Blue Phoenix

Chapter 363: The Might of the Divine Dragon, Qing Long

Noticing his strength continuing to rise, the experts in front of him, who had been so certain about their strength, suddenly swallowed their saliva as some fear crept into their eyes.

“I haven’t actually tried this out before,” Deng Wu said with a calm voice. “But to think that you would want to touch the queen of my heart with your filthy hands, it seems desperate measures need to be taken.”

Hearing his words the two Emperors started smiling. So this man was using a skill he had never used before? Then although his energy was far stronger than theirs, he might be incapable of controlling it and as such, they would be able to defeat him. Their courage rose once again as they pounced towards Deng Wu intending on pincering him. Unfortunately, Deng Wu’s strength was still surging to the heavens, and the energy ripples that were bursting from his body were so strong that the two experts’ advance was slowed.

Turning around, Deng Wu’s long blue hair started to flutter around him. His blue eyes were glistening with anger as he lifted his hand using Wu Wei to create a massive hammer.

The Wu Wei floating through his meridians was far stronger than anything he had experienced before, and he was reassured knowing he had the strength to protect his friends. Without waiting for the two experts to reach him, he swung the hammer accurately at the first expert.

The target was an Emperor and although he had looked down on Deng Wu and his friends he had some ability. The moment he saw the hammer coming his way he halted his advance and a grin appeared on his face as he was about to tell Deng Wu how weak such an obvious attack was.

Unfortunately, he never had the chance to say anything as a shriek suddenly sounded from his side. Turning his head, his face paled as he noticed that his comrade, who had been standing right next to him, had been hit on the arm. His arm was now hanging limply, clearly impossible to move. His bone was obviously shattered, and even his shoulder had caved inwards. It was clear that he had taken a direct hit, and the energy contained in the blow was frighteningly powerful. The expert who avoided the attack was directly in front of his friend blocking his sight and not giving him enough time to react.

Sucking in a deep breath the Emperor who dodged finally understood that he was not the target; he was just a tool to allow for Deng Wu to hide his attack. This way he ensured that the moment the other Emperor noticed, it was already too late.

After being hit by the hammer, he flew backwards like a kite with its string cut. His arm was hanging limply as he regained his footing and got up, and a trail of blood was slid down the corner of his lips. His entire body had been wounded by the hammer even his internal organs.

“You guys are too weak!” Deng Wu laughed as he saw the damage his enemy took after only one exchange of blows. The wounded Emperor gnashed his teeth and got ready to attack. This time, he distanced himself from Deng Wu. He formed a ball of Wu Wei after another which he threw at Deng Wu.

Unlike the Emperor, Deng Wu knew that he could not move as if he did the attack would land on his friends, and that was the one thing he would not allow.

His energy suddenly burst out from his body creating a massive scale-like shield. The balls of Wu Wei landed straight onto the scaled shield. Both sides were extremely nervous. Deng Wu feared that his shield was not strong enough to block both of these two, and the Emperors feared that it would be. A boom resounded and dust exploded from the floor. Deng Wu had been forced three steps backwards, but the scale held strong, albeit a crack had formed on its surface.

‘Do you have enough time to playing with these kids?’ A voice suddenly asked from within Deng Wu, and he instantly knew that Little Dragon was becoming impatient. They were wasting too much of his precious Wu Wei which had taken him years to cultivate.

Hearing the dry voice Deng Wu grinned and his consciousness entered the lower dantian allowing for the dragon to take over his body.

A shudder run through his body and everyone was shocked as they felt that the man in front of them had suddenly become frighteningly more dangerous than before. Even the Rong twins took a step backwards taken aback by the strength Deng Wu was showing.

“I will let you know what it feels like to insult the Divine Dragon, Qing Long,” He said with a low voice. His eyes glowed with an azure blue light, and his hands slowly transformed to the arms of a drake. Azure scales appeared on his arms, and his fingers turned into claws. His arms were clearly far stronger than that of a normal Emperor, so strong that they could compete with the raw strength of a Saint.

Seeing the transformation, the Emperors furrowed their brows in surprise. A beast should not be able to transform only parts of their bodies, and if he was of mixed blood, he should not be able to control his shape at all. Being able to make his arms transform, what kind of crazy strong technique was this?

Having spoken Deng Wu no longer paid attention to everyone’s shock and instead instantly attacked. His speed had increased many times over, and his strength was so frightening that the two Emperors instantly understood that they had truly woken a sleeping dragon. Trying to protect themselves they suddenly felt a shadow looming above them. Less than a second later, the young, blue man descended upon them, and his claws ripped open the two throats as he instantly jumped backwards. He straightened up as the transformation vanished. He once more looked the same as before, but his friends would never forget what they had seen today. They finally understood that Deng Wu truly was a hidden dragon.

‘Thanks for your help,’ Deng Wu said while bowing to Little Dragon, yet the dragon within his dantian cave did nothing but smile at him before he sat down to refine more energy. He had used quite a bit of energy he had gathered up. Although it had been needed, he still felt a little depressed and knew he had to keep working hard.

Seeing the dragon instantly start working, Deng Wu was slightly guilty as he knew that he had wasted quite a bit of Wu Wei. Though he knew that Hui Yue had done the same, so much so that Lan Feng called him a wasteful brat. Compared to Hui Yue, Deng Wu did not do too badly, he hoped.


“Do you know the Grand Marshall?” One of the beasts in human shape asked with big eyes as he looked at Sha Yun, and the snake-woman was currently deep in thought. Seeing that she did not seem to hear him, the beast went towards her and gently patted her shoulder to ask her once again.

“I know him,” She said tentatively. “He is the one I have a contract with.” She said straight forwardly, and the words caused the majority of the group to gasp out loud. Some of them were quite jealous because of her words.

“If he is your master, why don’t you go help him?” One of the others asked, and the jealousy was evident in her harsh words. These were people Sha Yun viewed as her friends yet now many of them looked at her with hostility.

Suddenly a group of men walked in front of her, and one of them patted her head gently. The others stared back menacingly at the group of experts.

“I am sure Sha Yun has her own reasons. However, she is a beast just like us, who are we to judge her? If you want to have a contract with him, why don’t you just go speak with him about it and make your own contract?” The man asked with a warm, gentle voice but the words he said were direct and harsh.

Although some of them mumbled something that no one could hear, they all pulled backwards and said nothing else. Seeing their reaction, the speaker took another step forward. “We should be grateful that Sha Yun has a relationship with the Grand Marshall, had it not been for him the Saints would have robbed us, and they could have killed us easily.” The man reminded everyone and the ones who had been jealous just moments before finally started to understand that they were in the wrong. They should indeed be grateful to her and not hostile.

The group quickly calmed down but despite this Sha Yun understood that these friends of hers weren’t all as friendly as she had thought. Within her heart, a barrier had grown. Closing her eyes, she mumbled to herself, “Why does it have to be like this?”

Tears were brimming in her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away, not willing to let anyone see her tears.

“Instead of blaming Sha Yun, why don’t we start moving forward?” Suggested the man as the Saints had long since vanished down the tunnel. “Hopefully, we can find more treasure further in the grave.” Everyone looked at the speaker and then nodded their heads. Slowly they all started to move forward through the tunnels they had moved in before.

Sha Yun was standing uncertain what to do, yet after a moment of indecisiveness she quickly caught up with her friends and continued moving forwards. The place they had been standing before was eerie quiet. After around half an hour a shadow moved from the location and soon after followed straight behind Sha Yun and the beasts who had rushed off.


“Wang Ju Long, come here quickly! We have more wounded experts!” Someone called out, and Wang Ju Long quickly looked at the expert she was currently healing. This man had a hole in his chest, yet the weapon had somehow missed all his vitals. Looking at the one who called for her, Wang Ju Long quickly forced her spiritual energy into the body of her patient before she cut off the energy. She then rushed to the next patient.

The first patient with the hole in his body was at first ready to scream out for Wang Ju Long to return to healing him when he found that there was a foreign energy within his body. An energy which soothed his pain and quickly healed his wounds. Noticing this, he obediently laid back down on the blanket allowing for the strange energy to heal him. The more he was healed, the weaker the energy from Wang Ju Long became, and as his body was completely healed, the final drop of energy was consumed.

Rushing back and forth, Wang Ju Long made sure to heal one person after another, yet as time tricked by her energy was completely exhausted. She then took the time to sit down and cultivate. Looking at the many injured experts, her eyes constantly scoured the newcomers fearing that her friend were amongst them. Though the knowledge that she could do nothing while completely drained, pushed her to focus completely on cultivating. While cultivating she was picturing herself trying to save Hui Yue, but not having the power to do so. This caused tears to stream down her face as she stubbornly continued to cultivate despite being too exhausted to do so. The thought of losing Hui Yue was not something she could handle.

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