples appeared from this black plate in front of him was even more terrifying. The eerie silence that accompanied the energy was something they had never seen before.

Just as they were about to leave the chamber, they suddenly heard a loud bang and golden light flashed from every side. One attack after another rained down upon them.

There were massive hammers, slamming down from above. There were sharp spears that had been thrown at them. There were Wu Wei beasts, a bear and a snake, which both charged towards them, and lastly a large sun appeared right above them. Every ray of sunshine caused whatever it touched to start sizzling as though it had touched acid.

The second the Wu Wei attacks appeared golden light flashed in Xiao Ning’s hand, and Radiant Aegis appeared as a dome over the top of the five experts. Although it could not protect them against all the attacks, it managed to block the spear and hammers while the two Wu Wei beasts were incapable of breaking through it. Unfortunately the Sun’s rays and their ability to disintegrate also worked on Wu Wei, so the dome slowly started to collapse from the top.

Although this Sun was terrifying, Hui Yue was not too frightened by it. The Wu Wei consumption for it needed to be incredibly strong so it was limited for how long it could stay up. Although it could penetrate the Wu Wei aegis made by Xiao Ning, there was one thing it could not penetrate.

“Well, try this,” He said with a grin as the black energy in his palm once more turned into a thin plate that appeared above them completely blocking the sun’s rays. No matter how strong they were, they could not penetrate the black, eerie energy shield that Hui Yue created.

“You are a mere Emperor, how can your shield defend against my mighty Sun of the Frozen Wastes?!” A roar suddenly broke through the entire chamber making the pillars that held the ceiling verberate from the sound.

“You’re too loud, stop constantly activating one trap after another,” Hui Yue answered with a low and gentle voice, but everyone within the chamber heard it.

The oldest martial brother felt like vomiting blood the moment he heard Hui Yue’s voice filled with disdain and that he even dared to scold him for being loud, but he did not yell again. Instead, he poured Wu Wei into the sun unreservedly and mumbled to himself, “My Sun of the Frozen Wastes will melt anything like the sun melting the winter snow. Even if he has a weird item protecting him, there has to have a limit,” He calculated, and his eyes were filled with determination.

The oldest martial brother was not wrong. The black energy had not been used earlier when nothing was attacking it, but now the energy was being wasted protecting them all from the sun’s rays, and the thin black plate had reduced in size so much so that now it only just barely covered all five experts.

Seeing how things were going, the smile on Hui Yue’s face turned frosty. None of the ambushers had advanced as all of them knew that the Sun of the Frozen Wastes did not care about friend or foe. Anyone who stepped into a ray of sunshine would start to disintegrate, but as they looked at their martial brother they also saw that his complexion was not good. His skin was quite pale and his face was covered with sweat. Unlike him, Hui Yue showed no signs of fatigue. The energy had already been created, and he no longer needed to use energy to control it; however, he would not be able to create any more energy just like that, so all he had was limited.

““Oldest martial brother, let us deal with them!” One of the opponents suddenly begged as he saw that their oldest martial brother had overspent his energy. The oldest martial brother was also aware of their mistake, so he did not wait long before nodding. Slowly the sun grew smaller and smaller, and the rays fewer and fewer before they vanished into thin air.

Hui Yue heaved a heavy sigh in relief. The plate that was protecting them was now only half the size it had at the start, and this black energy was their only countermeasure against the sun’s rays. Although he was relieved, he did not have a lot of time to celebrate because moments after one Saint after another rushed forward towards them. Wu Wei channeled through their bodies and they threw one attack after another at the experts.

“Take them one on one or two on one,” Hui Yue said calmly. “There is no such thing as disgrace, only survival.” He continued. Saying this reminded him of being back in the army, and some laughter escaped his lips. “I don’t care what you do, just don’t die.” Was his final words before the black energy in his hands stretched out and took the shape of a whip.

With whip in hand, Hui Yue managed to get away from the common Saints and headed towards the location he heard the voice of the oldest martial brother call out from. His eyes were cold and his face frosty. It was clear that this time, he had no intention of pardoning the expert he was hunting.

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