Blue Phoenix

Chapter 353: Brute Force

As the voice boomed out, everyone was filled with astonishment and greed. The remnant energy ripple from his spirit alone could force Saints backwards; his strength was definitely something that was unquestionable, and hearing this voice, everyone was scared, but at the same time extremely excited.

“I had hoped that my grave would never be opened however now that it has been, I have no other option than to accept this fact.”

“Now that so many have gathered to rob and plunder my final resting place, why not make it into an interesting treasure hunt,” The voice grinned. Everyone was waiting with bated breath as they observed what was happening near the massive door.

“I have many skills and treasures whom I, due to the situation, am forced to share with the younger generation.” The voice said still chuckling as though the was not really unhappy. The voice actually seemed quite excited.

‘Of course, he is excited,’ Lan Feng mumbled from the dantian. ‘This is just a remnant of his soul. He has waited here for thousands of years with nothing happening. Tell me, if you knew you were already dead and as the eons pass your soul imprint will weaken, eventually vanishing, would you not want something interesting to happen before you completely faded away?’

Hearing it put like that Hui Yue nodded his head. The soul imprint lost nothing from handing out the various skills, abilities, and treasures, but he gained something to do before he passed on. When he woke up years ago, he knew that his true self had passed on and that his treasures would vanish, slowly disintegrating into nothing, as time took its toll on them. Time flowed on, and nothing exciting happened. Not even a critter had managed to reach this soul imprint guarding Heaven’s door as the many traps and trials on the way blocked off every living being until now.

As the face spoke a loud bang resounded as one more door was forced open. Standing in the door was a massive man; his energy undulations were so ferocious and overwhelming that anyone close to him quickly backed away. He was clearly a Saint, and his eyes were bloodshot as he looked around. His ferocious expression turned to shock.

Anyone would be able to understand his feelings. After having fought so desperately through one trial after another and thinking that he was doing great, he just found out that his destination was already filled with more than a few groups of cultivators. Many of whom were many times weaker than himself. Which would undoubtedly aggravate anyone, were they in that situation.

“You there, be quiet!” The loud voice boomed causing the shocked Saint to be even more shocked as he felt the strength in this person voice alone. He dared not say a word; instead, he withdrew the energy which was overflowing from his body and slowly made his way towards the two other Saints, the ones who had tried to bust through Heaven’s Door.

Looking at each other, the three Saints nodded in recognition, yet none of them dared ask even the slightest question. All of them were staring at the door from which the massive voice was booming.

“As I was saying before I was interrupted,” the voice continued. “I am willing to pass down my treasures and abilities to the most capable of you. I am sure everyone had a fun trip through the outer area of my grave. The trials you have gone through so far are all minor, and the traps only a little troublesome, however, if you manage to break through my Heaven’s Door do not expect it to be as easy as it has been so far.” The voice said warning all of them, and even Hui Yue felt slightly numb. The traps and trials so far were easy? He had been ready to give up his life once so far.

He was not the only one who was slightly numbed by the words; the three Saints at the front were completely shocked, even the Saint who had been nursing his wounds looked up from his position with sheer shock written on his face.

“I guess he truly is a God ranked expert,” Hui Yue mumbled to himself as he looked at the door. Although it was going to be difficult and incredibly dangerous, Hui Yue was not willing to give up just yet. He wanted to obtain this God’s treasures and abilities. Although Lan Feng had multiple abilities he could share with him, this was an expert from a different plane. Everything he had would be shocking to this world. His items and abilities would be truly powerful, and he wanted them. The more skills and treasures he obtained, the better his chances when fighting An He.

‘Don’t be too eager,’ Lan Feng advised as he felt his blood boiling and his adrenaline pumping. ‘We want the Saints to go first. When they have walked through the trapsouble, we will stay just behind them and use them for shelter. I am quite certain that they will have casualties this time.’

‘It is as he said. Up till now although some of the normal cultivators paid with their lives, the Saints had actually not been in any real danger at any point. Even you were in danger just that one time and it was when he was not using his Saint power, but those far above that of a Saint.’

‘This proves that you have what it takes to step into the next part of the grave, but although we have the power of a Saint, we will benefit the most from hiding behind the other Saints. Using our meat shields is by far the best we can do, and honestly, I am certain that the Saints are eager to continue onwards. All of them are blinded by their greed and dreams of getting the strength to stand out up to all the other Saints. Every Saint’s dream is to be seen as equal to the Frozen General, Wan Qiao, and the other famous Saints from their world. If they were named in the same breath as those experts, their dreams would be reached.

Hui Yue looked at these Saints with disdain in his eyes. He would not be even close to satisfied gaining strength equal to the Frozen General; he wanted to be far stronger. He needed strength that could rival the owner of this grave; he needed strength that could allow him to trash the strongest man in this plane. He needed to defeat An He.

The three Saints at the front were not looking at Hui Yue instead they were entranced by the door as they cast fervent gazes towards it. Their eyes shone with greed and excitement, however, the Saint who had entered just after Hui Yue was staring at him with an odd expression in his eyes.

Hui Yue was still wearing his black cloak which blocked off his energy and did not allow anyone to sense his level of strength; however, this Saint knew that the first person to reach the room they were in was him. Even more astonishing was that no other person had emerged from the door he had broken through earlier.

It was clear that this black cloaked young man was no ordinary cultivator. Strength was the ultimate voice in this world, and the Saint had the impression that Hui Yue was not as simple as he seemed.

Shaking his head and putting his doubt further into his mind, the wounded Saint once more set his entire focus on the massive door. It had been quiet for some time, but the energy ripples were still emanating outwards albeit slightly weaker than before.

“You will need brute force to break through this door,” The voice spoke. This time it was less strong than before, but still incredibly loud. It boomed through the entire room and ensuring that any expert heard what was said.

“This door is the first of many trials that await you. I have already rewarded you all with many treasures, and I suggest you use some of them to increase your strength. You will need every single drop of power to reach the end of this labyrinth I have constructed. Finding my final resting spot will be no easy task. It will require luck, hard work, and sacrifices. Are you truly willing to sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed to reach my grave?” The voice chuckled as the energy ripples rapidly vanished. Soon it was completely gone, and the voice no longer spoke.

Everyone within the massive chamber turned silent, and suddenly many experts had fear in their eyes as they wrapped up their treasures, no longer showing them off and trying to sell them.

The three Saints turned around with eyes as hard as steel, and a greedy smile on their faces. The many experts in front of them were like lambs to the slaughter.

Not many Saints took the treasures on the way to this room. Many of them had been certain that the treasures were not worth a lot to them, and therefore they had not wasted even a moment of their time to stop and look at them. However, this had changed now that the Saints heard what the voice said. The treasures were definitely worth a lot and those treasures were needed for them to continue onwards.

It did not take long before many of the experts left the chamber, but not everyone left the room in time. Many were stopped by the Saints and their items were taken away by force. Although the experts were sour in their hearts, they could say nothing as their lives were spared.

Hui Yue looked around and as his glance landed on Sha Yun and her group. Their faces looked sour and their eyes urgent as they pushed their way towards the doors, trying to escape before they were stopped.

Seeing their urgency, Hui Yue finally took action. He stood up from the position where he had been seated for quite a long time and headed towards them. As soon as Sha Yun saw the black cloak, a gentle smile appeared on her face as her sour expression vanished.

“I’ll help you guys leave,” He said casually to the many experts of mixed blood, and his words caused them to show a gratified smile on their face. Standing near them it was a while before anyone went after the mixed blooded group; however, after the Saints had already stolen from the majority of the groups their eyes were constantly darting around, looking for someone else to rob.

It did not take long before Hui Yue’s group caught their attention. At first, they were uncertain whether or not they should attack as Hui Yue made them cautious. Unfortunately, their cautiousness was quickly overcome by their greed and together two Saints moved towards the group.

Seeing them arriving, Hui Yue sighed deeply as he looked at the beasts and mixed blooded people, “Continue walking, no matter what happens,” He said with a smile on his face. “I have something to discuss with these people.”

Seeing that Hui Yue stepped forward the Saints were shocked. None of the had expected that he was willing to fight them, and their eyes twisted as their smiles vanished. Hui Yue took off the cloak and underneath he had accepted Lan Feng’s strength. Ripples of energy left his body and collided with the energies from the twothree Saints, and every collision caused small explosions to sound out. Soon it was clear to the Saints that the man in front of them was in no way inferior to them. They were even more shocked when they saw the wounded saint stand up and walk to Hui Yue’s side.

“I will bet on you being stronger,” He said casually. “Also I admire you for not finishing me off when I was in dire straights before,” He continued while rolling his neck. Cracking sounds could be heard as he prepared to face off against the three Saints with Hui Yue.

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