Blue Phoenix

Chapter 365: Wu Wei Warrior

Hearing the words Xiao Ning said, Hui Yue looked at the older man and could not help but grin, a grin which was quickly returned. It was true that it had taken them some time to deal with the Saints that had caught up to them from the back, and now the group they were following before was now nowhere in sight.

Despite this, the two experts were both in high spirits. They managed to deal with some competitors though they had died a truly gruesomely it was quickly ignored. The only thing which bothered Hui Yue was the fact that the storage stones were simply too covered in gore to take with them.

Leaving behind the Saints who sealed their own fate by attack them, Hui Yue felt no remorse. Even if these experts had been a part of the Taiyang Kingdom, he would have reacted the same way. Within these tunnels which country you were from and what your status was in the outside world did not matter. It was a true dog eat dog world where the strongest would obtain the riches and the weakest would be pushed away. Had the duo of Saints not already showed this by stealing from many of the weaker cultivators? And other Saints had time and time again tried to steal from Hui Yue, greatly underestimating his strength.

“You tried to kill me,” He said with a cold gleam in his eyes. “So why can I not kill you?” His words despite being mumbled were heard clearly by Xiao Ning, and it caused shiver had run down his spine. Time and time again he felt relief for being on Hui Yue’s side, and from a while ago he had actually started to fear this young man. Had it not been for the two golden pills he had received from Hui Yue, then he would still be a three star Saint, someone whom Hui Yue would not even put in his eyes, but now he was stronger than your common Saints.

Both experts were deep in thoughts as they went further and further into the tunnel. The group in front of them triggered the majority of the traps and the ones they had not triggered posed no threat to either Hui Yue nor Xiao Ning as they quickly passed them by.

Although they headed deeper into the tunnel, there were no signs of any treasures having appeared just as there was no signs of the group who was diligently clearing the traps. They had clearly picked up their pace and rushed through the tunnel in the hope of leaving it before Hui Yue and Xiao Ning caught up to them once again.

Following their trail, neither Hui Yue or Xiao Ning felt any urge to rush. This was a mysterious grave, and everyone who was within it should move with care. Although a few people were ahead as of now, no one knew when they would encounter an obstacle which required more than just their strength to break through. When that happened, these experts would have no other option than to wait for many Saints to gather once again.

Moving down the path blood started to appear more frequently on the ground as more traps were seen. These traps seemed increasingly ferocious. After walking half an hour, they came across a body in the tunnel. This cultivator was a one star Saint, but even so, his body had been hit by a slash which had almost severed his body in two. His insides were spread on the ground, and his eyes were still opened and filled with shock as his life left them.

Seeing the dead expert’s shock, Hui Yue and Xiao Ning were in a somber though their reasons were completely different. This expert was a Saint from the Taiyang Kingdom, and Xiao Ning could not help but fear that his kingdom was becoming weaker every time a Saint died. “I need to kill more of the other experts,” He mumbled. “The balance must be maintained.”

Hui Yue was more worried about the dangers they would encounter soon because at some point they would reach an even more dangerous area. So far they had only been in tunnels, but he knew that this was only a fraction of the grave. Thinking back to Heaven’s door he assumed that after going through this tunnel they would reach the actual grave; the place where treasures would be stacked on top of each other alongside countless deadly traps.

Although this was all just speculation Hui Yue remembered the words the spirit imprint at the Heaven’s door said, and it sounded like there was not a lack of treasures. Still in the tunnel he had picked there had been nothing insanely beneficial so far. They had only come across two stashes of treasures, and although these were filled with great materials, for both Xiao Ning and himself, it was far from what they expected to gain.

The traps were getting more dangerous now, and Xiao Ning and Hui Yue could no longer focus fully on their own thoughts. They needed their full focus to overcome the traps blocking them from the main tomb.

As they moved forward more and more blood covered the walls, but there were no signs of what kind of weapon or attack wounded these Saints. It was clear that they were energy attacks of some sort, attacks that vanished as soon as they had been unleashed. No more corpses were seen but the amount of blood they were seeing made them quite unsettled.

Soon they heard voices in front of them, voices that sounded quite frantic. A loud, crashing noise accompanied the voices and a humming sound also penetrated the silence of the tunnel. Hui Yue and Xiao Ning glanced at one another before they both nodded their heads and rushed forward, towards the voices.

As soon as they reached the voices, they were shocked to see a large golden warrior. It was a human who was created from Wu Wei. Powerful energy undulations burst forth from him, and his rank felt no weaker than Xiao Ning. For these experts to fight him, they truly needed to give it their all and looking at them they did not look too good.
Although Hui Yue did not care too much about these people, he saw the worry in Xiao Ning’s eyes. For the sake of his friend, Hui Yue summoned a blue fireball which he allowed to grow to its maximum size before he tossed it at the golden Wu Wei warrior.

Seeing that the warrior was focusing on the group of experts who had triggered the trap, it stood defenseless against the blue Fire Orb. As soon as it impacted the Wu Wei warrior he was knocked sideways and a large hole appeared in its side; however, this was not a creature created by flesh and blood, so it had no problems continuing to fight even though a large hole was present on its side.

Seeing this, Hui Yue grunted with displeasure. Had it been a Saint who bothered to take this attack head on, then they would have been seriously injured. Not trying to defend against such an attack was silly and both Hui Yue and Lan Feng were slightly insulted that this Wu Wei warrior treated their strong attack as if it were nothing. More spiritual energy exited his body, and merged with Lan Feng’s elemental affinity, and another massive Fire Orb appeared in front of him.

Much like last time this attack was aimed at the exact same place, the side where there was a gaping hole. Once more this Wu Wei warrior did not go against them, and allowed for the Fire Orb to land straight on his side. The blast forced the Wu Wei warrior back once more.

Unlike before, this time, the Wu Wei warrior did not stand back up; instead, his entire body had been split into two separating the upper and lower body. ‘Don’t just stand there!’ Lan Feng said. ‘Do you remember the devour ability of the wolf?’ He asked curiously, and Hui Yue remembered with a shudder. How could he forget when he had once absorbed so many souls?

‘This Wu Wei warrior is not done fighting just yet, but most important of all, it that it is not a human. Devour it and slowly refine the Wu Wei from the warrior. Although it might take some time as this is sentient Wu Wei; it will bring you many benefits in the future.’

Hearing this Hui Yue was a little surprised, but he quickly nodded his head and headed towards the two parts of the Wu Wei warrior. Very much like Lan Feng said, the two parts were still struggling to get up, but suddenly a red light shone from Hui Yue’s palm. A thick killing intent billowed outwards as a wolf head was created from this red energy. The wolf head soared up where it let out a thunderous roar. It then dove at the Wu Wei warrior and scarfed down the two parts of energy before returning to Hui Yue’s hand. After returning the red light slowly retreated into his palm and vanished leaving the present Saints deeply shocked. The Saints who had fought the Wu Wei warriors previously in the tunnel were deeply frightened seeing how easily it was taken down.

“We’ve fought them before,” One of them stuttered. “When we fought them the first time it was not enough to just sever the body into two as it kept fighting. How did he make it vanish?!” Although he had seen it with his own two eyes, the Saint talking was filled with disbelief. This youngster was impossible to see through. Was he a Saint, or an Emperor? What was that red energy he had used? How could he control blue flames? There were so many unanswered questions that they all had, yet no one, not even Xiao Ning, asked any questions. Questions were useless as they all knew that he would most likely laugh and say something completely nonsensical not answering the question at all. Were they in his position no one would answer either.

Looking at the worried expression on Xiao Ning’s face whenever he looked at the surviving Saints, Hui Yue could only sigh. He was not really interested in roping in more Saints but having Saints owing him a favor was always a good idea so without saying anything he picked up three red medicinal pills from his storage stone and tossed one to each of the Saints.

“Eat this,” He said not allowing them to argue. The Saints did not question him as they popped the medicinal pills into their mouths.

The moment the pill entered their mouths shock filled their bodies. Previously they had been exhausted, nearing the brink of their capabilities, yet now a new and unknown energy flooded their system. It refilled their exhausted Wu Wei cores, healed their wounds, and almost restored them to their peak performance. One pill alone was enough to almost fully restore their power which showed just how strong these medicinal pills were.

“Why would you give us these?” One of the experts asked shocked as he looked at Hui Yue. It was clear that the expert had previously used them to trigger traps and shown no signs of caring about them, but now he was helping them. He was an enigma; someone completely impossible to understand.

“A friend of mine values your lives,” Hui Yue said with a shrug. “And I am certain that you’ll remember the favor, so let’s continue heading down the tunnel. If more of these Wu Wei warriors appear they are mine though.” He said straightforwardly, and everyone nodded their heads. The three surviving Taiyang Kingdom Saints even wished to say ‘take them! Take them all!’ But they kept their mouths shut worried that he might misunderstand it as ridicule.

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