Blue Phoenix

Chapter 358: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothings

Seeing the many greedy, cold gazes that were watching him, the young man could not help but smile wryly. He somewhat expected that some would be unable to contain their greed but to see so many gazes, was something he could not have guessed would happen when people saw the effects of the pills pill.

Instead of waiting for anyone to make a move, energy ripples appeared out of nowhere. It was so powerful it felt as if a strong gale had appeared within the chamber. The little boy who was an Emperor ranked expert, and who looked just shy of twenty years of age, suddenly no longer seemed like a mere low-ranked Emperor. His strength was increasing, growing at such a rapid speed that even the Saints who had considered taking action were shocked speechless. His strength kept rising, kept condensing around him and soon his aura was that of a Saint. Even after reaching the Saint rank it steadily rose, showing no signs of stopping.

Seeing the sudden strength that this man had up his sleeve, everyone was dumbfounded. The fact that he was a Saint as young as he was, completely dumbfounded everyone, but the Saints of the Siban Empire, Xiao Ning, and the pair of Saints he had just traded with. They had previously seen his true strength of him and they were not going to make an enemy out of him if they had an option to chose.

Finally, it stopped rising. Though his power was not on Xiao Ning’s level, with the two of them standing side by side everyone lost their original idea of robbing him. Even putting pressure on him would be impossible.

Seeing that he intimated everyone, Hui Yue withdrew the strength once more. Allowing for Lan Feng’s aura to shine through was nothing much. It was in no way causing for Lan Feng to exhaust any of his energy nor did it require Hui Yue to do much. In a way it was the same as opening and closing a lid, allowing for his energy to be let out easily.

Having withdrawn the aura once more, no one moved to trouble them. Even if the greedy Saints together were to charge at Hui Yue and Xiao Ning, it was highly likely that they could hold their own against them. While not knowing whether or not Hui Yue really had any more pills, it was far too risky to attack him.

The smile on Xiao Ning’s face increased tenfold when he saw Hui Yue display what he assumed was his actual level. He had felt unrightfully judged on Hui Yue’s behalf since the many Saints started appearing yet now that his partner had proven his strength he felt smug.

Looking around Hui Yue knew that more Saints were coming; however, quite a few had already appeared and he was considering if they were enough. Enough people meant that they could once more advance, but Hui Yue was also aware that now that he had shown his strength, he would actually need to use some of it when they went to open Heaven’s door.

Sighing deeply, he looked at Xiao Ning for some time contemplating if they should wait for more Saints to come or if they should just rally the Saints that were already there. He was as eager to continue onwards as the others were. Although he wanted treasure as much as the next person, he was even more curious about the strange powers he could obtain. So far he had already learned a lot of things. He had learned about Blood Essence and Celestial Alchemy.

He had advanced to the Emperor rank and he had found a strong Saint to be allied with. In general, he had already gotten an insane amount of valuable treasures, but he was not satisfied. After hearing what the voice had said, Hui Yue was lured in by the promise of even more astonishing treasures.

He was not being silly; he trusted his strength, and although he was not expecting to be the one getting all the benefits, he was realistic about the situation. He knew that more golden pills and herbs awaited him inside the inner grave.

By now Hui Yue felt incredibly lucky, and he decided it was worth a try. Once more his strength exploded forth causing everyone to pay attention to him. “Let’s stand together and bust through this door blocking our way to the inheritance of the grave!. Waiting for more Saints might make this easier, but the longer we wait, the more people we have to share the treasure with.” He said.

His voice was strong, and he was filled with certainty. Certainty that did not come from just anywhere, this was confidence he gained from Lan Feng. The phoenix believed that if everyone went all out, and Hui Yue used a few skills as well, then they could open the door. As always in life, Hui Yue fully trusted and believed Lan Feng, and his words quickly rallied the other Saints. One after another stood up cracking their necks and summoning their energy.

The energy within the room rapidly turned chaotic. The energy that everyone was emitting was frighteningly powerful, and if anyone ranked below the Saint rank had been in the chamber, they would have been completely overwhelmed. Every Saint was aware that although they had used their strength to break the original blood essence inscription at the entrance, this door was far more challenging, not to mention they were fewer experts present.

Still, somehow something in this young man’s voice made them believe they could do it, and all the energy they could muster was summoned. Attacks formed in the air and even Hui Yue started channeling his energy to attack.

The attack he formed was his old-time favorite the ball of blue fire. He used this attack for quite a few reasons. The attack did not require much of Lan Feng’s Wu Wei but instead required his elemental affinity something he had plenty. This was the most energy efficient attack he had, yet the strange blue flame was so powerful that the heat radiating outward caused many of the Saints present to be worried in their hearts. Could they take such a hit without being seriously injured? It was clear that this young man who they previously looked down upon was indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The massive Fire Orb Hui Yue controlled was released with a low shout, and it soon soared through the room landing on the door with a massive boom. It caused the entire chamber to tremble. Seeing his attack had land a smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face as he channeled one more Fire Orb.

Boom after boom sounded out as the great hall shook violently causing dust to fall from the ceiling. The Saints tried to outdo each other with each attack getting more and more powerful. Sending out a second Fire Orb, Hui Yue saw that the door was showing signs of caving in as cracks appeared on the surface. This caused a cheer to erupt throughout the room and their battle spirits soared. Their attacks rained down on the door at an even more frantic pace than before.

A smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face as he saw how Xiao Ning was summoning one shield after another, and with a force unlike any he had seen before, the powerful cultivator ran towards the door colliding directly with it. Although they could easily have laughed at him saying it was a pointless attack, none did so. Everyone could feel the tremor that ran through the chamber was no less than from what happened after their attacks, and the cracks that formed on the door made it obvious just how strong a Saint he was.

Looking at the immensely hot Fire Orbs used by Hui Yue and the sheer power employed by Xiao Ning many of the Saints felt ashamed of the overconfidence they had; all of them made a mental note to not fight them unless it was absolutely necessary. They were a terrifying team, and their strength was not something one could trifle with.

Proving their strength was a part of Hui Yue’s plan. Although Hui Yue was aware that he would have to battle the other Saints sooner or later, he would prefer to fight as few as possible. Unlike them, whenever Lan Feng used his Wu Wei he would not be able to restore it just by cultivating much like everyone else could, he had to refine it all over again and store it within his soul that was waiting to be returned to his own body.

Even if Hui Yue could battle the Saints, he could by no means take all of them on, nor could he battle for extended periods of time. Because of this, Hui Yue wanted the other Saints to understand that he and Xiao Ning were not to be touched.

Everyone understood that Hui Yue was showing off his power. As for why he did so, everyone just assumed that he was trying to warn them not to take his treasures, even Xiao Ning was certain this was the reason, and a sly grin appeared on his lips. After which he summoned an even stronger force around his body willing to prove that it was not only Hui Yue on their team who was frightening.

Seeing the golden Wu Wei swirling around Xiao Ning everyone held their breath as they were shocked to see that he was actually capable of controlling so much Wu Wei at once. Creating another shield, he charged at the door. A resounding boom rolled through the entire hall followed by the sound of stones collapsing to the ground.

The final attack of Xiao Ning had broken through the door, and it was slowly crumbling in front of everyone. This only reaffirmed their belief that this duo was frighteningly strong.

Seeing the door collapse everyone rushed backwards to make sure that they were not being buried under the debris. Even Xiao Ning had to rush backwards right after the impact. He did not even have the time to feel smug about breaking through the door as he knew that no matter how strong he was, being caught by a door this massive, even if he was a master of defense, would kill him.

Jumping back and standing by Hui Yue, Xiao Ning grinned at his younger friend while Hui Yue smiled in return.

“Even I am astonished to see you being able to control so much after breaking through,” Hui Yue’s voice drifted into Xiao Ning’s ears, and the words caused pride to appear in the older expert’s eyes.

“Well there is no reason to stay here any longer,” Xiao Ning said as the final stone fell to the ground. “Let’s go to the grave in front of us. I’ll trust my back to you, and believe me I will have yours.” He said seriously, and his words caused Hui Yue to feel safe. The younger expert nodded his head, and instantly the two experts rushed through the dust filled chamber. Seeing the many Saints who scrambled backwards now pouncing forward, everyone followed and disappeared from the hall with fervent gazes in their eyes, ready and excited to see what was prepared for them.

Rushing forward, no one knew exactly what they were expecting, yet the moment they appeared on the other side of the door, everyone came to a standstill. Even Hui Yue had a dubious expression on his face.

In front of them was the exact same sight which had met them when they first entered the outer grave. A whole lot of tunnels were shown in front of them. Although these tunnels looked far better than the previous one, it was clearly the same as before.

Being stunned for a moment, Hui Yue suddenly heard Lan Feng’s voice. ‘The third tunnel to the left; it has the strongest undulations,’ He commented, and without waiting any further Hui Yue rushed down the tunnel.

Xiao Ning was at first shocked to see that Hui Yue did not wait to discuss with him, yet seeing the determined expression in Hui Yue’s eyes he decided not to argue and followed behind.

Left behind, everyone else looked at the other tunnels. Everyone thought of what they had been through up until now and knew that if it were the same, it would be even more challenging than before. Their faces turned serious and slightly fearful, yet determination shone in their eyes as they soon split up and took their own tunnels.

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