Blue Phoenix

Chapter 354: Alliances

“You are betting on me being stronger?” Hui Yue asked dumbfounded. He had not expected that this other Saint would be willing to assist him. Even if the wounded Saint had not joined in, Hui Yue would have been capable of fighting the two Saints to a standstill; however winning against them was an entirely different thing.

The wounded Saint nodded his head, and a grin appeared on his face as Hui Yue could not help but be taken aback. He felt gratitude towards this strange Saint who stood up for him.

The faces of the two opposing Saints turned sour, and their eyes glistened with anger. “Xiao Ning why would you support some unknown expert. He is clearly not from our Taiyang Kingdom and you still want to help him instead of us?!” One of them cried out, yet the wounded Saint, who went by the name of Xiao Ning, just shook his head.

“I owe him one. He was the first expert to enter this chamber, and when I arrived, I was on death’s door. He knew that I was an easy target and could have easily gotten rid of me, yet he did nothing.Xiao Ning said with a decisive expression on his face as energy undulations started to appear from his body.

By now the group with Sha Yun had long since left the chamber, but the battle had yet to start. Even if their targets had vanished, the air was so heavy that one could feel the ripples of energy throughout the room.

Sha Yun’s group was not the only one who had rushed back through the doors, everyone rushed as quickly as they could, no one willing to stay behind in a room where Saints were about to duke it out. They would without a doubt not control their power, and would fight with all their strength; if one got caught in the crossfire, there would be no one to blame other than themselves.

Hui Yue sighed deeply as he gently lifted up his cloak removing it from his body and allowing for his energy to burst out; however, the moment he removed the cloak and stored it the faces of the Saints turned sour. Not just the two he was fighting but also the guy on his side.

“You’re the Grand Marshall of the beast army?” One of the experts opposing him asked, and all Hui Yue did was shrug his shoulders, neither confirming nor declining. As soon as he did the other Saint, the one who had not spoken broke out laughing.

“He is the Grand Marshall alright!” He grinned. “And we all know that the Grand Marshall of the beast army is a King. A mere King attempts to go against us. Now, Xiao Ning, do you regret who you decided to support? He didn’t leave you alive because he didn’t want to kill you, but because he couldn’t!”

Although Xiao Ning’s face was filled with discomfort, his eyes were steeled and he shook his head. “I stand by what I said,” He spoke with a hoarse voice. His eyes showed his determination, but also showed that he was clearly not expecting to win anymore.

“Since you put faith in me, I will show you that no one is allowed to look down on me,” Hui Yue answered with a sly grin on his face. A grin which confused the three experts. How could Hui Yue be so calm when facing two Saints? The two opposing enemies were puzzled as they looked at the young man. Their faces turned increasingly sour as they felt the energy coming from his body start to climb.

The energy was at the King level, but moments after it had soared to the sky. By now he was already equal to a peak ranked Emperor, but it didn’t even stop there, instead it continued to soar breaking through into the ranks of a Saint.

As his strength soared, Xiao Ning was giving a pleasant surprise while the other experts’ faces turned dark. The Grand Marshall of the beast army was nowhere as simple as they had expected. The King ranked expert was obviously hiding his powers.

Although his strength reached the Saint realm, Hui Yue’s strength continued to climb, albeit slower than before. As his strength rose, the two opponents finally managed to shake off the shock that had paralyzed them, and their faces filled with killing intent as they charged towards Hui Yue. Before they got close to him, a massive golden shield appeared in front of them blocking their advance.

Xiao Ning stood by the side grinning widely as he allowed for Wu Wei to flow from his body. Xiao Ning was one of the strongest experts within the Taiyang Kingdom, and just because he had been injured did not mean that he was in any way weaker than the others. As a matter of fact, the wounds had been inflicted because he rushed through the traps, not taking his time to slowly figure it out, instead just using brute force to destroy anything he came across.

Had Hui Yue tried the same approach as Xiao Ning, he would have without a doubt laid down his life. Now that he had been given time to fully heal, he was back stronger than ever.

Xiao Ning had the nickname as the Shield of Taiyang. His entire fighting style focused on defense and strength. He could protect his body with Wu Wei and also create external shields while using these shields for both defense and offense.

Hui Yue knew about Xiao Ning and the two other Saints as he had been given information about all the Saints of the Taiyang Kingdom from Gao Yan, but even knowing this he had never expected that Xiao Ning’s defense was this monstrous.

The two opponents forced their energy out and used it to their maximum strength. But even so, only a few cracks appeared on the shield protecting Hui Yue, and the young man no longer worried about what was happening as he sat down and slowly allowed for the strength of Lan Feng to finally merge with him. Lan Feng allowed for him to fully control the strength of a Saint ranked expert.

It did not take long before his body was bursting with energy and he was able to merge with the strength. He was now fully capable of standing up against any Saint.

It was true that Lan Feng had lost some of his cultivation base when he forcefully made Hui Yue be reborn in his old world, but although Hui Yue did not stand a chance against Wan Qiao, none of the Saints who had gone to Grave of the Unknown were as strong as Wan Qiao or the Frozen General. All of them were considered average Saints and against them, Lan Feng was definitely amongst the strongest.

Hui Yue smiled when he felt the energy bursting within his body. He slowly stood up and stretched his body as he tried to get full control of the energy inside of himself.

“I haven’t released my power for quite some time,” Hui Yue complained to no one specific, yet everyone heard what he said, and the words caused shock and a bit of fear to wash over the two Saints. Even Xiao Ning was slightly concerned about how the young King had managed to hide his strength as well as he had. Being able to fool them this thoroughly, he had to be incredibly strong.

Although Xiao Ning was worried, he was also secretly very pleased. He had stood by this strong man’s side before knowing his strength, and due to this he had made himself an ally. The two opponents, on the other hand, were less lucky. Their original plan to easily trample the experts and steal their treasures was no longer an option.

Growling both of them withdrew, neither letting out any more energy undulations. It was clear that they were no longer willing to fight Hui Yue. Looking at the two of them, Hui Yue was uncertain as to whether or not he should just end the battle and let them off the hook.

Releasing a tiger back into the mountain was not his style, however, fighting someone who had already given up did not fit him either. Even if they had fought it was highly likely that they would not kill each other because of this Hui Yue decided to let them be. He would, after all, prefer not to waste Lan Feng’s strength unless he truly had to. Lan Feng was his hidden strength, something he truly wished to keep for as long as possible.

Seeing that the two other Saints withdraw, Xiao Ning also withdrew his shields and soon after the two groups split up. Hui Yue and Xiao Ning went to the corner where Xiao Ning had been seated before, and the two other Saints went to another part of the chamber where they took out all the storage stones they had taken from the lower ranked cultivators.

Xiao Ning had not stolen any treasures, however, looking at the powerful cultivator Hui Yue understood that he had forcefully taken all the treasures he got close to, much like what Hui Yue had done. After a few moments, both Hui Yue and Xiao Ning were looking at various items they had obtained from the grave so far.

Hui Yue had taken all the medicinal pills from within his storage stones out and had sorted them into which kind they were. In total, he had a handful of golden pills, half a handful of purple pills, a dozen shining white pills that looked like pearls, and an incredibly large amount of red pills.

Contemplating, Hui Yue wondered if he should try eating one of each to see what effects they had though he was slightly worried about what might happen to him if he truly ate the pills. He had learned long ago in his previous life not to eat various pills without knowing what they did.

‘You idiot. We don’t have drugs in this world.’ Lan Feng corrected him with a voice that was smug and filled with pride. If there are drugs, it is a drug that increases your strength, making you incredibly strong, but afterward makes you weak for a period of time.’ The bird continued as he looked at the pills with excited eyes.

‘The white pills have energy so cold that they can only be Yin energy increasing pills.’ He said excitedly as he looked over the other pills, ‘I am not sure what the others do, but they should be beneficial to you. Just try using them and we will see what happens.’ Lan Feng urged. With a sigh, Hui Yue could do nothing but try the pills one by one. Everyone had quite a long time to wait till enough Saints came that they would be able to break through Heaven’s door. It was obvious that this time was best spent trying to improve his own personal strength so that he did not have to depend too much on the smug bird’s personal strength.

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